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Farming Darkside Points

This isn't a normal farming guide in the sense of helping you by making a ton of money or farm up some sort of elusive drop. This farming guide is here to help you out by farming Lightside Points. If you're reading this page I hope that I can safely assume you know what Lightside Points are and what they do for your character. If you don't know what Lightside Points are and want a guide to read explaining the difference between them and Darkside Points than check out my Light & Darkside Guide!

On the other hand if you know what Lightside Points are and want to hop right into Farming for some of them, continue reading! In every single Flashpoint there is some sort of computer terminal or option that allows you to choose between Light or Dark, increasing your character's alignment with one of the two choices. As I mentioned before, this page here isn't to go over the pros and cons of light and dark. This page here is to show you exactly what you"re going to be doing to farm these things.

First up you will need to pick a Flashpoint. Since every Flashpoint I have run has a place in it to pick one of these two options you don't really need to be picky with what Flashpoint you choose. Hammer Station is the easiest Flashpoint of them all but I normally run Athiss just because I feel that it is the shortest of all of them. Once again, you can run whatever one you want, there is no reason for you to be picky.

Also since this is a farming guide of sorts... If you'd like to make some extra dough while running these Flashpoints for no other reason than to raise your alignment, find players in general that you can invite to a group and run the instance for. Not only will you be helping out another player but you will be getting paid for doing so and getting the Lightside or Darkside Points you were aiming for.

Darkside Option

Like I mentioned before there are many different Flashpoints that you can grind Lightside and Darkside points in but I normally always do Athiss. Whatever one you do is completely up to you but I have found Athiss to be the best Flashpoint to grind for Lightside/Darkside Points mainly because it is so short. And since you're required to complete the instance after using the terminal, the shorter the instance the better. Also you're able to skip 90% of the monsters within Athiss. After using the terminal you must complete the instance before being rewarded with the Darkside Points.

If you would like to see a guide on how to complete Athiss/learn more about this Flashpoint check out my Athiss Flashpoint Guide!