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Warzone Medals

Warzone Medals are gained by completing specific tasks while part of a Warzone. You can gain each medal as many times as you want buy you can only gain it once for each Warzone. Warzone Medals increase the amount of Valor gained as well as Warzone Commendations at the end of each match. In otherwords, the more Warzone Medals you have at the end of each match the more Commendations and Valor you'll recieve (up to a certain amount). So, pretty much the most important thing when grinding PvP is to end with as many Warzone Medals as possible!

You can tell that you've earned a Warzone Medal one of two ways. First is to just check above your character frame and you'll see a little emblem pop up (Warzone Medal) letting you know that you've earned a Warzone Medal. You will also see a little animation happen above your character. A picture of this animation is below.

Warzone Medal Earned

As aforementioned Warzone Medals are the main way you will be earning Warzone Commendations so it is extremely important that you focus on getting the cap to maximize your rewards each game. Getting 8 Medals will maximize your rewards each and every game. That's where this guide comes in! I go over each different way to get some Warzone Medals in this guide. This guide is even updated for patch 1.2 so you don't have to worry about getting fed outdated information here!

So far the current best way of grinding out Warzone Medals is if your class can perform two roles (Such as Damage/Tank or Damage/Heals). This will allow you to collect medals from two brackets instead of just one. Doing this is extremely important if you want to get a lot of Warzone Medals (It also helps out the team more than you'd think!)

The key to grinding out as many Warzone Commendations as possible is using the skills that aren't neccessarily for your spec, such as AoE taunt as a DPS Class. This will allow you to stack up Guardian Medals while still doing damage to the enemies for those medals too! (Not only that but you will also help protect your allies from damage!) If you're a damage class and have any heals you will want to use your heals to get some extra medals. Vice versa applies Tanks/Healers. You will also gain medals based on how many kills you get (up to 25) and also for Defending Objectives.

General Medals

Warzone MedalDefender Medal - 1k Defender Points

Warzone MedalWarden Medal - 3k Defender Points

Warzone MedalSoldier Medal - awarded for slaying 10 enemies

Warzone MedalCommando Medal - Awarded for slaying 25 enemies

Warzone MedalAssassin Medal - awarded for defeating a player in a one-on-one fight.

Damage Medals

Warzone MedalQuick Draw Medal - Score a Killing Blow

Warzone MedalDemolisher Medal - 2.5k in a single hit

Warzone MedalAnnihilator Medal - 5k in a single hit

Warzone MedalCombatant Medal - Deal 75k damage

Warzone MedalDestroyer Medal - 300k damage

Healer Medals

Warzone MedalMedic Medal - For a 2.5k heal

Warzone MedalTrauma Surgeon - For a 5k heal

Warzone MedalHealer Medal - 75k Healing

Warzone MedalSavior Medal - 300k Healing

Tank Medals

Warzone MedalPaladin Medal - awarded for preventing 10k damage to your allies without dying once!

Warzone MedalGuardian Medal - Prevent 2k damage to your allies without dying once!

Warzone MedalShield Medal - for preventing 5k damage to your allies.

Warzone MedalProtector Medal - for preventing 50k damage to your allies.