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Swtor Leveling Guide

This page is extremely far from being finished. I will be working vigorously once Swtor comes out to update this page with some of the most accurate and detailed leveling guides you can find. During beta I was able to test many of the noobie zones and I can kind of give some half way decent information from what I learned while playing but none of it will be so detailed that you can follow it step by step. It will all be a loose outline.

One thing I would like to add about Swtor that many of you don't know and probably aren't expecting as it is vastly different than any other game is... Each class in Swtor will have a different leveling experience since most of the main story line for each class is instanced and each class has different instances. In addition to that most of the classes have even different starting zones. Both Jedi classes on each faction will have their own unique starting zone and then the other two classes (Trooper, Smuggler) (Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent) will share a noobie zone as well.

Since Swtor has two different factions, Republic and Empire, this page will be broken up into two different sections, one for each faction. Also, in the future I may break it up further to include each of the instanced quests for each class, but I have more important guides to get done currently.


Important Swtor Leveling Information

This section here will cover a lot of information that will help you level quickly and efficiently in Swtor. When it comes to leveling up in games there are usually quite a few tips and tricks that will help you level quickly. And by that I mean faster than if you did not know the few tips and tricks. If you've gone over the Getting Started section of my website then you probably know most of these tips and tricks already, but if you didn't then I will be going over them again just for you!

Below is a list of each of the things you will want to keep in mind while leveling up to increase the amount of XP you earn per hour. Read each over carefully, commit it to memory and if you need any more elaboration on what I mention follow the link provided in each tip or trick.

- One of the most important things that will help you level extremely fast is to do every single Bonus quest you come across.

- Once you leave the noobie areas for each class and find yourself in either the Republic or Empire main cities, you will want to collect every Tradeskill Codex entry for a lot of bonus xp.

- While leveling up through Swtor you will want to keep an eye out for any Codex entries that you can grab. You can tell if an item has a Codex entry available because it will be glowing a light bluish color.

- If your inventory is getting full, you can have your Companion return to town and sell any grey items that you have in your inventory. For more information on this click here.

Those are all of the tips and tricks that come to mind now, I will keep updating this page as time goes by with any more tips and tricks that come to mind. In the mean time, here are the leveling guides for The Republic and Empire that I have done so far.


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Swtor Leveling Guides

Here is what you've been waiting for, the Swtor Leveling Guides! As aforementioned this page will be broken up into two different sections, one for Republic and one for Empire. Once I get done the general outline for each faction and provide you with enough information for 1 - 50 to be a breeze I will update this section further by including each classes unique storyline quests.

Republic - Jedi Knight & Consular 1 - 10 (Tython)

Republic - Tropper & Smuggler 1 - 10 (Ord Mantell) Quest List

Republic - Coruscant 10 - 16

Republic - Taris 16 - 20

Republic - Nar Shaddaa 20 - 24

Republic - Tatooine 24 - 28

Republic - Tatooine Bonus Series (27)28 - 29

Republic - Alderaan 29 - 32

Republic - Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series 31 - 32

Republic - Balmorra 32 - 35

Republic - Balmorra Bonus Series 35 - 36

Republic - Quesh 36 - 37

Republic - Hoth 37 - 40

Republic - Belsavis 41 - 44

Republic - Voss 44 - 47

Republic - Voss Bonus Series 47 - 48

Republic - Hoth Bonus Series 47 - 48 (Optional)

Republic - Corellia 48 - 50

Warzone Leveling Guide



Swtor - Levels of all the Planets

Since I am unable to provide you with an accurate leveling guide right now, I decided to give you a list of all the planets which you will be visiting throughout your adventures in swtor. This will help you out in picking the next location to go to while leveling. Granted this won't help you as much as a leveling guide will, but it is a start.

Starting Planets

Hutta 1 - 10 (Bounty Hunter & Imperial Agent)

Korriban 1 - 10 (Sith Warrior & Sith Inquisitor)

Ord Mantell 1 - 10 (Trooper & Smuggler)

Tython 1 - 10 (Jedi Knight & Jedi Consular)

Planets Immediately following the Starting Planets

Coruscant 10 - 16 (Republic)

Dromund Kass 10 - 16 (Empire)

Next Tier of Planets (All Independant)

Taris 16 - 20

Nar Shaddaa 20 - 24

Tatooine 24 - 28

Alderaan 28 - 32

Balmorra 32 - 36

Hoth 37 - 41

Voss 44 - 47

Ilum 50

Republic Owned Planets

Belsavis 41 - 44

Corellia 47 - 50

Quesh 36 - 37