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Taris Datacron Locations

Strength DatacronStrength +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X 1187, Y -136

This Datacron is located in Transport Station 5 which is in far eastern Taris. If you're having difficulty finding it, it's in one of the last areas you had quests for on Taris before the bonus chain. If you're still confused take a look at Screenshots 1 & 2 below. Once you find Transport Station 5 you'll want to run all the way through the tunnels far into the northwestern section. Once you come out into the large square room you can pretty much see the Datacron and where you'll be in a few minutes! (Screenshot 3)

To get to the Datacron all you need to do is run across the small pipe nearby (Screenshot 4) and jump to the Datacron's adjacent platform. From here one final jump to the Datacrons platform and you're all done!

Aim DatacronAim +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X -1513 , Y 601

The Aim Datacron is located in the Republic Resettlement Zone, far to the north. To reach it I recommend going through the tunnel area located in (Screenshot 1). You'll want to travel all the way through the tunnel and into the large swamp like area ahead. From here there will be a trail to the north of you, one you'll want to follow up (Screenshot 2). At the top of the path just before the two dead looking trees you'll find a small platform connecting to the rubble to the south (Screenshot 3). Hop onto this platform and follow it around until you find yourself on a small ledge over top the area you just came from below (Screenshot 4).

From here you will want to follow this ledge around and back towards the very first area you started from. When the ledge ends you'll want to jump onto the metal bar below and then onto the hull of the ship from there (Screenshot 6). On the opposite side of the ship you landed on there will be a large metal pipe sticking out, this will be your next jump and a tricky one at that (Screenshot 7). If you miss try and land in between the pipe and the ship, your character will get stuck and you will be able to use /stuck to free him and give yourself a second shot at the jump!

After you make the jump to the pipe follow it until it ends. Below the pipe you'll see another ledge (Screenshot 8) jump down to it and follow it around until you are where I am in (Screenshot 9). From here slowly turn around until you see what is in Screenshot 10. You'll want to be jumping off this platform down onto the ship below through the hole. You can land anywhere you want first if you so choose but the final destination needs to be the ship through the hole.

Cunning DatacronCunning +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X: 1047, Y: - 189

This Datacron is located in the Tularan Marsh near Swoop Raceway. To reach this Datacron you will need to start up a damaged pipe around the coordinates (Screenshots 1 & 2). At the top of the damaged pipe you will want to jump onto the broken platform off to the left hand side (Screenshot 3). Run across this broken down platform all the way across to the southern end where you'll be able to jump across to a ledge next to a large wall (Screenshot 4). If you're confused as to what I mean I am looking right at the area in Screenshot 4.

From the platform I am facing in Screenshot 4 you need to jump down to the large surface area to the south. From here run southwest all the way across until you reach another platform at the end of this long one (Screenshot 5). If you're confused at all of where I am right now, take a look at (Screenshot 6). I can see the Datacron from where I am standing and the platform in Screenshot 5, the one we're going to next, is off to my left. If you know where you are now, let's continue towards that Datacron!

What you need to do now is jump across from platform to platform in the southwestern general direction. Once you reach the very end of the platforms you will want to turn right and start jumping across the rubble in a northwesternly direction (Screenshot 7). From here on out the path you will be taking to the Datacron is laid out before you. You really can't get lost.

Willpower DatacronWillpower +2 Datacron

Coordinates X -363, -147

This is probably by far the easiest Datacron to find on Taris mainly because it requires absolutely no special tactics or strategy to get to. This Datacron is located behind a stack of boxes in the Dynamet General Hospital in The Sinking City. The entrance to this hospital is around X -448, Y -161 (Screenshots 1 & 2). Head down into the entrance of the hospital and down each ramp until you come out to a large room (Screenshot 3). In the right corner ahead of you when you enter the room you'll see a large pile of boxes, I'm looking at this pile of boxes in Screenshot 3.

Run over to these boxes and hop on top of them, behind them you'll see a very well hidden tunnel (Screenshot 4). From here it's easy, all you want to do is follow the corridor all the way around until you reach the Datacron.

Green Matrix ShardGreen Matrix Crystal (Republic Only)

Coordinates: X: 1059, Y: 1039

Located in the Abandoned Power Plant. Requires two players to gather this datacron.

Empire Willpower DatacronEmpire Only - Willpower +4

Coordinates: X 442, Y -770

This Datacron takes a bit of jumping to get too, but hey, that's no different than any other Datacron is it?

Empire Cunning DatacronEmpire Only - Cunning +4

Coordinates: X -643, Y 1606

Another Datacron that requires a ton of jumping.