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Cademimu Flashpoint Guide

Cademimu is a Flashpoint geared towards players in their upper twenties and from my experience is no more difficult than the previous Flashpoints before it. The only major difference you'll notice with Cademimu right off the bat is there are a lot of major conflicts going on in the Flashpoint, aka NPCs fighting each other. Be sure to move quick and tag them first if you want to get XP or loot from them!

Anyway, moving on! The first objective of Cademimu is to travel down the really long and fast elevator to the first green marker. Here you'll find a group of NPCs fighting (like I said!), once you run out into them the objective will update and reappear much farther north on the map and update with a new objective "Get Past the Police Blockade".

Residential District

The way up north towards the objective is pretty straight forward. You'll be fighting a lot of trash mobs and not much else. On your way up towards the objective you will encounter something rather unique though. In one of the upper rooms you will find two prison cages with Resistance Fighters imprisoned in them. If you have a skill in Slicing of 200 or more you will be able to slice into the cages and let the Resistance Fighters out. Doing this will allow them to accompany you on the instance until they die.

You can only have one Resistance Fighter with you at a time, but if yours dies you can go back and get the other one if you're the only Slicer.

Resistance Fighter Cage

A few rooms past the Resistance Fighter's cages is the very first boss of the instance, Officer Xander. Once you get to the area where it shows the current Mission Objective your Mission will update again letting you know that you need to kill Officer Xander and EN-4C, whom is the droid next to Officer Xander.


Officer Xander and EN-4C

Officer XanderEN-4C

This is quite a unqiue boss fight and actually requires a bit of paying attention for some people. When you engage the boss (Officer Xander) You'll notice that his droid EN-4C does not move an inch and does not take any damage at all regardless of what you throw at him. In other words what I'm trying to say is EN-4C is invincible. During the fight, in big red letters, it will pop up in the middle of your screen that EN-4C is going to arrest someone and damage will halt him and force him into repair mode.

At this point in time the player that is going to be arrested needs to run around and kite EN-4C, if you let EN-4C get to that player he will freeze him in carbonite for 30 seconds and you can not break out using anything. If you deal enough damage to EN-4C though this will not happen and he will go back into his stalemate do-nothing state. In between these arrest phases you will want to DPS Officer Xander. That's really all there is to this fight.

After you beat Xander and his droid companion you'll want to run up to the taxi terminal and hop on board. There are two different flight locations that you can pick, I always choose the one that has the little credit symbol next to it, even though it costs 0 credits to fly there. Below is a picture of the one I choose, just incase there was any confusion!

Spaceport Docks Transport

A picture of the next area can be found below.

Spaceport Docks

The next mission marker is all the way across the Spaceport Docks map, on the far eastern side. You'll be fighting a lot of trash to get over to the marker but that's no real surprise since instances are pretty much all about fighting trash anyway. The cool thing about once you reach this marker is there is a really awesome boss fight ahead of you. I feel bad actually having to post a picture of him and ruin the surprise... But the bosses name is Captain Grimyk.


Captain Grimyk

Captain Grimyk

Captain Grimyk is a rather easy fight, just he looks soooo cool it is a shame to have to kill him. I mean seriously a Wookie with a flamethrower backpack? You don't see that every day! As for special moves that he does, besides of course using his flamethrower he also calls down four silver Ughnaughts(sp?) they're the pig like things.. for you to fight as well. The pig things all are strong enemies, in other words they con silver to you and can be pretty difficult for your group to defeat if you're not ready for them.

I think I figured out a quick way to get rid of the pig beasts though, when Grimyk started to use his flamethrower I backed the pigs up and they were torched almost immediately. Besides that though this fight was pretty much just a tank and spank. After Grimyk is dead and you've collected your loot you'll want to continue eastward into the Launch Complex. Here you'll be riding an extremely big elevator down many floors until you reach ground level and see the Security Console right in front of you.

Security Console

Give the console a good smack to destroy it before continuing east to the Logistics Computer. The Logistics Computer, when activated will give you an option to choose between light or dark side points. I won't sway you one way or the other, pick whatever you want. After you use the terminal it's time to continue over to the final boss whom is just south of you in the final room of the instance.

Logistics Computer


General Ortol

General Ortol

General Ortol is a rather difficult boss compared to what you've previously faced in this instance and in other instances. He is located in a large circular room with four vents in each corner. Throughout the fight he will trigger rockets to go off in three of four corners, if you're anywhere besides the one corner where a rocket doesn't go off you're going to be quickly burned alive for massive amounts of damage. At level 50 I was dead within seconds of standing in this fire, so I can't stress to you enough how important it is for you to get out of it.

Besides the rockets firing off and doing massive amounts of damage, this boss is a simple tank and spank minus his one knockback move, which could end your life very quickly if you don't pay attention.