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Swtor Guides

This page here is for players that are new to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which at this current point in time is everyone! I am going to put the more basic guides in this section. Mainly just controls, classes, and knowledge, in other words anything that isn't directly related to the Gameplay of the game. I will try to get as many guides up on here before launch as I can, if you would like to help me, use the "Submit a Guide" button on the bottom of each and every page on my website.

By using the guides you find on this page I can guarantee you will be in a better place starting swtor than someone who did not. Some of these guides may seem basic but I can assure you that a good amount of them will give you the information you need to quickly and efficiently allow you to level faster than all of your friends! You will be surprised at how the most basic of information can be so useful.


Class Guides

Jedi Knight

As you probably already know there are two different factions in swtor. You have the Republic which is the good faction (I.E Luke Skywalker/Obi Wan in the movies) and then you have the Empire, which is the evil faction (I.E Darth Vader/Darth Maul in the movies). Generally the good side pulls in more players in almost every game, but shockingly according to the guild sign up page on swtor's website, the Sith(Empire) currently have a lot more players. We won't know until the game is officially launched of course but I feel many more will go Sith because they resemble "Horde" on WoW.

Regardless of what faction you pick the classes for both are pretty much the same classes just with different names. Just go with whatever race you like the most or whatever you believe in the most as a true Star Wars fan. "May the force guide you." (Corny isn't it?)



After you've chosen your allegiance you will then be asked Race, Class and what you want the appearance of your character to be. After going through all of these options and completing your character you will be able to play the game. Choose wisely because at this time there is no way to go back and change the appearance of your character! And be sure to read up on the Advanced Classes your character can choose from and their Specializations, make sure you know what you want before you reach level 10.


Quick Start Guides

The Quick Start Guides section is a list of guides I think everyone should read before playing swtor. The guides you find in this section may relate to certain classes or just the general gameplay as a whole. Whichever, I think you should go over all the ones that pertain to you; these include general gameplay guides, guides on your class and guides on the faction you are choosing. If you read each of these guides I can guarantee you that you will be one step ahead come release. While everyone is still trying to figure things out, you will already know them!

Just because I can expect this section to pile up with a lot of guides, here is a brief explanation of how you can easily sort through them. Below is an example of what you will be finding in the Quick Start Guides section.

Almar's Swtor Guides (Great information. Everyone should read)

Almar's Jedi Consular Guide (Only Jedi Consulars need to read this)

These are the two main types of links you will find on this page. The first one is a general Swtor guide link, it tells you it has great information and that everyone should read it. As aforementioned, if you're new to Swtor, you should read these guides. The second one is strictly a Jedi Consular guide and next to where it tells you the guide in parenthese you will see that it says (Only Jedi Consulars need to read this). This should clear the air of any confusion.

Advanced Classes Explanation (Everyone should read)

Dark/Light Side on quests (Everyone should read)

Ingame Lingo - For those familiar with MMORPGS

MMORPG Ingame Lingo - For those not familiar with MMORPGs (Read if this is your first MMORPG)

SWTOR Icon Key (A must read!)

Bonus Quests (A Must read for everyone!)

Quick Travel Locations and Taxi Terminals

(Important Guide) - Where Do I Respec At?

How To Speed Up Leveling

The Legacy System (A must read)


Miscellaneous Guides

This section is here for guides that just don't really fit anywhere else. These guides are the ones that involve the miscellaneous portions of the game, things like setting up Key Bindings, useful links, basic explanations of the game's mechanics and more. Also this section is home to my Star Wars Knowledge guide, which will give you a brief explanation to all things Star Wars which I think you will find very helpful when playing the game.

Useful Links

List of Planets in Swtor

Social and Valor Levels

Giant list of Swtor Videos

List of All Swtor Datacron Locations

Companion Guide