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Coruscant Datacron Location

Presence DatacronPresence +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X 2319, Y 472

This is by far the easiest Datacron for players to find on Coruscant. It is located right off the very first quest hub you come out to while leveling through Coruscant and it is in such an obvious place that you practically trip over it while questing. Since there is no real difficulty in finding this Datacron there is no real reason for a guide. Congrats on the easiest Datacron in the game!

Yellow Matrix ShardYellow Matrix Shard Datacron

Coordinates: X 949, Y -2262

Jump up onto the boxes and then the pipe nearby (Screenshots 1 & 2) . Run up the pipe and jump to the other pipe right in front of you once you reach the top. After you make the jump follow this pipe down (be careful of the drop) until you reach the intersection. At the intersection you will need to jump to the southern pipe (Screenshot 3) and follow that further down, around the corner and to the next jump (Screenshot 4). This jump is a big one so watch out, it's easy to fall here and if you do you're going to have to start allllll over again.

Once you make it to the other pipe follow it up until you reach a pipe right on top of the pipe you're on (Screenshot 5). This is the hardest jump in my opinion, try to stick yourself against the wall and jump/run up the pipe in front of you. But be very careful, one mistake and you have to start over! At the top of this pipe is a little hop to the pipe below (Screenshot 6). This jump is a bit difficult too but only because your camera angle will be wonky up here.

TIP: Don't Run off, I tried that my first time around and my foot caught something on the pipe and I fell. I was mad.

Follow this small pipe up until you reach a large platform (Screenshot 7). From here you will be able to see the Datacron! Homestretch! Alright, now is a really annoying jump, mainly because it's the last one. Take a look at where I am in Screenshot 8 to line yourself up perfectly with this jump and then hold your breath and SPACEBAR! After you make it across the final pipe give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

Strength DatacronStrength +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X -3087 , Y 538

The Strength +2 Datacron is located in the Jedi Temple area of Coruscant. Compared to the other Datacrons this one is fairly easy to get to, it just takes a bit of patience and coordination as do the others. First you will need to find the Jedi Temple, once there you'll want to head over to a large fallen pillar which you need to climb (Screenshots 1 & 2). Once up the pillar you'll want to run around the broken rubble heading westward. If you take a look around up top you can see the Datacron already (Screenshot 3).

After you run around the broken rubble you'll end up right near the Datacron. All that's left is a small fall onto the pillar which holds the Datacron (Screenshot 4) and then a quick walk to the Datacron (Screenshot 5). That's all there is to it!

Endurance DatacronEndurance +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X -3625 , Y -1293

Much like the Yellow Matrix Shard, this Datacron requires a lot of jumping from object to object to reach. To get started head to the Black Sun Territory at around the middle of the zone (Screenshots 1 & 2 to find it). The first thing you will want to jump on top of are the barrels back in the corner. Then from the barrels to the crate onto more barrels and then onto the side of the dumpster. From here you will want to jump across the small gap to the crate (Screenshot 3). Also, so you have a good idea of where you're going you can take a look to your east and see the Datacron in the distance (Screenshot 4).

Back to jumping, once you make it across to the crate follow more barrels up, onto the dumpster and then another crate, more barrels and then a large metal thingy (Screenshot 5). From up here you'll want to traverse the small little pipe and hop up onto the large platform that goes towards the Datacron. Towards the end of this platform you'll see three broken pipes, only one is within jumping distance so obviously that's the one you'll want to be jumping too! (Screenshot 6). Once you land on that pipe follow it down to the large platform and jump up there.

Travel a bit down the large platform to the second pipe that was out of reach before, now this time you can easily jump right on down to it, which you will want to do. (Screenshot 7) Once you land on this pipe follow it across to the other platform on the otherside (I know, I know, lots of running back and forth). Once you make it to that platform you will have the most difficult jump so far ahead of you. What you need to do here is jump onto the billboard. Sounds easy but the cache is that there is a few feet missing on the top of the billboard so you need to make it over that onto the slim board (Screenshot 8).

Once you make it to and across the board though you're home free because the Datacron is right there!

Cunning DatacronCunning +2 Datacron

Coordinates: X 1022, -1036

To reach this Datacron you will first need to go to the Justicar Territory on Coruscant. From here you'll want to run almost directly west to about the middle of northern Coruscant, coords are 1034, -1061 (Screenshots 1 & 2). Once you're here you'll want to scale the boxes directly in front of you up until you reach a pipe on your left (Screenshot 3). The jump right before where I am standing in Screenshot 3 was a difficult one. The only way I managed to do it without much trouble was to not stop running once I got on top the crate, jump to the box and then a running jump to the other crate.

Make your way up both of the crates here and onto the small pipe that travels along the wall (Screenshot 4). Now it's the hard part of this Datacron. This is the first Datacron I actually missed a jump on, I missed the last pipe a few times but once I made it, it was pretty much home stretch. You'll see three pipes in a row, you'll need to jump to each one in order until you make it on top of the one running over the hallway below. (Screenshot 5). Once you make it onto this pipe you'll want to follow it down to the very large pipe at the end (Screenshot 6).

Once you're on the large pipe you can get a good look at the Datacron across the way! (Screenshot 7). From here on out you really don't have to jump, from the big pipe to the other little pipe below you can simply just walk onto it. Once you're on the small pipe run across it to the ledge that the Datacron is on. Jump up then jump up onto the crate with the Datacron (Screenshot 8) and bam, you're all done!