Alderaan Leveling Guide

Alderaan will be the next planet in line after Tatooine. It's grass and snow covered hills should be a refreshing change from the deserts of Tatooine. But we're not here to look at the pretty landscapes, we're here to quest and quest we will! So let's get down to it! Once you step onto Alderaan grab the very first quest you see which will be "Scorched Planet"

Scorched Planet

Defuse 4 Baradium Explosives

Bonus: Defeat 15 Thul forces

For this quest you'll want to head north of the Spaceport and over to where the mission marker is on the map. You'll find the bombs all around this area that you need to defuse, once you find one simply right click the little panel on it to defuse it.

After you complete the Scorched Planet quest you'll want to go to Organa Castle to the northeast. Here you'll want to refresh your class quest as well as turn in Scorched Planet. Turning in Scorched Planet will lead to another quest called "Raise the Flag". Raise the Flag is done to the south of House Organa. You'll see the mission objectives on the map, you can't miss 'em.

Raise the Flag

Repel Attacks at Spear Cresh, Spear Osk and Spear Trill (10 at each)

The three sets of invaders that you need to repel are all marked on your map. You'll need to kill 10 at each area before you complete the quest. It's as easy as can be since it is just a grind quest.

Once you finish Raise the Flag return to House Organa and refresh your quests. If you're just starting out with my guides, when I say "refresh your quests" I mean turn in the ones you have that need to be turned in and accept and new ones that you see. After refreshing your quests you should have a quest called "Paladins". Paladins is an extremely difficult quest when it comes down to it as you're required to kill an elite and two adds. I strongly recommend trying to find help for this quest unless you're far above the level you should be for Alderaan (at least level 29 right now).

Certain classes will be able to pull off the Paladins quest without much difficulty, my Shadow couldn't do it at all right away but my Commando did it like it was nothing. On your way down to the Paladins quest you will come across Aza Gundo who has a quest available for you. The quest he has for you is called "Frozen Assets". It's done in the same area as Paladins and you have to kill elites for it as well... Joy. Let's get started.

Frozen Assets

Collect 5 Thul CryoBan Rifles

For this quest you need to kill Thul Cryo-Troopers for 5 CryoBan Rifles. They're elite mobs so make sure you're full health and ready before attacking one. Also bringing and using Medpacs is a good strategy for taking down these guys. Be careful that you don't get adds and you should be good. As you could have guessed this quest has a bonus series, a rather long one at that. I'll go over each step below.

Stage 1 - Defeat 15 Thul Forces

Stage 2 - Collect 20 Thul Cryo Cells (They can be found all around the camp, just look for the glowing blue boxes). There are usually 3 or 4 per box.

Stage 3 - Plant the Cryo Cells in a Drop Ship. The Drop Ship is marked on your map, head over to it and throw the cells in to update your Bonus Quest.

Final Stage - Defeat and search the Thul Cryo Dragoon. He spawns after you destroy the ship. Kill him and loot him.

After you complete the final stage all that's left is taking the Cryo Apparatus to the Disposal Pile.


Go to Wolf Baron's Coordinates

Wolf Baron is a level 28 elite and comes with two adds. Taking him down won't be easy but it is possible. I recommend popping your 20minute cooldown that heals you and your companion as early as possible in this fight. It will help you tons in taking down the Baron. After the Baron is dead your quest will update with another task...

Defeat 3 Sith War Apprentices

You can find the Sith War Apprentices all around this area, pretty much in the same general area you found the Cryo-Troopers, just a tad more west. Be careful as they're all elite and you need to kill 3 of them. Try not to get any adds and you'll be A-ok. Once you complete this quest return to where Aza Gundo is and turn in both quests here. After you've done that head back north to House Organa and turn in your quest. On your way back down south stop at Sergeant Liagri and accept "Coastal Safeguards". You should have the Coastal Safeguards quest now as well as your class quest. With both in hand head south to the Coastal Safeguard mission marker.

Coastal Safeguards

Repair 3 Coastal Sensor Arrays

You can tell this is a "transitional" quest since it has you repair 1 array on The Apalis Coast and the next two at the Alsakan Lowlands. After repairing the first follow the quest east to the other two Arrays, repairing each as you go. When you finish the quest you'll get another objective to Fire the Flare Gun from the Broken Bridge even further east. You can find the Flare Gun under your Mission Items tab in your inventory. After you complete this quest you will have to turn it in at a town to the northeast. This town is called Wardpost Duvaal.

Alderaan Leveling Guide - Wardpost Duvaal

This is the second town you will come across on Alderaan and by golly it has a lot of quests available. Turn in the quests you have and accept all of the quests available here. You should have two quests plus your class quest available to you now. The quests you should have are, "Infestation", "Joining the Battle" and your class quest. Now let's quit wasting time and get started!

