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Tatooine Bonus Series

Now that you've finished all of Tatooine it is time for the Tatooine Bonus Series. Every bonus series starts in or around the Spaceport of each planet so visit the Spaceport and grab the only available quest in the area. The NPC that gives you this quest is Galen Besk. Once you have the "Tatooine: Bonus Series" quest fly south to Dreviad Outpost and from there run northwest to the "Imperial Forces" marker on the map.

Tatooine: Bonus Series

Kill 8 Imperial Saboteurs

No further explanation needed here. Once you complete the quest you'll want to head northeast to Camp Karnori where it gets turned in.

Once you arrive in Camp Karnori accept all of the quests here and get ready to go questing! You should have the following quests before you leave town: "Malicious Persecution", "Trial of Ruin", and "Militia Training". Since Militia Training is a timed quest we will want to start with that.

Militia Training

Defeat 18 Sand People

To start this quest you will want to use the terminal in town to get the Militia Members with you. Once they're with you head southwest to the mission marker on the map. This quest is rather difficult since they can't die or you have to start over. You can heal them, if you're a healer. If not you will want to taunt the Sand People to keep the Militia soldiers from taking damage.

After you complete Militia Training head back to town and turn it in before your timer expires. After you turn it in accept the next one and celebrate since you got the worst quest ever out of the way. With the annoying quest out of the way we can kick back and do the easier ones.

Malicious Persecution

Open 8 Jawa Cages

The Jawa Cages are all over this area, you shouldn't have any trouble with this quest. The bonus quest tied to this one requires you to kill 20 Sand People. Once again, you'll have no problem completing this quest either.

Trial of Ruin

Defeat 16 Sand People

Extremely easy quest. The only other thing you need to do while doing this quest is pick up the additional quest nearby from Rinnas Edu. He can be found in the building underground near the quest objective. He gives the quest "New Neighbors"

New Neighbors

Repair 3 Vaporators

This is a really easy quest, the Vaporators can be seen from a mile away. They're the really large machine pillar like things. Right when you exit Rinnas' Farmhouse there is one right in front of you, giving you an idea of what you're looking for.

After you've completed all three of these quests head southeast to "Militia's Trial" and start slarting all the Geonosian insects you come across. Slaughter your way to the quest building and refresh your quest when you get there.

Miltia's Trial

Defeat 10 Geonosian Drones

Basic quest, kill 10 for this quest as well as the bonus quest. After you kill the 10 you need for the bonus quest you will get Stage 2 which requires you to destroy 8 Supply Crates. They can most commonly be found in the central area of this outpost. After destroying 8 of the supply crates you'll get stage 3 which requires you to kill 5 Geonosian Drone Commanders. They're the silver Geonosian bugs, or Strong ones, whichever you want to call them.

After you complete Stage 3 you'll unlock the final stage of this quest. For the final stage you need to collect the Defense Data from War Marshal Polarin. After you complete this quest you'll want to head south to where it shows the new Militia's Trial quest. Here you'll find a whole new town with multiple quests for you. Grab all of the quests here and turn in the one you have before flying back north to Camp Karnori and turning in your quests. There is a single new quest here which sends you back to the Geonosian Compound we were just at. (Yes I did it this way on purpose)

The Geonosian Offensive

Steal 3 Explosives

For this quest you'll have to kill more bugs (They're so squishy and fun to kill!) and also steal 3 crates of explosives. The explosives can be found around the same area you had to destroy the supply crates earlier. After you collect 3 explosives your quest will update and you'll need to destroy 3 different things around the camp. All of them are marked on your map. The only bit of advice you'll need is you have to click the Satchel of Militia Explosives from out of your Mission Items window or put it on your hotbar. Once you finish this part of the quest you're all done! Return to Camp Karnori and turn in your quest.

From Camp Karnori now you'll want to fly back south to Outpost Largona. The first quest you will want to do here is called "The Water Pirates"

The Water Pirates

Collect 4 Stolen Waters

The Stolen Water that you need to collect is very easy to find, just keep an eye out for the glowing blue crates all around this area. The bonus quest for here has you kill 20 of the Twin Sun forces in the area. Very easy to do as you collect the water.

Quality Insurance

Slice 4 different Comm Relays

All you have to do for this quest is run around to each of the Comm Relays and "use" them. The bonus quest has you kill the Sand People which you will find in abundance around these Comm Relays.

After you've Sliced all 4 Comm Relays return to Outpost Largona and turn in your quests. Accept the new quests here and then it's time to head back south! Before leaving town be sure to have the following quests: "Buried Treasure", "Show of Force", and technically "Missing Assistants" is its own quest. Let's get started with...

Show of Force

Plant the Challenge Totem

For this quest you have to plant the Challenge Totem and kill the Sand People that come out to attack you. It's really that easy.

Bonus: Kill 18 Sand People

Missing Assistants

Retrieve the First, Second and Third Memory

On your way down to the Missing Assistants quest you can take a small detour and grab the Tatooine Willpower Datacron if you wish.

As you go just past the Willpower Datacron and start killing the Sand People you will start one of the longest bonus series on the planet. I'll break it down into multiple parts to make it easier to understand. While you're doing these bonus stages you will want to do the actual quests (Funny to hear it that way, huh?).On your way down south to the "Research Results" you will pretty much be able to complete all of these.

Stage 1 - Kill 25 Sand People

Stage 2 - Destroy 6 Sand People War Totems

Stage 3 - Defeat 8 Sand People Chieftans

Stage 4 - Destroy the Herald's Totem and then defeat and search the Herald of Bloodgouge

After you've finished all of your quests down here Quick Travel back to town and turn them all in. That's it for the Tatooine Bonus Series! Head back to Galen Besk and turn in your final quest before departing Tatooine for good.