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Republic Leveling Guide - Belsavis

Ahh, Belsavis, probably the worst planet ever created in Star Wars history. This planet is a complete nightmare to navigate since it is a "prison planet" and there are huge security walls all over the place used to keep the prisoners in. You are going to be spending a lot of time running along these walls trying to find your way to the next section, it's extremely annoying especially when you get a quest and run over to it only to realize there is a damned wall blocking your way. The only piece of advice I can give is follow the paths to find the entrances/exits for each security zone.

As with the previous planets the first quest you get on Belsavis will be in the Orbital Station from the Intake Officer. The quest is called "A Belsavis Welcome". Once you arrive on Belsavis grab the taxi path and the quest from Officer Narong called "For Want of a Droid". After you do these two things head into the Prison Command Center and get the most updated version of your Belsavis quest. Also don't forget to update your class quest before you leave town as well.

Before you leave town make sure you have all of the following quests in hand: "A Belsavis Welcome", "For Want of a Droid" and of course your Class Quest. The first quest we're going to be doing is your Class Quest.

<Class Quest>

This quest is usually the closest quest to town so knock it out before doing the other ones.

A Belsavis Welcome

Use the Control Panel to Restore Power

The mission objective for this quest is marked plainly on your map, you shouldn't have any difficulty at all in finding it. While you're here kill the Condemned prisoners around the machine before using it for the bonus. Then use it to complete the quest and accept the followup.

The Magnetar Rifles

Recover 6 Magnetar Rifles

The rifles can be found on racks throughout the Republic Armory. Gather 6 of them to complete your quest. The bonus quest for here has you use the Carbonizing Stun Grenade in the Mission Items tab of your inventory to incapacitate 5 prisoners. You can do the bonus or skip it, I find it extremely annoying so I usually skip it.

For Want of a Droid

Retrieve 3 Motivator Coils

Easy quest, the Motivator Coils are found by killing the turrets in the area. While you're doing that quest also do the bonus tied to it which requires you to defeat the Mandalorian Forces in the area.

After you complete these quests return to town and turn them all in. Accept the followups and any new quests you find, including the "Evacuation" quest by the shuttle. Before you leave town you will want to make sure you have the following quests: "Crisis Prevention", "Evacuation" and of course your Class Quest. We will be starting with the quest "Evacuation".


Speak to the Transport Driver

For this quest you will need to first speak with the Transport Driver (location marked clearly on your map) and then you will need to defeat the escaped prisoners, which are marked on your map too. Once you're done turn it in and head south to the next quest.

<Class Quest>

This can be done before or after Crisis Prevention depending on where it is. I did it before on my Trooper.

Crisis Prevention

Investigate the Condemned Hideout

Easy quest, each of the objectives are marked on your map, there really isn't much need for any further explanation. The bonus quest for this one is much like the previous quest where you have to use the Cryo Grenade to Incapacitate the prisoners. You can do it if you want, but once again I skip it because of how annoying it is. After you turn in the Crisis Prevention quest be sure to accept the followup.

Riot in the Warden's Station

Return to Warden Graal's Office

Head north from the cave that "Crisis Prevention" took place in and up to our town Veractyl Vale. The Coordinates are X 439 , Y 801. Ignore the quest here as it is a Heroic +2 quest, what you will want to do is grab the Flightpath and fly back to the first town we came to when arriving on Belsavis. Once here head towards Warden Graal's Office and complete each objective as you go. If you're doing the bonus mission be sure to complete it before speaking with Warden Graal.

After you finish the quest you'll have a new one in hand called "Maximum Security". As you probably guessed that's the very next quest we're going to be doing. Follow the path southwest to make your way to Colonel Hauer.


Belsavis Leveling Guide - High Security Section

Our next quest leads us into the new section of Belsavis, The High Security Section. This section isn't as annoying as the previous section so that's a plus. But it's still annoying, don't get me wrong. Anyway, the quest that lead you to the High Security Section is below:

Maximum Security

Speak to Colonel Hauer

All that's required is for you to speak to Colonel Hauer and you complete this quest. Be sure to accept the followup and all other quests in town. (only other quest will be your Class Quest)

Countdown to Jailbreak

Dismantle the Bomb

Easy quest, the mission objective is marked clearly for you on the map. The bonus mission for this quest has you collect 5 Power Cores which drop from the Rattataki in the cave.

