Republic Leveling Guide - Voss

The second to last planet we will be visiting is Voss. Voss is the homeworld of a species known as the... Voss! This is a fairly cool planet, although I really disliked the story line here just because it reminded me so much of Final Fantasy 10, which was the Final Fantasy to totally derail and ruin my favorite series of games ever. Anyway, Voss is pretty much just as long as Belsavis and is slightly less annoying. There are some highly annoying quests that you have to do here following the Voss' "religious beliefs". They're not difficult, just very tedious and annoying.

Once you dock your ship on Voss you'll travel through the Orbital Station where you will be grabbing your first quest from Commander Hurada "Need to Impress". Once you have that quest in hand you'll want to continue to the shuttle and take it down to Voss. Grab the Taxi Terminal and do the really quick quest at Rosk Shiran before heading north and updating your class quest. After you've done that return to the Taxi Terminal and fly to Ken-La Outpost. Grab the quest at Ken-La Outpost as well as the Quick Travel Terminal. Also update your "Need to Impress" Quest.

You should have the following quests before leaving town: "Need to Impress", "Baiting the Trap" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with "Need to Impress".

Need to Impress

Slice the First, Second and Third Voss Comm Towers

Very easy quest, each of the Comm Towers are marked for you on your map. While you do this quest be sure to do the Bonus Quest which requires you to kill Imperials that are around each tower. After you finish Need to Impress return to town and turn it in. Accept the followup "Damage Control" and head southwest to where your quests are done.

Damage Control

Find Malcom Terrax

Easy quest, kill your way to the back of the cave completing the bonus as you go. Once you find Malcom Terrax speak to him to complete your quest. Exit the cave and head to the next cave for our next quest.

Baiting the Trap

Investigate the Cave

Each of the mission objectives for this quest are marked clearly on your map or glowing blue and pretty much un-missable. The bonus mission for this quest requires you to kill Imperials. Do both of them before leaving the cave.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way now.

After you complete all of these quests return to town and turn them all in. You will only have one new quest to accept: "Tempting Fate" which is the very next quest we'll be doing.

Tempting Fate

Locate the Sith Encampment

Northeast of town is where you have to go for this quest. Once you arrive in the proximity of the Sith Encampment your quest will update. Use the console to update the quest and to get the quest "Visionary". Follow the mission marker to the south to this quest.


Confront Lord Beldiss

Once in the building on your way to Lord Beldiss kill 10 Imperials and 10 Sith for the bonus quest. Besides the bonus. this quest is extremely easy to do. All of the objectives are marked clearly for you to see. After you complete this quest Quick Travel Back to town. Turn in your one quest in town and accept the followup "A Mystic's Path". With that in hand you will want to follow the path around the mountain and up north to the town it takes you to.

Voss Leveling Guide - Pilgrim Retreat

Turn in your quest at Pilgrim's Retreat and accept all of the new quests here. There are a few different ones available to you so be sure to grab them all. Also while you're in town you will want to Meditate at the Altar here for the "Roadblock" quest. Which also since it's a timed quest it is going to be the first one we'll be doing. Before leaving town to go do "Roadblock" you should have the following quests in your log: "Roadblock", "Walking the Line" and your Class Quest.


Cleanse each of the shrines

Very easy quest despite it being timed. Each of the shrines are marked easily for you to find on your map. Go to reach of them and simply right click it to cleanse it. The bonus quest tied to this quest has you kill 15 Gormaks which can be found around each shrine. If you're pressed for time after you complete the main quest you can still do the bonus, at which point there is no longer a time limit.

After you complete "Roadblock" continue north to the Shrine of Healing and talk to Bera-De. Accept her quest, "March of Time" and continue into the Shrine of Healing. Speak to Garel-Mo inside the Shrine of Healing and turn in "Roadblock" and accept "The Trials". This is a fairly easy straightforward quest, each objective is marked on your map so follow them closely and you'll be done in no time.

The Trials

Complete the Trials

This is a very long quest with about a dozen different objectives. They're all extremely straight forward and you couldn't alternate from the main quest if you tried. This quest is also very difficult so make sure you're ready before entering. (Grab Medpacs if you need them and maybe even a Stim just incase)

March of Time

Scan the Writings of Makna-Ha, Raklo-Mo, Vepon-Du and Wappel-Na

Each of the writings are marked clearly on your map, you won't have any trouble finding them at all. There is no bonus quest.

Walking the Line

Recover 4 Stolen Walker Parts

This quest is rather easy, each of the Walker Parts are glowing blue so you can't miss them. There is also a bonus quest tied to this quest which is just as easy as the quest itself. Stage 2 each of the Weapon Caches are glowing blue and Stage 3 the Gormak Master Warrior is marked right on your map.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way now since it's in the area.

After you've completed all of these quests return to the Shrine of Healing and turn in the quests you have here. After you've done that return to Pilgrim's Retreat and fly to Voss-ka to turn in your class quest (if it gets turned in here now) accept the followup and then fly to Camp Talanis. If you don't have a questy to turn in at Voss-Ka just fly directly to Camp Talanis.

Voss Leveling Guide - Camp Talanis

Once you arrive in Camp Talanis turn in your quest here, grab the Quick Travel Terminal as well as the Taxi Path. Also grab all other quests in town before you get ready to leave. You should have the following quests available to you before leaving town: "More Clever Than You'd Think", "In the Crosshairs" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with the quest "More Clever Than You'd Think" since it is just south of town. On your way south to the More Clever Than You'd Think quest objective you will come across and [AREA] quest, which we will be doing first.

