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Republic Leveling Guide - Balmorra

Ahh, the Imperial planet of Balmorra here we are at last.... If you have already read my Alderaan Leveling Guide then you will very well know how much I hate this planet. If not, then let me give you a very short run down on why you're going to hate this planet too. This planet is "layered" in the sense that there is an upper and lower layer. That means if you have a quest on the upper layer and you're on the lower one but it's right next to you, you probably have to run for 5 minutes in the opposite direction before you can get to your objective.

The second and main reason I hate this planet is because everything is so clustered together. You can't run anymore than 10 seconds without getting demounted by a pack of mobs. It gets extremely frustrating after awhile. The good news is this planet goes by pretty fast and is quite grindy in the sense that almost all of the quests here just have you killing mobs. Some may hate that about Balmorra but I personally love it. Anyway, enough with the delays, let's get started!

Upon arriving on Balmorra the first quest you will want to grab is "From the Wreckage" from Lieutenant Hollis.Once you have that quest take the shuttle down to Bugtown and pick up "Food Chain" from Sergeant Mannes a little bit to the north of where you arrive at. After you've grabbed "Food Chain" head a bit north to the large building and go inside. In here you'll want to update your Class quest and also your "From the Wreckage" quest. Now you're good to get killing, let's get started with...

Food Chain

Defeat 6 Colicoid Patriarchs and 3 Colicoid Stingers

Very easy quest, you can find the Colicoid you need to kill all over the Bugtown area. There is a long bonus series tied to this quest that is worth doing especially since the mobs on Balmorra will usually be above your level when you start. Stage 1 requires you to kill 20 Colicoid in the area (easy), Stage 2 requires you to destroy 4 Eggs (They glow blue and they're by the fart geysers, you can't miss them). When you destroy an egg a Patriarch comes out and attacks you, be warned.

Stage 3 requires you to destroy 2 Colicoid Nests, each of them are marked on the map. Stage 4 is the final stage and it requires you to defeat the Colicoid Queen. She can be found to the west in the Colicoid Queen's Nest. When you kill her it is a perfect time to grab the Balmorra Endurance Datacron.

Note: There are two Datacrons in the Bugtown area, you can get them whenever you want if you even want to. These Datacrons are the Balmorra Aim Datacron and Balmorra Endurance Datacron.

After you complete the Food Chain quest and the Insecticide bonus quest head back to the town and turn them in. Surprisingly that's all there is for Bugtown, so grab those Datacrons if you want and then when you're done you will want to fly to Upper Markaran Outpost, (It's the only Flightpath you have). Once you arrive turn in the one quest you have and grab everything else in town. (Not every class has a quest to turn in here, if you don't then continue reading). First quest on our list of things to do is...


Republic Balmorra Leveling Guide - Upper Markaran Outpost

From the Wreckage

Locate Agent Jago

The exact location of where you need to go to locate Agent Jago is marked clearly on your map, just head southeast over to that location. Once you arrive use the Black Box to update your quest and then head west to the new mission marker on your map. Over here you will need to collect Intel from the ground and also kill 10 Imperial Forces for the bonus quest. After you finish this quest return to Upper Markaran Outpost and use the Holoterminal to turn in your quest and get the updated version.

Another quest will appear after using the Holoterminal, pick that up and get ready to go back out hunting. We'll be starting with the following...


Destroy the Northeastern,Southwestern, Southeastern Anti-aircraft Guns

Recover 6 Republic Databanks (Also drop from the mobs)

The Republic Databanks can be found all over this area, just look for the little boxes that are glowing blue that look like Ammo Crates. As for the Anti-aircraft Guns it doesn't matter what order you destroy them in and I am sure you'll get plenty of time to destroy them as you do the extremely long Bonus Series down here. Since the bonus quest is probably the only thing that needs any explanation now, let's take a look at it.

Stage 1 - Defeat 20 Imperials

Stage 2 - Destroy 4 Supply Shipments (These are crates all around the area, look for the small blinking blue panel attached to it, click it to destroy the shipment)

Stage 3 - Destroy Imperial Turrets (Found most commonly at the entrance to something or at the AA guns)

Final Stage - Divert the Imperial Supply Convoy, Kill and loot the Imperial Quartermaster

A Native Speaker

Find Iain Sarkus

This is the most annoying quest in this area as it has you running all over the place once you find Iain Sarkus. The location of where to find him is marked on your map, that's the easy part. Once you find him you will need to do 5 different things, first is Shut down the Imperial Communications Grid, the second is Sabotage the Sonic Transmitters, third is Reprogram an Okara Droid Shipment and the final task is Signal for Extraction. If I went through and explained each thing in detail I'd waste your time by having you read it. Each objective is marked on the map, follow that for guidance.

After you finish all three of these quests return to Upper Markaran Outpost and turn them in. Accept the two new quests in town and get ready to go back out questing again! You should have the following quests with you now, "Recovery Plan", "Clearing A Path" and your class quest which is the first thing you'll want to get out of the way (Unless the other two quests are closer to you, then do them and then the class quest. It doesn't really matter what order you choose as long as you get them all done before continuing on.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way now before doing the next two quests.

