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Swtor PvP Guides

At the current point in time there isn't much to the PvP in Swtor, there are only three Warzones and the system they have setup for PvP is what a lot of people would call lackluster. I'd like to say though, I personally enjoy the type of PvP system they have setup. It is a lot like WAR/Rift in the fact that you gain "Honor", or Valor Points, which is what it is called in Swtor. As you gain more Valor Points you will level up your character's Valor level.

Your Valor level is much like your personal level, at first it is easy as pie to level up but over time it becomes progressingly more difficult to raise. Raising your Valor level will give you access to gear that other players below your valor level do not have access too. Once you reach the highest Valor level possible you will have full access to every piece of PvP gear out there. I personally find this to be the most rewarding and fun system since you can level at your own pace and don't have to feel the need to cram stuff in during the week like what you are forced to do in WoW.

If you have any more questions about the Valor system or would just like something else cleared up, feel free to check out my Valor Points guide in the getting started section.


Warzones Guides

Now the section you have been waiting for, this section includes guides on each and every Warzone currently in the game. To learn more about each of the Warzones just click on whichever one you're interested in learning about. Each page will contain a long writeup for the Warzone, pictures, videos and tips and strategies on how you can win.

Alderaan - The Civil War

Huttball (The Pit)

The Voidstar


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Want to make sure your character is all he can be before running Warzones? Be sure to grab all of the Datacrons in the game then!


Warzone F.A.Q

This section should answer almost all of your questions that you have for Warzones. As time goes on any questions that I forgot to add the first time around will be added here later. If you have a question you'd like to see added or a question you would like answered feel free to email me via the Submit A Guide page on the bottom of each page.

Q: What is the difference between a PvE and PvP server in Swtor?

A: PvP servers will allow you to attack players of the opposing faction almost anywhere in the world. There are very few areas where PvP will be off limits, but on a PvE server it is the exact opposite. There are very few areas on a PvE server where you will be able to attack other players. PvE and PvP servers will have specific areas with goal driven objectives, much like Warhammer Online, if you ever played that game.

Q: How does CC (Crowd Control) work in PvP in Swtor?

A: There is a Resolve Bar in swtor which fills up as a player is exposed to CC abilities. The longer you go without being Crowd Controlled the more this bar will decrease. Every second of CC will increase the resolve count by 100 until it reaches 800 at which point you will be immune to CC.

Q: Can players be killed in one shot?

A: Eh, I mean of course you can be killed in one shot but it is extremely rare for this to happen.

Q: How is the PvP in Swtor? Is it more gear or skill based?

A: Of course gear will play a large factor when it comes to PvP, as it does in every game. However I found that skill plays a lot larger of a role in Swtor than in other PvP driven games. If you remember classic WoW, the skill/gear differences are about the same as they were then.

Q: What role do Tanks play in PvP? Are they even useful?

A: Tanks play a rather useful role in PvP, kinda similar to what they did in WAR. Not only will they have an array of stuns and silences to use and be extremely durable, they will also be able to guard a teammate, transfering 50% of the damage they take to the tank as long as they remain in range of each other. Also tanks are able to taunt other players, decreasing the damage they deal to everyone except for the tank.

Q: Will I gain normal experience as well as Valor Points while participating in PvP?

A: Yes, you will gain normal experience by winning or losing a Warzone but none from killing another player.

Q: How do Valor Levels work?

A: Valor Levels work much like the Renown ranks in Warhammer. There is no point in me going indepth to explain it here, if you're interested in reading my Valor Level writeup click here.

Q: Is there PvP currency in Swtor?

A: Players will earn Valor Tokens in PvP which can be used to purchase PvP armor, consumables and other types of PvP items. You can also get badges in PvP by completing more unique things that require skill such as killing many players at once, overcoming overwhelming odds, capturing and defending objects and more.

Q: What level is required to join a Warzone?

A: Level 10

Q: Can you join Warzones as a group?

A: Of course you can and since there is a "bolster" system in place currently you will be able to join with any player above level 10 and Warzone together.

Q: Do any Warzones have a level requirement besides level 10?

A: Negative, all Warzones can be entered upon reaching level 10.