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Tatooine Leveling Guide 24 - 28

Tatooine is by far my favorite planet in Star Wars just because I absolutely love the Jawa race and of course sand. Deserts have always interested me... But I am sure my interests are the last thing you care about here. As for leveling on Tatooine the first and most important thing you need to know is at level 25 you will want to immediately purchase the Speeder Training (costs 40k at your class trainer) and a speeder (costs 8k from an NPC next to the Taxi Master).

If you don't get these or don't have the money you're going to be punching yourself in the face because of all the running you'll be forced to do. From here on out the speeder is pretty much a requirement for every single planet if you ask me. Without it you'll be running for hours on end and that's just no fun. Anyway, let's get started with the leveling since that's what we're here for. At the entrance of the spaceport you will want to accept the quest from N0-HX.

Just outside the spaceport also accept the quest from Sheriff Encot, "Smuggler's Route". Refresh all of your quests in Anchorhead before you leave town (meaning turn in the ones you have and accept the new ones). Also be sure to grab the two quests from inside the cantina "The Hunted" and "Astromenace". There is a third in here but it is a Heroic quest which you may or may not be able to do. Anyway, let's get started. The first quest you will be doing is called "The Hunted"

The Hunted

Recover Intel from Assassins

This quest is easy. All you need to do is use a Public Holoterminal on the outskirts of Anchorhead Market to summon some Assassins. Kill them and then loot the Intel. After you gather the Intel there is another part to this quest, we'll get to that in a bit.


Recover Remote Device

Another easy quest, just kill the Worn-out Astromech Droids until you get the Remote Device. Once you get the Remote Device this quest will update, giving you another part. We'll get to that in a bit, first let's do The Hunted (Part 2)!

The Hunted

Defeat the Assassin Ultracommando

Head on over to the Anchorhead Western Warehouse and enter. Once inside your quest will update and you will be required to kill the Assassin Ultracommando! Also once you kill the first mob inside this building you'll get the bonus quest to kill 15 of the Assassin's forces. Do the bonus and kill the Ultracommando before heading back east to the Astromenace objective.


Talk the Astromech's Controller

Head up north of Anchorhead, talk to the little Jawa guy and that's all, you're done! Next up...

Timely Arrival

Speak to Representative Fauler

This is an easy quest. Head on down inside the SIS Safehouse, defend that coward guy and then just follow the dialogue until you get the updated quest. All done!

Smuggler's Routes

Go the Anchorhead Eastern Warehouse

Easy quest, just kill the crap in here and you'll get everything you need to complete it in no time.

<Class Quest>

There should be a class quest in Anchorhead for you to do. Do this quest before turning anything in.

After you've finished all of the quests in Anchorhead turn them all in and gather up any new ones that you find. Once you've turned in all of the quests you've completed and picked up all of the new ones it's time to get started again! First up is...

Smuggler's Route

Travel to Hanger 21

Hangar 21 is inside the spaceport so head on in there to update your quest. Once you enter Hangar 21 you'll get an udpated version of your quest to kill Twin Suns Slavemaster and Twin Suns Kidnappers. Also as you start killing inside the hangar you'll get a bonus quest to kill 15 Black Sun forces. Both of these are extremely straight forward so do them and leave. Once outside turn in your quest to Sheriff Encot and take the speeder path south to Dreviad Outpost.

Before leaving Anchorhead this is a perfect time to get the Republic Cunning Datacron!


Tatooine Leveling Guide - Dreviad Outpost

Once you arrive in Dreviad Outpost grab the quest from the Jawa in the area before leaving town. It's called "Shock Treatment". There is another quest in town but it is a Flashpoint quest so you'll just want to ignore it for now. Once you're done in town here head just north to the Abandoned Czerka Facility.

Timely Arrival

Recover the Czerka Records

This is an extremely straight forward quest. Just go inside, kill at least 10 mobs for the bonus quest, grab the records and you're all done.

After you complete Timely Arrival head west to where it shows "Unstable Defense Droids" on your map. This is where we'll be doing "Shock Treatment"

Shock Treatment

Reset 4 Unstable Defense Droids

For this quest you need to use Veek's Modified Ion Gun on the Unstable Defense Droids to try and reset them. It has a chance of backfiring and damaging you but when it is successful you will get quest credit (of course). To use this Ion Gun you need to open up your inventory, go to the Mission Items tab and use it from there or put it on a hotbar.

Once you're done both Shock Treatment and Timely Arrival you will want to do your Class Quest. Also on your way north to the class quest you will discover your very first [AREA] Quest. An [AREA] quest is a quest which you unlock/acquire from entering a certain area. Much like how you'd get a bonus quest for killing a mob. Usually these quests are far and few between but they act the same way as a Bonus Quest, usually 3 stages and the final stage will have you turn in something at a terminal for a large reward.

You will get The [AREA] Geonosian Counterattack quest around the coordinates 625, -2412. That is straight north of the I and A in DrevIAd Outpost.

[AREA] Geonosian Counterattack

Defeat 10 Geonosian Forces - Stage 1. Self Explanatory on how to do this.

Stage 2 - Destroy 5 Geonosian Weapon Caches. Look for the glowing blue crates they can be found around the main building here.

Final Stage - Defeat the Hive Commander and collect the Attack Plans.

After you've finished this [AREA] quest now it's time to do your class quest!

<Class Quest>

Whatever this quest has you doing right now do it so you can be ready for the second half when we go down south.

