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Swtor Crew Skill Guides

There are quite a few different professions players are able to choose from in Swtor, so many in fact that they are broken into three different sections, Gathering Skills, Crafting Skills and Mission Skills. Each of the three groups are rather self explanatory, the only one that may be a little confusing is Mission Skills, but I explain that later on in the guide. Professions in Swtor work just like the professions in every other MMORPG out there, with one giant exception.

Bioware calls the profession skills in Swtor "Crew Skills". The reason for this is because you share your ability to craft and gather items with all of your companions, also known as your crew. The way Bioware set up the profession system in Swtor is really quite interesting and unique. The Crew Skills system allows your Crew members to gather, craft and accept/perform missions on your behalf. As they gather resources or complete missions you and the other crew members will receive a variety of benefits and rewards.

For example, say you are fighting a group of monsters on one end of a field and you see a plant which can be gathered using Bioanalysis on the other end of the right. If you right click this plant it will send your companion over to gather the plant as you are fighting the pack of monsters. Pretty cool, huh? Below is an informative video added by Bioware on how Crew Skills work.

The Starship that you own is the base camp for you and your crew. One of the more interesting features about Crew Skills is that while you are busy exploring the galaxy and completing different missions and objectives you are able to relay orders back to your ship and crew. You can order your crew to perform tasks such as gathering resources, crafting items inside your Starship or to embark on special missions using the "Mission Skills". Certain companions are better at certain things than other companions, all depending on what their personal background is and what their affection level for you is.

You will only be able to select 3 Crew Skills for you and your team to train in, so choose wisely! If you choose the wrong skill or just want a change you can unlearn one and pick up another one but you will have to start over from 1 in the skill. If you're not looking for anything in particular and just want Crew Skills that will make you a lot of money I recommend going with all three Gathering Skills (Maybe one Mission Skill instead, I did not get enough time to test them before beta ended). I'd recommend, Slicing, Bioanalysis and Scavenging. Or if you'd like to try a Mission Skill drop Scavenging and get Diplomacy

Gathering Skills

While exploring the galaxy you'll uncover a large variety of materials that are used in the Crafting Skills. In order for you or your crew to gather the raw materials they first must have the appropriate Gathering Skill. Below is a list of every Gathering Skill available in the game and exactly what each skill will allow you to gather and what each gather will reward you with. The items you find through gathering can be sold on the Auction House for profit or used in the Crafting Skills to make yourself better gear, weapons or modifications.

Guide to Crew Skills Missions

Guide To Companions' Crew Skill Benefits

Running Missions To Gather Materials

Raising Affection With Companions




Archaeology allows players to find imbued items like lightsaber crystals and ancient artifacts. As archaeology is mainly used to mine crystal nodes, you could compare it to Mining in other games. The crystals obtained from the crystal formation can be used by a player with the Artifice tradeskill to construct lightsaber modifications and armor for Force users. The items found using Archaeology can be used in the Artifice and Synthweaving Tradeskills.

Archaeology is best paired with Artifice or Synthweaving.

A Guide To Raising Archaeology

List of All Archaeology Materials

Endgame Materials for Archaeology




Bioanalysis allows players to collect genetic materials from plants and certain creatures. The genetic materials you can collect include cell fibers, bacterial strains, toxic extracts and medicinal fluids. The items gathered with Bioanalysis are used in Biochem to craft medpacs, stimulants, and biological implants.

Bioanalysis is best paired with Biochem.

A Guide To Raising Bioanalysis

List of All Bioanalysis Materials

Endgame Mateials for Bioanalysis




Scavenging allows players to recover useful materials from piles of scrap or damaged technology that they come across. Crafting skills such as Armormech, Armstech, and Cybertech use the items gathered through Scavenging. Scavenging is well suited for heavy armor users such as Bounty Hunters or Troopers.

Scavenging is best paired with Armormech, Armstech or Cybertech.

A Guide To Raising Scavenging

List of All Scavenging Materials

Endgame Materials for Scavenging




Slicing allows players to hack into secured lockboxes or computer systems and acquire valuable items, information and data. Some of the things players can find through Slicing include rare recipes that can be used by other professions to craft weapons or armor. As of now, Slicing is currently one of the biggest money makers in swtor as the resources gathered through use of this tradeskill can be put to use with all other professions. The tech schematics gained through Slicing are used for the Cybertech crafting skill.

Slicing is best paired with almost anything and is also one of the best money making gathering professions.

A Guide To Raising Slicing

SlicingA Guide To Profiting From Slicing

Slicing Grade 1 Materials

Credit BoxCredit Box (Contains a random amount of Credits)


Crafting Crew Skill Guides

The items you or your crew gather with the Gathering Skills will be put to good use by any of the following Crafting Skills. Through the below Crafting Skills you or your crew will be able to create armor, weapons, implants and other types of useful items or gear. If you aren't going to use the items you create then you can always sell them on the Auction House or use Reverse Engineering to disassemble them and sell the the raw materials, or reuse them.

One unique perk of the Crew Skill system in Swtor is that even if you're away from your Starship and away from your crew, you are still able to assign them to start crafting an item despite your absence. Each player is only allowed to select a single Crafting Skill.

Armormech Crafting Window

Above is a picture of what the crafting window looks like in Swtor. If you are having trouble seeing the picture simply just click it to enlarge.


Armormech deals with hard metals and electronic shielding to construct armor for non-force users. Armormechs are also able to reverse engineer the armor they craft (Reverse Engineering is like the Disenchanting of Swtor). Players looking to gather their own materials for Armormech will want to have the gathering skill Scavenging and the mission skill Underworld Trading.

