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Balmorra (Empire) Datacron Guides

Strength DatacronStrength +2

Coordinates: X: 726, Y: 171

There is a hidden path that leads to this datacron

Aim DatacronAim +2

Coordinates: X: -1017, Y: 1514

Very difficult datacron to explain how to retrieve. Will make a indepth guide soon for this one. But for now, just know it is inside the heroic area ontop of a pipe.

Willpower DatacronWillpower +2

Coordinates: X: 191, Y: -346

In order to retrieve this datacron you need to buy an item from a vendor to open the chest it is contained in. This datacron is available to both The Empire and The Republic although it has different stats on either faction.

Cunning DatacronCunning +2

Coordinates: X: 1853, Y: 111

This datacron is located in the Balmorran Arms Factory.

Green Matrix ShardDatacron - Green Matrix Shard

Coordinates: X: -505, Y: 1990

This datacron requires two people to get as they both need to simultaneously activate a switch.