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The Ilum Weekly Quest (Send Them Running)

For this quest players must "Help The War Effort" on Ilum by completing the world PvP objectives on the western end of the map. The western side of Ilum is a full out world PvP area with 5 capturable objectives. Each objective can be captured alone since all you really need to do is destroy the opposing faction's war machines. For the daily quest, Send Them Running, it is called for the Republic, all you need to do is capture 15 different objectives. You don't even need to do it yourself all you need to do is be in the vicinity of it when it happens.

The Crawlers (or AA guns at each enemy base) that you need to destroy also count towards the "Help The War Effort" objective. Note that just destroying a single one won't give you credit for your quest, you need to destroy all three of the crawlers or both of the AA guns to get credit for this quest. Below is a picture of me destroying one of the crawlers for this daily quest.

Imperial Crawler

Each time you right click a crawler it will pull out a rocket launcher and give you a 10 second channel, giving and nearby Imperials or Republic players plenty of time to try and interrupt you. Once you destroy all three at a base the control of who owns that base will switch to your faction and you won't be able to destroy the objectives again for credit for your quest until the opposite faction does it. It really is as simple as that. A lot of players trade objectives with each faction for this weekly. What that means is an Imperial player and a Republic player will sit at the same objective and allow each other to keep capturing it until they've both completed their quests.

Is this banable? Probably. Is it frowned upon? Most definitely.

Below is a map of of the PvP section of Ilum for those interested in seeing a map of the place. The little green triangular objects are the capturable objectives that I've been talking about for this PvP weekly.

Ilum World PvP Side

There is also a daily that players can do in Ilum to capture all of the objectives but each time I have tried it, it's been bugged. So maybe I will write a guide on that in the future.