Recovery Plan

Investigate the Imperial Shipwrecks

For this quest you are required to recover each of the three downed Imperial Ship's Transponders (They drop from the Imperials) and also complete the bonus quest which requires you to kill 25 Imperial Forces. Easy as can be.

Clearing A Path

Confront Admiral Riserre

This is another easy straight forward quest. On your way to Admiral Riserre you'll want to complete the bonus quest which requires you to kill 25 Imperial Forces. You'll finish by the time you get to him, once you reach him kill him and his adds and you're done. - Choose Darkside during this Cutscene to get the same later quest that I have; or stray from my guide for a single quest.

After you've completed your Class Quest as well as Recovery Plan and Clearing A Path you will want to go to the new outpost where all of these quests point you to, Lower Markaran Outpost. Grab the Taxi Path here as well as the Quick Travel Terminal thingy. After you do that you will have two quests available to you, "Necessary Detour: Republic Rescue" and "Inside Help". We're going to start with Inside Help since it is much closer.

Inside Help

Lots of stuff

This is probably the longest quest on Balmorra. Not only does the quest itself have multiple stages but there is a bonus quest for it with multiple stages too. The very first part requires you to Infect the Relay Droids just northeast of the Okara Droid Factory. This is the only-semi confusing part because you have to use an item out of your inventory to Infect the Droids. The Item is called "Transmitter". After you infect 4 Droids you will need to use the Holoterminal inside the Okara Droid Factory. The rest of the objectives are laid out for you with the map and minimap pin pointing the exact locations.

This is a great time to get the Balmorra Cunning Datacron!

Quick Travel out after this quest and turn it in to Natho before heading all the way southwest to the next quest.

Necessary Detour: Republic Rescue

Disable the Command Dispatch Console

Extremely easy quest, the location of the console is marked obviously on your map, you can't miss it. The bonus quest tied to this quest has you kill 12 Imperial Forces in the area. After you complete this quest and the bonus interact with the Holoterminal in the Imperial Camp. At this point you have to turn the quest in back in Bugtown.

From here you'll want to travel north around to Lower Makaran Outpost, turn in your quest at the dropbox and then fly to Bugtown. In Bugtown you'll want to turn this quest in before flying back to Lower Markaran Outpost. From Lower Markaran Outpost you will want to head southeast into Gorinth Canyon and follow the green arrow for "Shield Shattering" which will lead you to the Troida Military Workshop which is your next quest hub. Turn in the quests you have for here and accept everything in sight. Also grab the Quick Travel Terminal.


Balmorra Leveling Guide - Gorinth Outpost

In the southern end of the Troida Military Workshop area there will be an elevator that takes you up a level to Gorinth Outpost. You'll want to go here so you can grab the Quick Travel terminal as well as the Taxi Path. In addition to those two things there is an additional quest up here for you to grab. We now have a ton of markers on out map to the north, but before going anywhere make sure you have all of the following quests: "Shield Shattering", "Hazardous Recovery", "Fertilizer: Raze the Fields" (Darkside Choice) and your Class Quest. The quest we will be starting with is...

Shield Shattering

Siphon the Western, Central & Eastern Power Generators

This is an easy quest, each of the three Generators you need to Siphon from are marked clearly on your map. You can't miss them. The bonus quest tied to this one requires you to kill Imperial Forces which you'll find all over this area. After you Siphon all 3 Power Generators you will have to use the Power Junction Console to complete the quest. It's clearly marked on your map. After you turn in this quest at the Power Junction Console you'll get a new one called "Liberating Sobrik".

Hazardous Recovery

Recover Wreck Alpha, Beta & Gamma's Data

Much like Shield Shattering this quest is extremely straight forward and extremely easy. The locations are all marked clearly on your map, there should be no confusion on where anything else. Near where you need to go to recover Wreck's Data you will see an NPC named Agent Protarius who has a quest for you. It's a Heroic +2 so I personally just skip it, but I figured it was worth mentioning none the less.

Liberating Sobrik

Go To Hangar 61

This is one of those really long quests will multiple steps and a bonus quest with multiple steps as well. The main quest is easy, it's a simple talk to an NPC, fight him and then return to town. But the bonus is a bit more tricky. Stage 1 you need to defeat Imperial Forces (easy), 2 Reprogram the Cantina Sound System (Location on map), 3 Destroy Public Security Cameras (Look up at the top of the walls) and finally eliminate City Commander Tyrus and loot the codes he has.

<Class Quest>

You'll want to get this quest out of the way now before returning to town.

Once you're done all of these quests Quick Travel back to town (It's the fastest way) and turn them all in. Pick up any new quests you see before heading back up to Gorinth Outpost (Remember the elevator?). Grab the only quest up here and get ready to go killing again, but first make sure you have the following quests: "Fertilizer: Raze the Fields", "Proper Identification" and your Class Quest. The Fertilizer quest will change depending on if you choose Light or Dark during the conversation, I chose dark but if you want to choose light alternate from the guide for a little bit.

