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Profiting off of Slicing

Slicing is by far the easiest crew skill for players to profit off of since almost everything you get from it is just straight up credits (money) anyway. When you gather a node with Slicing you will receive a credit box which, you guessed it, will contain credits! You can occasionally get other items through Slicing, things such as recipes for other crew skills or items that will give you a specific mission for other crew skills. Both of these items can be sold on the Auction House for a decent profit, a lot more than just getting good ol' credits from the boxes.

Another alternative to profiting off of Slicing is to send your crew members out on missions specifically using the Slicing skill. You can send them out on a mission by opening up your crew skills window and left clicking the SlicingSlicing icon next to their name. This will open up a large window which will show you all of the available missions in that level range which you can send your crew member on. Below is a picture of this window.

Slicing Missions

As you can see you have quite a bit to pick from in this window. When it comes to making profit off of Slicing you will want to be looking for one thing in particular with these missions, Lockboxes. As you can see in the picture above there are two missions that have Lockboxes as their rewards, and both rewards are marked as "abundant" which is even better!


These Lockboxes contain a certain number of credits depending on what level Slicing node/mission you did to get one. The higher level missions that take longer to complete can reward you with lockboxes that offer a couple thousand credits. At the highest levels it usually costs right around 1-2k credits to partake in these missions and the lockbox that you get can contain upwards of 5k credits. Slicing has been nerfed many times so most of your profit will only come from selling the Craftin Missions that you get while Slicing. The lockboxes do give you credits but usually only a couple hundred more instead of the couple thousand more they were giving at release.

Of course, you can always just do the old fashion method of making money through Slicing, actually running around and gathering the nodes. I don't have any locations that I found yet to start listing them, but believe me, in about two weeks I'll know every zone and every location in that zone worth farming. Until then, good luck and happy hunting!