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Republic Leveling Guide - Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series

The Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series starts at level 31. The very first quest, "Nar Shaddaa: Bonus Series" comes from Deera Ulyette who is in the Deucalon Spaceport Lobby. The Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series will give you about one whole level and is worth doing if you're behind after Alderaan. Some classes get sent to the Bonus Series area on a Companion quest depending on how far they've progressed their Companion's Affection levels. If you do have a Companion quest for here fit it in whenever you have a quest that goes nearby.

Once you're ready to get started fly to the Lower Industrial Sector on Nar Shaddaa and head east to the Imperial Gadget Warehouse.


Defeat 3 Sith Apprentices

Destroy 8 Imperial Shipments

You'll be doing this quest as you work your way over to IK-4C, the main NPC for the Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series quest. There is a bonus series tied to this quest, it requires you to defeat 15 Imperial Warehouse Personel. Both of these quests are extremely easy. After you finish this quest, you'll wait a bit to turn it in.

When you reach the Workers' Quarters first thing you'll want to do is talk to IK-4C and turn in your quest. Accept the new one and then talk to Uli Zhensi to get the new quest we're going to be working on now, "Art of Interrogation".

Art of Interrogation

Destroy 5 Interrogation Machine Terminals

Defeat the Imperial Archon

On your way down to where you need to go for Art of Interrogation swing by Mas Avaho and turn in your Inspection quest. After you do that continue south to the Imperial Re-education Center. Down here you will want to start off by taking out the 5 Interrogation Machine Terminals and doing the bonus quest to kill 20 Imperials. Once the Bonus quest and the Interrogation Machines are out of the way head over to the Imperial Archon and take him down to complete the quest.

With the quest done you will want to return to Uli Zhensi and turn in your quest. After you turn in your quest 3 new ones will pop up, gather them up and get ready to go back out hunting! You should have "One Piece at a Time" and "Worker Justice" before leaving this area. The other quest is a Heroic +2, which you'll want to grab if you think you can solo it or if you actually feel like finding a group. With the new quests in hand you'll want to head south to the Elevator and take it to the Upper Office Atrium.


Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series - Upper Office Atrium

We've got quite a bit to do here so get ready for some killin'! First quest up is...

One Piece At A Time

Gather 5 Medical Supplies, and Armor + Blaster Rifle Components

You'll find these items all over the Mercenary Training Facility area, just run around and collect what you see. There is a bonus quest tied to this quest to kill 15 Karsoom Mercenaries, as you could imagine you complete the bonus long before you complete the actual quest.

Worker Justice

Look for Thoma

Northeast of the Mercenary Training Facility in the Mercenary Training Facility Barracks you'll find Thoma's Dead Body. Search the body for quest credit.

After you finish both of these quests Quick Travel back to the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse and turn them in. Refresh your quests in town and make sure you have the most updated version of the Nar Shaddaa: Bonus Series quest. You will need to speak to T6-B9 for it. With this quest in hand head back to that elevator and take it to the High Security Lockdown. Once you're in the High Security Lockdown section head north to the Alien Outreach Center. Pick up the quests here and turn in what you have before heading down south.


Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series - High Security Lockdown

Be sure you have the "Diversion" quest before leaving the Alien Outreach Center. Further south in the Prison Yard you will come across Jax Dumont who has a quest for you as well. It's a Heroic +4 quest so I recommend just skipping right on by him, grab it if you want, just incase you find a group, doesn't matter to me! Anyway, let's get started! Head all the way down south to where Diversion's quest marker is on the map.


Release 4 Prisoners

This is a really easy quest, it requires no extra explanation. Be sure to do the bonus quest for this quest, kill 15 Prison Riot Personnel. Once you finish this quest return to the Alien Outreach Center and turn it in. Accept the two new quests from here and head west to the Network Security District.

Now is a good time to get the Nar Shaddaa Cunning Datacron and the Nar Shaddaa Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron.

On your way to the Network Security District you will come across Sarn Ko who has a quest for you. Talk to him and accept his quest, "Elective Surgery". With that in hand continue forward.

Vesco's Virus

Collect 10 Data Cores

For this quest you will need to kill the droids here for 10 Data Cores. The quest really is that simple.

Elective Surgery

Destroy 3 Explosive Chemical Vats and 3 Implantation Tables

There are two places Elective Surgery takes place, the first just above the Vesco's Virus quest has the Implantation Tables that you need to destroy. The second part far to the east has the Chemical Vats. All of the objectives are glowing blue so you don't have to worry about actually searching for them. The bonus quest for here the Implantation Table area requires you to kill 18 Implantation Personnel. The bonus quest for the Explosive Chemical Vat area requires you to kill 12 Explosive Lab Forces. Be sure to do both before leaving.

Memory Flush

Scan 4 Destroyed Renegade Security Droids.

Use your Memory Bank Scanner under the Mission Items tag to scan the droids. The bonus quest tied to this quest and Vesco's Virus requires you to destroy 30 Droids.

IMPORTANT: Only the flying droids count as quest credit currently. This may be a bug or intentional.

Once you complete the Memory Flush quest you need to locate TC-93 to update your quest again. In the northeastern portion of this area where we were killing the droids there will be an elevator that you can ride up to the second level. Ride it up and follow the catwalk over to TC-93 and talk to him to update your quest. After you do that you need to return to Carina to turn it in. After you've completed all of your quests in the Network Security District return to Sarn Ko, turn in your quest and then return to the Alien Outreach Center and turn in your quests here.

After turning in all of your quests in town you'll get the final quest to return to Deera Ulyette which signals the end of this Bonus Series. Congrats!