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Korriban Datacron Locations

Willpower DatacronWillpower +2

Coordinates: X: 529, Y: 65

Easy to find, you can see it glowing as you leave the taxi station in the Lower Wilds. This Datacron is located in the Lower Wilds Area of Korriban. It's just around the corner from the taxi point at the town here, run up the opposite side of the hill to reach it.

Endurance DatacronEndurance +2

Coordinates: X: 150, Y: 78

This Datacron is located in the Valley of the Dark Lords next to the shuttle that will take you off of this planet.

Red Matrix Shard DatacronRed Matrix Shard

Coordinates: X: -55, Y: 379

Located near the entrance to the tombs, where Heroic quests are. This Datacron is located inside the Tomb of Tulak Hord. To reach it head on through the entrance area and to the open area before you enter the instances here. It is in this room.