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Guide to Raising Affection With Companions

Many players are already familiar with raising affection through the dialogue in quests for their Companions, but there is a 100% better and more effective way than doing this. This way is by giving your Companions specific gift items which will raise their affection. You can buy these gifts from a vendor in your main factions Fleet Station or you can gather the gifts through any mission crew skill . There are many different gift items that players can give their companions but it is important that you know which companion likes what, which is what this page is for!

All of the gifts you see below are rank 6 yields from all Mission Crew Skills. Click on the link for each item to learn which Companions you can give it to! If you're buying items from a vendor to give to your Companions you can still use this guide by checking what item you're buying with it's corresponding page here. Also I've created a guide to go over how much Affection each Rank 5 Green/Blue/Epic gift gives you. A link to that guide can be found below.

Companion Gift Guide


List of all Rank 5 Companion Gifts

Zeltron Personal Aroma SetZeltron Personal Aroma Set (Courting Blue Item)

Gree Temporary Mind-Link DeviceGree Temporary Mind-Link Device (Courting Epic Item)

Signet Ring of Ancient TionSignet Ring of Ancient Tion (Cultural Artifact Blue Item)

Memoir of the Unification WarsMemoir of the Unification Wars (Cultural Artifact Epic Item)

Banned Imperial History DocumentBanned Imperial History Document (Imperial Memorabilia Blue Item)

Account of the Discovery of KorribanAccount of the Discovery of Korriban (Imperial Memorabilia Epic Item)

First Edition Galactic EncyclopediaFirst Edition Galactic Encyclopedia (Luxury Blue Item)

Intricate Corellian Speeder ModelIntricate Corellian Speeder Model (Luxury Epic Item)

Gourmet Ration PackGourmet Ration Pack (Military Gear Blue Item)

Unique Rakata GrenadeUnique Rakata Grenade (Military Gear Epic Item)

Republic Senatorial OathRepublic Senatorial Oath (Republic Memorabilia Blue Item)

Holorecord of the Republic FoundingHolorecord of the Republic Founding (Republic Memorabilia Epic Item)

Aratech Reconstruction ToolkitAratech Reconstruction Toolkit (Technology Blue Item)

Vial of Gree Nanite PasteVial of Gree Nanite Paste (Technology Epic Item)

Galactic Crime Lords Identity CardGalactic Crime Lords Identity Card (Trophy Blue Item)

Splinter of a Rakata StrongholdSplinter of a Rakata Stronghold (Trophy Epic Item)

Assassin Droid Target HistoryAssassin Droid Target History (Underworld Goods Blue Item)

Drayen Hyperspace Smuggling RoutesDrayen Hyperspace Smuggling Routes (Underworld Goods Epic Item)

Energy Blade BayonetEnergy Blade Bayonet (Weapon Blue Item)

Omni-Vision Battlefield RelayOmni-Vision Battlefield Relay (Weapon Epic Item)

Now that you've seen all of the Companion Gifts here is a complete list of every Companion in the game for both the Imperial and Republic factions. The Companion pages below not only contain a list of what gifts each Companion likes but they also contain details about each Companion that you wont find anywhere else.


List of Imperial Companions


Bounty Hunter Companions


Gault Rennow



Torian Cadera


Imperial Agent Companions

Doctor Lokin

Ensign Temple





Sith Inquisitor Companions

Andronikos Revel

Ashara Zavros

Khem Val

Talos Drellik



Sith Warrior Companions


Jaesa Willsaam (Good)

Jaesa Willsaam (Bad)

Lieutenant Pierce

Malavai Quinn



List of Republic Companions


Jedi Consular Companions

Lieutenant Iresso

Nadia Grell

Qyzen Fess

Tharan Cedrax



Jedi Knight Companions


Kira Carsen

Lord Scourge

Sergeant Rusk



Smuggler Companions

Akaavi Spar


Corso Riggs

Guss Tuno



Trooper Companion

Aric Jorgan

Elara Dorne


Tanno Vik