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Hutta Datacron Locations

Aim DatacronAim +2

Coordinates: X: -96, Y: 861

The datacron is located up a small hill that can only be reached if you climb a pipe that is leaning on it. Peek under the tree branches if you're still having difficulty finding it. The Coordinates, which are above will help you find this hill as well as the pipe.

Blue Matrix ShardBlue Matrix Shard

Coordinates: X: -22, Y: 319

This datacron is located in an area called Sewer Maintenance Tunnels. Entrance to this area is at -14, 225. Depending on what level you are at the time you try to get this Datacron you may want to bring a friend. There is a strong elite nearby the Datacron.

Presence DatacronPresence +2

Coordinates: X: 497, Y: -13

Located on an island in the far north eastern corner of the map (Eastern Rust Yards). To reach this island you must follow a pipeline that begins on the mainland at 506, -18