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Hoth Datacron Locations

Cunning DatacronCunning +4 Datacron

Coordinates: X 552 , Y 549

To retrieve this Datacron you will first need to go to The Star of Coruscant in the southeastern section of the Starship Graveyard (Screenshots 1 & 2). Go inside the Star of Coruscant and make your way to the elevator that takes you up to the second floor. Just follow the ship's halls, you'll see the elevator in no time. Take the elevator up and make your way over to the southern end of the room (Screenshots 3 & 4). Here you will need to jump onto the crate right in front of me and then onto the larger crate to the right.

From the top of this crate you will want to jump onto the little fork lift right in front of you (Screenshot 5). From here the next few jumps are obvious. From the fork lift to the crate, atop the crate on this crate over to the other crate then from that crate onto the crate ontop of it so you can make it to the crate above that crate ontop the previous crate (DID I CONFUSE YOU? IT WAS MY INTENTION!!) Look where I am in (Screenshot 6) that's where you will want to be now, it's pretty obvious how to get here.

From this crate you will want to continue west to the little ledge I am looking at in (Screenshot 7). Follow this ledge around to the crate to the north and jump down to it. Once you're here wait for the crate that moves across the room to come to you (Screenshot 8). Ride the crate all the way across the room and jump to the crate to the north that it takes you to (Screenshot 9). Once you're here you will want to climb up as high as you can and wait for the next moving crate (Screenshot 10). Jump onboard and ride it all the way until you come to the final moving crate. Make this last jump and than there is only one more jump before the Datacron (Screenshot 11).

Endurance DatacronEndurance +4 Datacron

This Datacron is located in The Starship Graveyard of Hoth. The area it is located in at The Starship Graveyard is extremely far north in the heroic area, (Screenshots 1 & 2) show you where you need to go. The blocks of ice that I am staring straight at in (Screenshot 2) are the ledges that you will want to start climbing up towards this Datacron. The path up is pretty easy to follow, once you reach snow again you'll want to turn from going south to heading east. To see what I mean, kinda, look at where I am in (Screenshot 3) and where I am facing.

Follow this icy ledge around east until you end up at about where I am in (Screenshot 4). Here you will want to jump down from the ice onto the snowy surface below and follow that further east over the path we came in on. You will want to drop down from the snowy surface to the icy one at about where I am in (Screenshot 5). Heal up and head across the arch before having to drop down again at where I am in (Screenshot 6). Follow the ship's ledge around until you reach the next drop in (Screenshot 7). Aim for the blue circle in this Screenshot.

Follow the ice south until you come to the next jump (Screenshot 8). Follow the ship's ledge around until you reach where I am on the map in (Screenshot 9). Now this is the most important part that I messed up for an entire hour on because there wasn't a single well written guide on it on the entire internet. WELL NOW THERE IS! In the direction I am facing and where I am you will want to start making your way back north but going UP this time. You'll know what I mean when you see it and you should thank me for saving you hours of time because all other Datacron guides don't tell you about this because they're all written by total jack wagons.

Presence DatacronPresence +4 Datacron

Coordinates 1039 , -1245

This Datacron is located in eastern Hoth in the Glacial Fissure area. It is in the far northeastern Glacial Fissure area through a cave and up ontop of a hill. The cave you need to go through in order to reach this Datacron starts around 1046, - 1046 (Screenshots 1 & 2). Once you're through the cave you will want to turn left and head up the hill and over to the large satellite to the north. Head over to where I am in (Screenshot 3) and jump onto the ice ledge directly in front of me. So you'll be where I am in (Screenshot 4). Follow the northern ledges around until you run out of ledge.

You can kind of see the Datacron in the distance where you need to jump down in (Screenshot 5). After you drop down continue north skirting around the mountain until you reach a cave near (Screenshot 6). Go through the cave which will lead you directly to the Datacron.

Red Matrix ShardRed Matrix Shard Datacron

The first thing needed to retrieve this Datacron is a Hydro-Thinner which can be purchased from the Aurek Base Cantina vendor (Republic) or Dorn Base Cantina Vendor (Empire). The Hydro-Thinner costs 18k credits. Once you have it you'll want to go to the Datacron which is located in Highmount Ridge (Screenshots 1 & 2). Use the Hydro-Thinner on it and collect your reward.

Strength DatacronStrength +4 Datacron

You need to find an Ancient Probe that wanders around the Clabburn Tundra in western Hoth. The Ancient Probe is a level 47 Champion mob that is commonly found in the western end of Clabburn Tundra wondering on the border of the exhaustion zone (Screenshots 1, 2 & 3). He drops a Depleted Datacron which you need to charge at the Coupled Recharge Station in the Starship Graveyard to retrieve the Strength Datacron. Once you have the Depleted Datacron you need to take it all the way to the Starship Graveyard over to where I am in (Screenshots 4 & 5).

Here you will see a large pipe which you need to run up. At the top of the pipe turn around and run across the ledge leading towards the Star of Coruscant (Screenshot 6). Follow the ledge all the way down to where I am in (Screenshot 7), here is where you'll want to fall down to the pipe right below which puts you in the vicinity of the Coupled Recharge Station. From where I am standing in (Screenshot 8) you will be able to activate the station.