Armormech is good for Smugglers, Troopers, Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters.

Guide to Raising Armormech 1 - 400


Armstech allows players to craft weapons such as the Assault Cannon, Blaster Pistol, Blaster Rifle and Sniper Rifles. In addition to creating weapons, Armstech also allows players to create weapon upgrades and modifications such as triggers, barrels, and scopes. Much like Armormech, players with Armstech will be able to Reverse Engineer the items they create. Materials used in Armstech can be gathered through Scavenging and Investigation. Armstech is like the weapon version of Armormech.

Armstech is good for Smugglers, Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters.

Guide to Raising Armstech 1 - 400


Artifice is the construction of Jedi and Sith artifacts, specializing in creating modifications for items, most commonly lightsabers. Players with Artifice will be able to Reverse Engineer their crafted focii as well as the feet and wrist armor as well as discover new ways to improve armor creation. Archaeology is the main gathering skill you will want to have in order to gather raw materials for Artifice and the Treasure Hunting mission skill will also provide you with additional gemstones.

Artifice is good for Jedi Knights, Jedi Consulars, Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors.

Guide to Raising Artifice 1 - 400


Biochem allows players to create performance enhancing serums and various biological implants. Consider Biochem the Alchemy or potion making profession of Swtor. Biochemists are also able to create medpacs which restore health as well as med units which function as ranged medpacs. The materials required to craft items through Biochem can be gathered through the Bioanalysis gathering skill as well as the Diplomacy mission skill. Since potions and stims will always be needed for raids or end game content this profession will be good for making money.

Biochem is equally good for all classes.

Guide to Raising Biochem 1 - 400

Biochem Uses At Max Level


Cybertech allows players to craft upgrades for droids as well as earpieces which can be used by players. Players with Cybertech are also able to create modifications for harnesses, overlays, underlays, gadgets, generators and circutry. As with all other crafting skills, players with Cybertech are also able to Reverse Engineer their creations. The best gathering skill to have if you're looking to gather raw materials for Cybertech is Scavenging, also the mission skill Underworld Trading also provides crafting resources for Cybertech.

Cybertech is recommended for Smugglers, Troopers, Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters.

Guide to Raising Cybertech 1 - 400


Synthweaving specializes in crafting lighter armor, most of which is for Jedi Consulars and Sith Inquisitors, some of which can also be used for Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors, but only their Advanced Classes that do not use Heavy Armor. Think of Synthweaving as either Tailoring or Leatherworking, that would be the most accurate thing to compair to to in other games. Players with Synthweaving are able to Reverse Engineer the items that they create and possibly discover new ways to improve their armor creation. Archaeology provides players with the raw materials used in Synthweaving and Underworld Trading is the mission skill that will also provide materials.

Synthweaving is recommended for Jedi Knights, Jedi Consulars, Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors.

Guide to Raising Synthweaving 1 - 400


Mission Crew Skill Guides

Mission Skills are the most unique Crew Skills available to players in Swtor. With these skills you are able to send a companion from your crew across the galaxy on a unique mission that will reward you with various different items depending on the mission, your companion and the Mission Skill you are using. Once you use a Mission Skill you will want to select a mission, choose which companion you would like to send and sit back until he returns with your prize!

Beta Underworld Trading Mission

The amount of missions you are able to choose from is astounding. You can have your crew members participate in Diplomatic missions using Diplomacy, trade in illicit goods through Underworld Trading, Investigate something specific through Investigation or even hunt for treasure using Treasure Hunting. There are tons of options available to players through the Mission Skills, each with their own set of benefits and unique rewards. Some of these missions even reward players with Light and Dark side points. Since your companions are able to participate and complete these missions alone, it's useful to almost always have one out on a mission, and don't forget profitable!


Diplomacy is the art of managing and conducting negotiations. Missions involving Diplomacy can award gifts for your companions and materials used in the Biochem Crafting Crew Skill. Also successfully completing Diplomacy missions will affect your Light or Darkside standings depending on what mission you choose to run. Diplomacy is best for players with Biochem looking for the Medical Supplies required for their professions.

Guide to Raising Diplomacy

List of Materials From Diplomacy


Investigation has players examine evidence and follow clues to discover secrets. Successful Investigation rewards Prototype schematics for all Crafting Skills, researched compounds and gifts for your companions. Investigation is most useful for players with Armstech.

Guide to Raising Investigation

List of Materials From Investigation

Treasure HuntingTreasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting rewards players with gemstones, lockboxes, and gifts for your companions. If you send your companion on a mission that can yield a gift for a companion there is a chance he will get a gift fragment, which can be turned into the Curator on Nar Shaddaa for an equivilant quality gift. Treasure Hunting is a good mission skill to have if you have the Artifice crafting skill.

Guide to Raising Treasure Hunting

List of Materials From Treasure Hunting

Underworld Trading Underworld Trading

Underworld Trading rewards players with rare Silks, Metals, Recipes for Cybertech, Recipes for Synthweaving, Recipes for Armormech, and Companion Items. The metals, silks and recipes are what most people pick up this profession for although the companion items are a nice bonus. To level Underworld Trading as fast as possible you will want to run the Companion Mission Crew Skills. They take the least amount of time to do out of all missions.

Guide to Raising Underworld Trading

List of Materials From Underworld Trading

Some of today's real world professions may be difficult to catagorize as gathering, crafting, or mission skills. Some careers, such as a Columbus criminal attorney, could be considered a combination of all three of these skills.