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Republic Leveling Guide - Voss Bonus Series

Now you finished Voss but there is one thing left to do here... The dreaded Bonus series! As if this crappy planet wasn't dragging on long enough already.... The Voss Bonus Series starts from the NPC Lieutenant Randa in Voss-Ka. Now, if you don't want to do the Voss Bonus series you could always do the Hoth Bonus Series but I don't have a guide for it. I've done it before though and it isn't that hard to do and it requires you to be level 47 to accept the quest (which comes actually from Voss-Ka right by the shuttle). The decision is up to you, I prefer doing the Voss one just because I am lazy and don't feel like flying to Hoth.

After you accept the Bonus Series quest you will want to take the Taxi Path to Kri-Ta Outpost where you'll want to accept all of the available quests. Before you leave town you will want to make sure you have the following quests: "Voss: Bonus Series - 1", "All Animals Deserve a Chance", "Findsman", "A Potential Problem: Staying Lost", "Forbidden".


Scan the Survey Station

This quest has multiple stages to it but it's really easy to do since all of them are marked clearly for you on your map making them extremely easy to find. The bonus quest tied to this one has you Defeat Crysfang mobs which can be found in the areas around where this quest takes place. (They're the purple lizard things)

- - - For the bonus I stop in between Stage 1 and 2 to kill all the Crysfang mobs needed. In other words kill them all around the crashed speeder. - - -

All Animals Deserve a Chance

Open 5 Vorantikus Cages

This is a rather easy quest, all you need to do is open 5 Vorantikus Cages around where it shows you on the map. The bonus quest tied to this one has you kill the Gormak Creature Masters in the same area.


Take 5 Jedi Relics from Gormak, Recover 3 Jedi Relics from the Lost Vault

You will be taking the 5 Jedi Relics from the Gormak that are outside the vault. The 3 Jedi Relics you need to recover are from inside the vault where the bonus quest takes place "Defeat the Gormak Leader (Bonus)" which requires you to... Drum roll... Kill the Gormak Leader! The location of the Gormak Leader is marked clearly for you on your map so you shouldn't have any difficulty taking him down.

- - - The Gormak Ruin Raiders outside of the Ruins have a much higher chance to drop the Jedi Relics since they are elite mobs. - - -

A Potential Problem: Staying Lost

Retrieve the Mirr Artifact from the Altar

The first part of this quest has you recover the Mirr Artifact (Location is marked right on your map). Depending on what you chose at the quest NPC (Light or Dark) will determine whether or not you destroy the artifact once you have it or turn it in. I chose the destroy option (Light side) so I toss it off the cliff at the end. Either way it's a really easy quest. While you're at the Mirr Artifact area be sure to do the bonus quest which requires you to kill 10 Sith.

After you complete all of these quests Quick Travel back to town and turn them all in. After you turn them all in a bunch of new quests will appear. Accept them all and get ready to go killing again! You should have the following quests ready before you leave town again: "Death From Below", "Fishing Facade", "Stolen Treasure", "Voss: Bonus Series - 2". We will be starting with the "Fishing Facade" quest.

Fishing Facade

Speak to Kelnu Velus

Kelnu Velus is marked on your map, head on over to him first and talk to him to update this quest. The second part has you retrieve Gormak Armor Pieces to the north nearby where the next two quests take place as well. They're located in the glowing blue crates in the Gormak Encampment. After you complete this quest return to Kelnu Velus and turn in your quest and accept the next one.

Stolen Treasure

Retrieve 5 Advanced Power Cores

Easy quest as is every other quest in this area. The Advanced Power Cores you need for this quest drop off of all the Gormak mobs in the area. By the time you complete the bonus you should have all 5 if not you'll get them while doing the other quests. Also do the bonus quest tied to this one which requires you to kill the Gormak Forces.

Power Armor

Destroy Power Armor Charging Stations

The Power Armor Charging Stations can be found around the central island of this Gormak City-like-area. They're large and glowing blue, you can't miss them really.

Death From Below

Destroy 4 Gormak Artillery

The Gormak Artillery that you need to destroy are all the way on the eastern side of this area along the metal bridge that leads towards the large structure to the east. The bonus mission tied to this one requires you to kill the Gormak in the area.

After you complete these three missions you will want to return to Kelnu Velus and turn in "Power Armor". After you've turned in Power Armor return to town and turn in your other quests. Accept the only new quest available "Voss: Bonus Series - 2" and head northwest to Pelath Point which is where we're going to accept all of the new quests available here. Also while you're here grab the Quick Travel terminal and the Taxi Pad. Before leaving town you will want to make sure you have the following quests: "Cyber Beasts are Bad Enough", "Silencing the Gormak", "Stop the Excavation", "Voss: Bonus Series - 2".

Silencing the Gormak

Destroy the First, Second and Third Communication Relays

Each of the three relays are marked clearly for you on your map. Each of them are inside so keep that in mind while going from one to the other. The bonus quest tied to this one has you kill a Gormak War Captain, Gormak Warchief and a Gormak Warleader. Each of these Gormak's are inside the bunkers where you need to destroy the Comm Relays for your quest. There is a chance that the Gormak's might be too hard for you to kill, if so just skip this Bonus.

Cyber Beasts are Bad Enough

Recover 3 Ancient Sith War Droids

Defeat Lakkna, Gormak Paragon

The Ancient Sith War Droids that you need to recover are silver cons that you need to kill and loot for the quest items. Lakkna the Gormak Paragon's location is marked clearly on your map so you won't have difficulty finding her. She is a bit tough so have Medpacs ready if needed as well as any cooldowns. The bonus quest tied to this quest has you kill 20 Gormak's in the area.

Stop the Excavation

Investigate the Buried Sith Ship

This is a rather easy quest despite the Vorantikus mobs here hitting like trucks. It has a few different objectives that have you running from place to place but they're all marked for you on your map so they're easy to do. The part of this quest that is a bit tricky is the long bonus series. The first few stages you just need to kill things, Stage 3 you need to destroy the Vorantikus Charging Stations and for Stage 4 you need to kill the Gormak Beast Champion and take his ID tags.

After you complete all of these quests Quick Travel back to town and turn them all in. From Pelath Point you will want to fly to Kri-Ta Outpost and turn your quest in at the Mission Dropbox. After you do that it's back to Voss-Ka to turn in the "Voss: Bonus Series 2" quest which signals the end of Voss!