After you finish that quest return to Colonel Hauer and turn it in and make sure you accept the followup. There will be two new quests in town now, grab both of them and get ready to leave town again. You should have the following quests available to you: "Explosive Entrance", "Speaking Their Language" your Class Quest and "War Games". We'll be starting with "Speaking Their Language".

Speaking Their Language

Use the Console

It'a very easy quest, you will want to use the console in town first and then take the robot around to each of the areas. Each of them are marked clearly on your map, you can't go wrong. Be quick, you're timed for this quest.

War Games + Neimoidan Rescue

Locate Sulkhaz and Rescue 6 Neimoidians

Another very easy quest, Sulkhaz is marked clearly on your map so you won't have any trouble finding him, as for the Neimoidians they are located throughout the inside of this area. Just right click them to free them. There is also a long bonus series here, aside from the Neimoidian Rescue quest. It's very straight forward so I am not going to go into details explaining it.

Be sure to do all the quests before leaving.

Explosive Entrance

Plant the Charges

All you need to do is plant the charges where it shows you on the map. If you do the bonus quest tied to this one be sure to complete it before you plant the bomb.

<Class Quest>

Get this quest out of the way before you return to town.

Back in town turn in all of your quests and accept the followups. Now before leaving town again you should have the following quests: "The Deep Prisons" and your Class Quest. With both of them in hand you will want to head west to the Maximum Security Section of Belsavis. Just follow the roads and you'll get there without much difficulty.


Republic Belsavis Leveling Guide - Ops Center

The first thing you'll want to do upon arriving at the Ops Center is turn in "The Deep Prisons" and grab the Taxi Path as well as the Quick Travel Terminal. After doing all of these things be sure to grab all quests in town before getting ready to depart. Before you leave town you should have the following quests: "Shadows From the Past: Supply Depots or Leaders", "Forging a Path", "Emergency Measures", "Friendly Fire" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with your Class Quest.

<Class Quest>

Knock this out before doing anything else.

Emergency Measures

Active 6 Emergency Stations

There are two locations this mission can be done, you'll want to go to the Southeastern most one as that's where a long bonus series is for this quest. The original quest (Activate 6 Emergency Stations) can be done in both areas but the bonus series can only be done to the southeast. Both of these quests are extremely easy and you'll find all of the Emergency Stations you need long before you finish the bonus series.

(The Emergency Stations are blue computer terminals atached to the prison walls)

(For Stage 2 of the Bonus the Jamming Stations are the large blue objects coming from the ground)

- - - On your way through the Maximum Security Thoroughfare on your way to the Ancient Prison Caverns area be sure to do the Bonus called Esh-ka Offensive which has you kill 30 Esh-ka. - - -

Friendly Fire

Investigate the Ship's Wreckage

Easy quest, it all takes place in a very small area. Each of the main quests' locations are marked clearly on your map. As for the bonus quest all it has you do is kill Esh'ka around the crashed ship. Easy as can be.

Shadows From the Past: Supply Depots

Destroy 4 Esh-ka Medical Supplies, Weapons Caches and 4 Munitions

This one quest will change depending on what you select to do at the quest NPC. He gives you two options, one is to kill the leaders and the second is to destroy the supplies. Regardless of what one you choose the second option that you didn't choose will be a Bonus Quest. Both are extremely easy and all of the objectives are marked clearly on your map.

Beheading the Threat (Bonus)

Defeat the Esh-ka Leaders

Just like I said for the above quest this is the bonus if you choose supplies as the main quest. If you chose to kill the leaders at the NPC this will be the main one. The base that holds the leaders is on the eastern end and the supplies are on the western, that's the only real difference. Both of these quests are extremely easy. I recommend doing both no matter which you choose. Which means, it doesn't matter which quest you choose as your main objective.

Forging A Path

Scan the Rakata Terminal

Easy as can be, it's marked as plain as day on your map. You can take this Rakata Terminal back to town, just select the little green arrow near where town is and you'll be ported right there.