Joining the Battle

Weaken and sedate a Joiner Guardian

For this quest you need to head east over to the House Teral Grounds and use the Kilik Tranquilizer in your Mission Items tab of your Inventory on a Joiner Guardian. Before being able to use the Kilik Tranquizier though you will first need to weaken the Guardian. Bring his HP down to about 50%, that should be enough to Tranquilize him. If your Companion keeps killing the Joiner Guardian before you can Sedate him put him on passive.

Despite the second half of this quest being timed, you have plenty of time to do your other quests before having to return to town with the Joiner Guardian.


Recover the Insecticide Mines

The location of the Insecticide Mines that you need to collect is marked on the map so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. At the marker just use grab the mines off the body and the quest will update. The second half of this quest requires you to place mines on the Kilik Hives around where you got the mines, do this and you're all done. The bonus quest here has you kill 25 Kiliks, it's extremely easy to do.

<Class Quest>

Now is the perfect time to do that pesky class quest of yours. It should be in the general area around the Infestation and Joining the Battle quests, if not go out of your way a bit to get it done.

After you complete your class quest return to town and turn in your quests. Don't forget to turn in your class quest as well, you might have to fly back to House Organa to turn in your class quest depending on your class. After you turn it in return to Wardpost Duvaal and get ready to start questing again. You should have the following quests before continuing... "From the Brink", "Ulgo's Secret" and of course your class quest. The first quest we will want to do is "From the Brink".

From The Brink

Smash 5 Kilik Egg Clusters and Defeat 20 Kilik forces

The quest is rather self explanatory, just a kill and smash and grab quest. After you complete the quest head northeast to Ulgo's Secret.

Ulgo's Secret

Infiltrate the Ulgo Pain Factory

Once inside the Ulgo Pain Factory your quest will update, telling you to find the Control room (far up north) and also giving you a bonus quest to kill 18 of the Ulgo Forces. Once you're done this quest return to Wardpost Duvaal and turn in your quests.

The only quest you will have left currently is the class quest which takes you up northeast into the Juran Mountains. On your way up into the Juran Mountains you will come across Maelrich Alde, an old lady whom is at the border of The Juran Mountains and The Alsakan Lowlands around 1378, 1252. Talk to her and accept the quest "A Historic Endeavor".

A Historic Endeavor

Obtain 6 Access Codes

Northeast of where you get this quest you will see the mission marker and, obviously where you need to go to complete it. Head up here and start slaughtering the Rist Satellite Technicians for the Access Codes. Also kill any other Rist NPCs that you see for the bonus quest, which requires you to kill 20 of them. After you get all 6 Access Codes you will have to Slice the Rist Satellite Relay at the top of the mountain which the Rist are so poorly guarding.

Once you're done A Historic Endeavor return to Maelrich and turn it in. She will have another quest for you so accept that and head north to the markers on your map.

Blinding the Rist

Disable the Primary and Auxiliary Overload inhibitors

Both of these Overload Inhibitors are marked on your map so find them and disable them. After you do that your quest will update giving you something else to disable. Do that and your quest will be ready to be turned in up north. While you're disable the objectives be sure to kill 15 of the Rist's forces for the bonus quest.

The turn in for this quest leads you far northwest to Wardpost Landra where you will want to... turn in this quest obviously but also collect all of the new ones! While you're here don't forget to grab the Taxi Path as well as the Quick Travel thing. Before leaving town you should have the following quests, "The Servant Girl" and "Fire in the Landing Zone" also of course your class quest. First up...

The Servant Girl

Infiltrate the Rist House Bunker

Bonus: Defeat 20 Rist Forces and Free 4 Captured Organa Soldiers

Rather easy quest, just plow through the Rist House Bunker killing everything as you go. Be sure to stop when you see the large force field jail cells and let out the captured prisoners for the bonus.

Fire in the Landing Zone

Plant 3 Air Strike Beacons

For this quest you will need to go to each of the three markers on your map and use the Air Strike Triangulation Beacons from the Mission Items tab in your inventory. The main thing that will take awhile to do here is the bonus series. Here is the bonus series broken down into it's different parts:

Stage 1 - Defeat 20 Thul Forces

Stage 2 - Defeat and search the Thul guy for the Security Codes

Stage 3 - Override Turret Control Consoles (they're all over the place, just look for the glowing blue consoles)

Final Stage - Override the Ammunition Load Lifter (It's far up north if you're having trouble finding it, just check the map)

Bonus Final Stage - Kill the Jedi that comes out and loot the lightsaber

After you plant the third beacon your quest will update and have you use the Thul Comm Transceiver in the southern end of the Thul Compound to complete your quest.

<Class Quest>

Most class quests are up in this area, so do yours before heading back to town.

Once you're back in town you will want to turn in all of the quests you've completed (including your class quest, which you may have to go back to House Organa to turn in). After you've refreshed your class quest and turned in all of your quests back at Wardpost Landa and accepted the new one it's time to get back to questing. You should have the quest "Bridge Bombers" and your class quest before leaving town.

