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Republic Leveling Guide - Balmorra Bonus Series

The final stretch of this dreaded planet, I bet you're just like me right now and you can't wait to get off this rock... Don't worry there isn't that much left and what is left is pretty much just one extremely long grind. I don't feel like explaining anything else at the minute because I hate writing leveling guides so much, you can't even imagine. So let's get started. You can accept the Bonus Series from Gabe Dovaro who is near the flightpath of Bugtown. After accepting the quest fly out to the Lower Markaran Outpost.

Once you arrive at the Lower Markaran Outpost you will want to take the elevator down to Gorinth Canyon and head south to Moraine Outpost. Grab the available quests here and turn in the one you have to Wixx. After accepting all of the quests in town you should have the following ones available to you: "Stage 1 - The Hunt for Lord Tharsis (Bonus)", "Clearing the Roads", "Hasty Exit", and "Hunting the Mandalorians". We'll be starting with the quest "Clearing the Roads ".


Clearing the Roads

Recover 12 Resistance Supplies

Easy quest, the Resistance Supplies can be found on the ground, just look for the glowing blue crates. And the bonus quest tied to this one requires you to kill 10 Imperial Forces in the area.

Hunting the Mandalorians

Repair the Satallites in the area

This is an annoying quest and will take some time to understand. What you need to do is kill the Imperials in the area to gather up a "Circuitry Repair Kit, Communications Repair Kit and a Software Repair Kit". Once you have those three things in hand you need to go to each of the satellites and try to use them. Only one will work at each of these satellites so try each one until you get one to work. If you right click the little blue control panel on each one it will tell you what's wrong before you go and try to repair it.

As for the bonus quest tied to this one you will get the three Holocroms for the first part in a few kills, after you have them in hand process them where it tells you to in order to update your objective. Stage 2 has you killing the Imperials in the same place you did for "Clearing the Roads" for 5 Imperial Orders. After you get all 5 Imperial Orders use them at the next terminal to update your quest again. Now you'll need to kill Apprentice Loell. Now is where it gets tricky since Apprentice Loell is packed away in a elite area.... Not everyone will be able to get to him and even less people will be able to kill him. Since that is the case I am going to skip the rest of this quest, it wouldn't be fair to document something less than half of the people using this guide can do.

Hasty Exit

Recover Resistance Data Files

This is the easiest of the quests, all you have to do is head into Camp Shadow, kill enough Imperials for the bonus quest and then kill Commander Carlon when he attacks you after using the panel.

After you finish these quests return to town and turn all of them in. Accept any new quests that are available to you before leaving town and goin' back out to kill! You'll want to make sure you have the following quests before leaving: "Endangered Passengers". Yup that's the only one you will want to be sure to have.

Endangered Passengers

Find the Hidden Force-sensitives

Far southwest is where you will want to go for this quest. The quest points you to the exact area you will want to go inside the building, just follow the marker. Once you find the Force-sensitives lead them out of the building and back to Daven Tam. While you're inside be sure to do the bonus mission which requires you to kill Imperial Forces.

Back in town you will want to turn in your quest and then talk to Wixx. After you talk to Wixx you'll get a new quest, "Balmorra: Bonus Series 2" which you need to fly to Lower Sundari Outpost to start. Ignore the two quests in town as they are both Heroic +4 quests. From here you'll want to head northeast our only quest.

Balmorra: Bonus Series 2

Scan 5 Resistance-controlled Droids

For this quest you will want to use your Balmorran Memory Bank Scanner to scan 5 Resistance-controlled Droids. At the time of scanning they must be alive. If you have a companion that AoEs you can either put him on passive or try and pull the mobs away from the Droids as you attack them. Both will work fine. After you complete the quest you will need to report to Colonel Hunt whom is at Upper Sundari Outpost almost directly east of you.


Balmorra Bonus Series - Upper Sundari Outpost

Once you arrive at Upper Sundari Outpost turn in your quests and accept all the new ones in the town. Also grab the Quick Travel Terminal and Taxi Flight Path while you're here. You will now have a giant cluster of quests up north of you if you check your map you'll see what I mean. Before we do anything though, make sure you have all of the following quests before you leave town... "Follow-Up Operations", "Nowhere to Run", "The Neutralizer". Once you are sure you have all those quests it's time to get started... We're going to be starting with the quest "Nowhere to Run"

Nowhere to Run

Destroy 3 Barricades

We'll only be doing the destroy Barricades part now, there is no reason giving you a detailed explanation of it because you're going to be passing right by the giant blue glowing walls that you need to destroy. After you destroy all 3 Barricades continue northeast to the quest area.

Follow-Up Operations

Plant 6 Tracking Devices

The areas you need to plant these are glowing blue, probably the easiest of all the quests for here.

The Neutralizer

Disable Neutralizer Generator Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta

All of these are marked clearly on the map. No extra explanation is needed. The last part has you Sabotage the Neutralizer which is on the largest platform in the area.

Nowhere to Run

Disable all Imperial AA Guns (each of these are marked clearly on your map)

Defeat 4 Imperial Holdout Gunners (They're the guys on the turrets, easy to find)

Secure the Drill - Location marked on your map

Defend the Ninth Company Saboteurs - Same area as the Drill

Balmorra: Bonus Series 2

Bonus: Defeat 25 Imperial Forces (Like there is a chance you won't do this here....)

Once you're done all of the quests here return to town and turn in what you have to turn in. After you do that you'll get the final quest of the Balmorra Bonus Series which requires you to return to Gabe Dovaro and turn it in. Now we're finally done this wretched planet!