The first quest we will be doing is the Fertilizer one.

Fertilizer: Raze the Fields

Access the Irigation System

Very easy quest, Access the Irigation System to start the real task then use the 3 glowing blue computers in the area to finish your quest. If I remember correctly Light has to do pretty much the same exact thing, just they're saving the plants instead of killing them.

On your way over to the Proper Identification quest you will come across Ari Skyff who has the quest, "Lost Love". We'll get to this after Proper Identification.

Proper Identification

Obtain an Access Key

A really easy quest, much like the Fertilizer one before it. All you need to do is kill the Imperials in the area until you recieve an Access Key. The bonus mission here has you kill the Imperials too, so it's a twofer!

Lost Love

Recover 5 Republic Weapons, 6 Medical Supplies and a Piece of the Corvani

The location of where you need to do this quest is clearly marked on your map. Kill everything in the area and grab the Piece of Corvani. As you're collecting all of the items you need you'll also do the bonus quest here which requires you to kill 15 Imperial Forces.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way now. Some classes (Such as Trooper) should do it twice, in the sense that keep doing this quest until you no longer have objectives in the immediate area.

After you complete all of these quests you will want to return to Ari Skyff and turn in your quest, he has no updates so head back to town after you do that. Back in town you will want to turn in the quests you have and accept the new one. Another quest will pop up from Alya Selray but it is a Heroic +4 so just ignore it. The only quest you should have now is "Prison Break" and of course your Class Quest. Head south to "Prison Break" once you're ready.

Prison Break

Search for the Doctors

After you use the terminal you can enter the Gorinth Brig. In here you've got a lot to do, luckily all of it is pretty straight forward and everything is marked on your map so you shouldn't have any difficulty finding the objectives. Complete the main quest as well as the bonus quests before returning to town.

After you finish Prison Break return to town and turn it into Wes Durga. Wes Durga has one new quest for you called "Interference" which is the very next quest we will be doing. Follow the path up to the green arrow and into the Sundari Flatlands to the northeast. Once in the Sundari Flatlands you'll want to stop at Lower Outpost and grab the quests here, Taxi Path and the Quick Travel Terminal. Make sure you've updated all of your quests and then get ready to go back out killing! (Don't worry, we're almost done with Balmorra)


Republic Balmorra Leveling Guide - Lower Outpost

Before leaving town you will want to make sure you have the following quests: "Interference", "Critical Sabotage" and your Class Quest. We'll start off with "Interference".


Disable 3 Anti-vehicle Mines and 2 Ground Turrets

Extremely easy quest, the objective are glowing blue and the map tells you exactly where you need to go for each of them. There is no bonus mission tied to this one. After you disable everything required for this quest you'll be required to Install the Power Monitor, the location is on your map and this step isn't hard to do at all, I just figured I'd mention it because it leads to another quest, "Good Intentions". It doesn't matter if you do Critical Sabotage before this or after, just get them all done.

Critical Sabotage

Plant a Scrambler at the Southern, Northern and Western Sensors

Another really easy quest, one with a really long bonus I might add. For the regular quest all you need to know is the item you need to use to plant the scramblers can be found under the Mission Items tab of your inventory, it is called Comm Scrambler. Here is the bonus quest broken down into parts to help make it easier for you to understand:

Stage 1 - Defeat Imperial Forces

Stage 2 - Scavenge up Medical Supplies and heal Wounded Republic Soldiers (You've seen them by now, use the item from the Mission Items tab in your inventory to heal them)

Stage 3 - Collect Unexploded Ordances from the large bombs in the area and plant them on a Captured Walker (Save this part for later when you do Good Intetions and your class quest)

Final Stage - Defeat and loot Field General Zarus

After you complete the regular quest and the bonus quest you will have to go to the Maintenance Hangar up north to Access the Hangar Comm Station. For the next step you will want to do it at the same time as Good Intentions.

<Class Quest>

This is one of the final stages of your class quest if not the final step.

Critical Sabotage - Final Stage

It's explained above but I figured I'd re-list it here to give you a visual of the order it should be done in. - Make sure to access the Hangar Comm Station before continuing to Good Intentions, this quest is finished in the same building.

Good Intentions

Obtain 2 Security Codes

This is a very long quest with a ton of steps. Before I get into it, let me just say the bonus is easy at least, all you have to do is kill Imperials, which you will find plenty of. Each of the steps for this quest are plainly marked on your map so there isn't much reason to go into detail.

<Class Quest>

This is the final stage of your class quest and it is done in pretty much the same area as the above two quests. Get this done and then return to town.

Back in town you will want to turn in the quests you have that get turned in here and then fly to Bugtown and turn in what needs to be turned in here. That pretty much completes Balmorra. All that's left is the Bonus Series which I highly recommend doing. You can accept the Bonus Series from Gabe Dovaro who is near the flightpath of Bugtown. If you plan to do the Bonus Series head over to my Balmorra Bonus Series Guide.

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