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Belsavis Datacron Locations

Endurance DatacronEndurance +4 Datacron

This is one of the easiest Datacrons to reach on Belsavis, the only problem is it is guarded by some difficult mobs to kill so if you aren't at least level 50 you will want to bring a friend. To get to this Datacron you will need to go to the far northern section of the High Secruity Section (Screenshots 1 & 2). There is a small path down that leads to a cave which is where you will find the Datacron. Now as I mentioned before getting to this Datacron is difficult, it is guarded by a level 41 champion and other elites inside the cave.

At level 50 I was able to solo all of the mobs in the cave including the level 41 Champion without dropping below 90% health, so unless you're really really bad this Datacron will be cake to get.

Willpower DatacronWillpower +4 Datacron

This Datacron is located in the High Secruity Section of Belsavis. To reach this Datacron you will need to follow a path that starts around X -841 , Y -791 (Screenshot 1 & 2). Once you find the path it's a simple just follow it until you reach the Datacron. Nothing tricky about it. The Coordinates for the Datacron are X -502 , Y 767.

Presence DatacronPresence +4 Datacron

Coordinates X - 1913 Y - 476

This Datacron is located in the Maximum Security Section of Belsavis. To reach this Datacron you will need to go through a small cave in the northern area of the Maximum Security Section of Belsavis (Screenshots 1 & 2). The cave is pretty easy to find and is a very short run from the Ops Center for the Republic. Once you're through the cave follow the rocks around northeast, you'll see the Datacron shortly in the distance, it's very easy to get to just use (Screenshot 3) as a guide of where to go.

Aim DatacronAim +4 Datacron

Coordinates X - 1913 Y - 476

This Datacron is located in the western section of The Tomb area of Belsavis. To reach this Datacron you must first jump ontop of a few rocks nearby located around -710 , -1943 (Screenshots 1 & 2). It's a very difficult jump to make, luckily it is the most difficult jump and it is the very first one. What you need to do is jump up onto the rock right in front of you in (Screenshot 1), you will want to keep trying this jump until you are where I am in (Screenshot 3).

From here run around the southern end of the lava pool following the rocks. The next jump is on the eastern most end of the lava pool, you have to jump over the vantage point of this Datacron (Screenshot 4). After you make this jump follow the southern rock ledge around until you reach a raised rock which seems like you wouldn't be able to jump onto (Screenshot 5). Getting onto this ledge is a bit tricky and I fell once trying to get up there so be careful! What you need to do is jump onto the side of the ledge, where I am looking in (Screenshot 6). And where I am standing in (Screenshot 7).

From here you will see a little lip of a rock coming out of this ledge which you can jump up onto to make it up onto the top of this rock ledge. Once you make it atop the rock ledge it's smooth sailing from there. You will want to head over to where I am in (Screenshot 8) and then from there you can jump down to where the Datacron is. You will want to try to land where I am in (Screenshot 9).

Green Matrix ShardGreen Matrix Shard Datacron

Coordinates X -310 , Y -2170

This Datacron is located in the center of The Tomb area in a cave located under a tree. In the center of The Tomb area you will see a large tree with a passageway leading underneath it to the Datacron. To retrieve this Datacron players will need to collect 4 Rakata Energy Cubes from around Belsavis. It can be done solo, just you will need to collect all four of the cubes yourself. If you have more people with you only one of you needs to unlock the Datacron allowing everyone to retrieve it.

The Rakata Energy Cubes spawn in all different areas around Belsavis, depending how many people are collecting them you may not even have to leave "The Tomb" area to find them all.