[AREA] Sabotage the Gormak

Retrieve 4 Stolen Republic Supplies

Destroy 3 Stolen Republic Turrets

Defeat 15 Gormak Raid Forces

Each of these objectives are done in the mission area that is marked on your map. The Supplies and Turrets are glowing blue so you can't miss them. After you complete all three of the first tasks your quest will update and have you lure out a Gormak Tech Guard and kill him for his Access Codes then you need to disable the Gormak Surveillance Tower and finally Lure out and kill Scout Chief Taylak and take his surveillance data. After you have the surveillance data you're done the quest.

NOTE: The Gormak Tech Guard part is extremely difficult for some odd reason. So be ready and be sure to CC one if you can.

More Clever Than You'd Think

Locate the Walker

After you locate the walker all you need to do is investigate it to complete the quest. The bonus quest has you bury 4 of the dead Voss around the Walker. Three of them are very easy to find and they're right around the walker, however the next one you need to bury is south of the walker around 556, 1343. Look for the glowing blue body as you go south, you won't miss him. Also while you're down here you'll find an NPC with a quest for you, "Gormak Monstrosities".

Gormak Monstrosities

Defeat 10 Gormak Beast Trainers and 6 Immature Cyber Vorantiki

Very easy quest in the fact of what you have to do. However the mobs you need to kill for this quest (The Vorantikus ones) are stupidly retardedly overpowered. Each of these mobs can be found inside the cave where the quest takes place. There is a bonus quest tied to this one that requires you to collect 5 Republic Service Tags from the dead Republic soldiers inside the cave. It's very easy so make sure you do it before leaving.

NOTE: It's not just you, the Vorantikus' are extremely overpowered.

In the Crosshairs

Plants Charges on the First, Second, Third and Forth Generator

Each of the Generators are marked on your map as clear as day, you won't have any difficulty finding them. The final objective is also extremely easy to find (after you plant all of the charges). Also as you could have guessed there is a very long bonus quest tied in with this quest. Each of the stages are really easy to do meaning there is no guide required. Just make sure you do both quests.

<Class Quest>

Do this quest before returning to town.

After you have completed all of these quests Quick Travel back to Camp Talanis and turn in your quests. After you do that you will want to follow the path southwest to Koss Overlook which is where "In the Crosshairs" gets turned in. Turn in your quest here and accept the quest from Doctor Varen called "Traps Are Meant To Be Sprung". The other quest at the terminal is a Heroic 4 quest so we can ignore that.

Traps Are Meant To Be Sprung

Retrieve Stolen Medical Supplies

The location you need to go for the Stolen Medical Supplies is marked clearly on your map, jump off the cliff to the south and run over to it to retrieve the supplies. Once you have the supplies you'll want to return to Camp Talanis and turn your quest into Shar-Da. At this point you'll only have your class quest available to you. Luckily all the class quests are going to take you to the same place next, the Shadowlands of Voss. Talk to the Taxi guy and fly on out to the Shadowlands.

Voss Leveling Guide - Shad-Ka Outpost

Once you reach Shad-Ka Outpost you'll want to grab the two quests here before leaving town. You should have the following quests available to you: "Crafting Nightmares", "Dark Ambitions" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with the Crafting Nightmares quest.

Crafting Nightmares

Eliminate 5 Craftsman Builders

This is a rather difficult quest to do. Not because it's hard to find where things are but because the final part has you killing a level 47 elite. I am unsure why Bioware made Voss so difficult but they did. Every objective for this quest is marked clearly on your map so you won't have any difficulty finding anything, just killing the boss at the end.

- - - Before you summon the Craftsman Leader be sure to clear the packs of mobs nearby, they will agro you when he is summoned. - - -

On your way northwest to Dark Ambitions following the path you will come across Master Kelthan at Char-An Outpost who has the quest "Darker Than Dark" available. Grab that quest for later.

Dark Ambitions

Retrieve the Crystal

This is another semi difficult quest as it requires you to kill a bunch of overpowered Vorankis for the main quest as well as the bonus. I personally skip this bonus just because those Vorantiki mobs are on PCP or some performance/anger enhancing drug. The main quest has you do a few different things inside this cave area. Do that then get the frig away from all the Vorantiki is what I say.

For the Use the Crystal on 4 Corrupted Voss part of this quest, the Dark Crystal that you need to use is in the Mission Items of your Inventory. -- The last part (Meditate at the Altar) do whenever you get close on your way back to town or what not.

<Class Quest>

After you complete the other quests out in the shadowlands get this out of the way before returning to town.

Darker Than Dark

Kill Lord Relnik

You want to talk about amazingly hard nearly impossible quests? This quest takes the cake. Lord Relnik is a level 48 elite that hits like a truck and comes with 2 adds. Get ready to blow all your cooldowns and also get extremely lucky to take him down. Honestly you can skip this mission if you want, I did on my Shadow the first time around/ (It doesn't lead to anything, if you're worried about missing out on a quest line).

- - - If you do this quest turn it in on your way to Dark Ambitions - - -

Dark Ambitions

Meditate at the Altar

Get this out of the way before returning to town and turning in your quests.

Once back in town turn in both of your quests and accept the new one from Talan-De called "The Dark Hollow". Before doing The Dark Hollow let's get your Class Quest out of the way yet again.

<Class Quest>

Do this bad boy before heading over to The Dark Hollow.

The Dark Hollow

Investigate The Dark Hollow

Each of the mission objectives are marked plainly on your map so you won't have any difficulty finding them. The bonus quest has you kill Deformed Shaclaw and Deformed Vorantiki, do this on your way to each objective.

After you complete The Dark Hollow quest you will want to return to Voss-Ka and turn in both The Dark Hollow and your Class quest which completes all of Voss for you. All that's left to do is the Bonus Series which is rather easy, it just involves a lot of grinding.

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