Once you're back in town turn in all of your quests and accept the only followup there is "Striking the Esh-ka". To get back to the area you need to be use the Rakata Terminal again. Follow the mission marker north, it will lead you into the Ancient Access Tunnel. On your way through this Tunnel you will stumble upon a Rakata Terminal with a quest. Use this terminal and accept the quest "Prison Power Outage". With that in hand continue north to where it is done.

Prison Power Outage

Repair the Control Conduit, Ignition Matrix and Thermal Vent

Each of these 3 things are marked as clear as day on your map so you won't have any trouble with them. While killing here you'll also stumble across a long bonus series started with "Esh-ka Proofing" which requires you to kill 15 Esh-ka around the same area as this quest. The bonus series is fairly straight forward as are the followup objectives for this quest.

(Before starting Stage 2 make sure you're on the "Reset Emergency Trigger" part of Prison Power Outage. They're both done in the same place)

- - - The final stage of the bonus series tied to this quest takes place in the Passage To The Scar area. Kill the boss before proceeding - - -

[AREA] Prison Scars

When you exit the Passage to the Scar area and come out into The Scar you will recieve an Area quest. It's an extremely easy quest to do as all of the objectives are easy to find if not marked clearly on your map. Upon completing the final stage you will want to continue eastward towards your other quest objectives.

Striking the Esh-ka

Go to the Esh-ka Command Bunker

The Command Bunker this quest wants you to go to is located in the Esh-ka Interrogation Chamber. On your way down to the location it has marked on your map for this quest be sure to kill 15 Esh-ka for the bonus. Once you find the command bunker the quest is straight forward from here. After you're done be sure to turn it in and accept the followup quest, "Secrets of the Deep".

After you complete this quest and leave the Esh-ka base you're in you will end up in The Tomb area. You will notice that immediately to your south there is a small Republic town where all of your quests get turned in. As you could have already guessed, head down here and refresh your quests.


Belsavis Leveling Guide - The Tomb

Now we're almost done Belsavis, thank god. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph turn in all of your quests and accept all the new ones available to you here. Before leaving town you should have the following quests available to you: "Failsafe", "Unexpected Assistance" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with "Unexpected Assistance".

Unexpected Assistance

Revert 5 Warden Droids

For this quest you need to use TM-09's Security Spikes item from your Mission Items tab in your inventory on 5 hostile Warden Droids. The location of this quest is marked clearly on your map so you won't have any issue finding where it's done. Be sure to do the bonus while doing this quest.

Also while you're doing this quest a bit to the north you will find a Rakata Computer with a quest, "A Safety Feature". Which you'll want to do after completing Unexpected Assistance.

A Safety Feature

Activate the Power Relays

A very easy quest, each of the Power Relays are marked clearly on your map. While doing this quest be sure to do the bonus which requires you to kill 16 Esh-ka. After you finish the quest turn it in at the same Rakata Computer you got it at.


Investigate the Failsafe

The failsafe is inside the Suspension Tank Chamber, which if you have low brightness on your computer you're going to be squinting the entire time. Kill your way through the area killing the Esh-ka for the bonus quest as you go. The Failsafe is marked clearly on your map at the very end of the area. After you find it turn in your quest and accept the followup "The World Razer".

- - - Grab the flightpath before entering the area where The World Razer takes place. - - -

The World Razer

Go to the Burning Way

Once you enter The Burning Way you'll see the quest objective marked clearly on your map. Kill your way here, defeating all 20 Esh-ka you need for the Bonus Quest on your way down. Once you pass into the instanced group area you won't be able to do this bonus any more.

After you complete everything that needs to be completed in the room with The World Razer your quest will have you speak to General Skylast next. But before we do that you will want to get that pesky class quest out of the way.

<Class Quest>

You'll want to complete this quest before returning to town.

After you finish your Class Quest use your Quick Travel and travel back to the Ops Center at the Maximum Security Section of Belsavis. Here you will want to turn in "The World Razer" quest and after you do that fly back to the Prison Administration Center (the very first town you came out to upon arriving on Belsavis) and return to your ship to complete the Class Quest.

Now we're all done Belsavis!

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