Bridge Bombers

Disarm 3 Rist Charges

Defeat 5 Rist Demolitionists

Another extremely easy quest to do. All you need to do is head over to the little marker on the map and kill 5 Demolitionists and disarm 3 of the explosive charges under the bridge. For the bonus quest here you'll have to destroy 5 of the Rist Explosive Caches. Ignore how it tells you to go into the cave for this quest, that's uneccessary.

Once you finish this quest return to Major Cressen and turn it in. After you turn in your quest another one will pop up next to it from Captain Cahill. Accept that and then follow the mission marker for that quest to the next quest hub.

Alderaan Leveling Guide - Wardpost Hurne

Once you arrive at Wardpost Hurne turn in the quest you have and accept all of the new quests here. Also grab the Taxi Path and activate the Quick Travel Terminal. Before leaving town you should have the following quests "Tower Defense", "Sudden Death", "Sith Among the Ruins" and of course your class quest. If you have all of these quests then it's time to get started!

Tower Defense

Destroy the Thul Intel Mainframe and Backup Server

Sabotage the Weather Tower Reactor

The main quest of Tower Defense is as straight forward as it gets. Each objective is marked on the map so there is no extra explanation needed. However, I am going to give a bit of details on the bonus quest. As always, let me break it down into stages.

Stage 1 - Defeat 30 Thul Forces

Stage 2 - Destroy 5 Thul Ammunition Caches (They're big and glowing blue, you can't miss them)

Final Stage - Destroy the Thul Command Station (You have to go south for this one, check your map for where it is)

If you want on your way down to the Camp Dorn Thranta you can turn in these two quests in at town. It doesn't matter if you do it now or later, unless you're close to leveling then doing it now would be better since leveling will make everything go faster.

Sudden Death

Release a Camp Dorn, Esk and Grek Thranta

No guide needed for this quest, the Thrantas you need to release are all marked on the map. The bonus quest requires you to defeat 20 Ulgo Strike Forces. At each Thranta camp kill a few packs of mobs and you'll be done by the end.

Now is the perfect time to grab the Alderaan Presence Datacron!

Sith Among the Ruins

Defeat 4 Sith Commanders

Bonus: Defeat 2 Sith Ritualists

This quest I am going to call optional since it has you killing elite mobs for the entire quest. A lot of classes will not be able to complete this quest and the upside to that is this quest doesn't lead to anything special so you don't even have to do it if you don't want to. However, as you could imagine it does give good XP and the bonus for it does too so if you are able to do it do it.

<Class Quest>

Before returning to town get this quest out of the way.

Once you finish your class quest and you've completed all other quests return to town and turn them all in. For your class quest depending on your class you may have to fly back to House Organa or some other outpost to turn it in. Grab whatever new quests are available and then it's time to get back to work! You should have the following quests "Sudden Death", "Bomb on Board" and your updated class quest (which is to use your Ship's Holoterminal--We'll get to it later, just making sure you have it!).

Bomb on Board

Retrieve 12 Ulgo Bomb Defusal Codes

Another easy grind quest. You need to kill the technicians for this quest which are scattered throughout the entire area. The bonus mission here requires you to kill 20 Ulgo Forces, which you will get done usually before collecting all 12 of the bomb codes.

Sudden Death

Speak to Katei Panteer

This is simply just a "turn-in" quest, you'll want to turn this quest in and Bomb on Board at the same time at Panteer Refuge.

Alderaan Leveling Guide - Panteer Refuge

Panteer Refuge is the final town of Alderaan, finally, as most people will be happy to hear. There are a few quests inside the cave here that you'll want to pick up as you turn in Sudden Death, they're all for the same area to the west which is the final questing hub (yay!!). Before you depart from town you will want to make sure you have the following quests: "The Coming Storm" and "Usurper". Once you have them head west to the Panteer Castle Grounds

The Coming Storm

Defeat 4 Ulgo Commanders

As it says above, you need to defeat 4 Ulgo Commanders for this quest. There is a bonus quest tied to this quest too but all it requires you to do is kill 30 Ulgo Forces. This quest is almost the easiest quest ever.

Now is the perfect time to grab the Alderaan Willpower Datacron!


Enter the Throne Room

This is the final quest of Alderaan and there is no real guide that I can give you for it. Once you enter the throne room it's fairly straight forward from there.

After you complete this quest return to Panteer Refuge and turn in your quest. We're finally done Alderaan and it's now time to move on. The bonus series for Alderaan doesn't start till the late 30s and by that time, let's face it, who the frig wants to come back? The next planet on our list is Balmorra... Which let me get this out here now, I literally can't stand this planet and you probably won't like it that much either. It's absolute hell because it's a multi-layered planet (meaning there are massive giant cliffs which you have to navigate and if you accidentally run towards a quest and realize it's up on a cliff you have to run allll the way back, find an elevator and head allll the way back.)

Off to Balmorra!

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