After you finish up your class quest head back to Dreviad Outpost and turn in what you have. After you've turned in your two quests here fly back to Anchorhead and turn in your quest(s) there as well. Once you're done in Anchorhead fly back out to Dreviad Outpost. First quest on our list to do is "Last One Out"

Last One Out

Speak to Grommik Kurthson

Easy quest. Speak with Grommik then follow the quest objective once you get attacked. You'll have to fight a bunch of droids but it's straight forward where you need to go. After you escape run around the desert to the three locations on your map marked for the second part of this quest. After you've collected all three sets of the files you'll need to speak with Fauler again, whom is in a different place this time. Be sure to check your map before wasting time running to Anchorhead, fauler is west of Dreviad Outpost.

On your way to Fauler's location you will come across two quests just southwest of Dreviad Outpost around the coordinates 345 , -1451. One is a Heroic +4 quest, which I recommend ignoring unless you feel like finding a group and the second is called "Goodwill" which is the next quest we will be working on.


Place 3 Perimeter Sensors

This is a very straight forward quest, kill the Sandpeople around the little encampment for the bonus quest and also place the Perimeter Sensors on the little glowing rocks. You'll be done in a matter of minutes. Once you do complete it turn in Goodwill and then continue northwest towards where "Last One Out" gets turned in.


Tatooine Leveling Guide - Outpost Salara

As you're traveling up the path towards where this gets turned in you will run into Outpost Salara. The coordinates for this Outpost are... 125 , -1557. You honestly can't miss it either way though. Once you're here grab the Taxi Path and the Quick Travel Terminal as well as the "Target Practice" quest from Constable Surall. Once you've done that continue north to Raith Bannik who will give you the quest "Penalty for Theft". After you get that quest speak to Fauler and refresh your quest with him. You should now have "Target Practice", "Penalty for Theft", and "Field Trip".

Now let's get started! The first quest we will be doing is...

Target Practice

Collect 5 Sand People Sniper Rifles

Really easy quest, just run along the cliff edge killing the Sand People Sharpshooters for 5 Sniper Rifles. To get enough credit for the bonus quest to kill 15 of them go a little more inland and take out the packs of Sand People.

Field Trip

Take all 3 readings

Another rather simple quest, all you need to do is head to each of the locations on the map and use the Field Scanner in your Mission Items window to get credit. After you scan all three locations you will get an updated quest to investigate the Energy Signature to the south. Head into the cave and kill your way through, completing the kill 24 Czerka Droids bonus as you go, until you reach the computer terminal at the end.

Once there smash the terminal to get credit and you're all done.

Penalty for Theft

Rescue Raith's Loved Ones

Easy quest, once you're inside the Twin Suns Mining Outpost just follow the green arrow until you come to where Raith's "Loved ones" are held. On the outside of the hut that Raith's "Loved Ones" are in you'll have a series of bonus quests to complete. The first stage is to kill 20 Twin Suns forces. Stage 2 requires you to destroy 4 Twin Sun Mining Carts. You'll have to kill your way up north for this one but it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Also if you have the Heroic +2 Quest that's nearby while killing your way north you'll be completing it's Bonus Quest.

After you destroy all 4 of the Twin Sun Mining Carts your Bonus Quest will update and have you disable the Twin Suns' Starfighter. The map will have the exact location, just kill your way over to it and disable it to update your quest for the final stage. For this final part you'll need to take an elevator up to where it shows the final stage on the map. Inside the building up here you'll need to kill and loot "Eclipse-Maker" Garthrus to complete this Bonus Series.

<Class Quest>

At this point you have a class quest right in the immediate area. Complete it before returning to Salara Outpost and refreshing your quests.

After you finish all of your quests the fastest way to get back to town would be to use Quick Travel. After turning in all of your quests in town you will have one new one called "The Thing Czerka Found". As you probably could have guessed, this is the one you'll be doing next. Head far west to The Dune Sea and over to Outpost Thorazen once you're there. Once you're at Outpost Thorazen pick up the tools and grab all of the quests. Also activate the Quick Travel Terminal and grab the Taxi Path.


Tatooine Leveling Guide - Outpost Thorazen

This is pretty much the final quest hub on Tatooine, so if you're tired of this place it should be a yay moment for you (Although we'll have to do the Bonus Series before moving on). Anyway, before we leave Outpost Thorazen make sure you have the following quests, "The Thing Czerka Found (Updated)", "Can't Live With 'Em", "Desert Raid", and "Pre-emptive Strike". The first one you will want to do is "The Thing Czerka Found"

The Thing Czerka Found

Investigate The Relay Towers

For this quest you'll be running around the southeastern end of The Dune Sea inspecting multiple Relay Towers. There is no bonus quest for this mission, just five different Relay Towers that you must scan to complete the quest. After you scan the fifth one your quest will have you go to the Czerka Dig Site to the south. I'll cover that right after doing another quest...

Can't Live With 'Em

Pour 4 Antidote into Purifiers

This really is an extremely straight forward quest. You'll find the Purifiers in the encampment that surrounds the lake where it shows this mission on the map. Once you're done this quest continue south to the Czerka Dig Site.

The Thing Czerka Found

Investigate the Czerka Digsite

Once you enter the Digsite and start killing you'll unlock the extremely long bonus series here that requires you to kill an ungodly amount of mobs. Don't worry though, it's not that bad, plus we could use the XP! Grind your way through the tunnel following the green arrow as you go. After you kill 30 Czerka and complete the first stage of the bonus series you'll unlock Stage 2, obviously.

Stage 2 requires you to scan 4 different things in the last big room before the one with the Ancient Machine. There is no point in having me list these things since they are pointed out for you on the minimap and map. Scan all 4 to unlock Stage 3. Stage 3 requires you to kill the Cybernecrotic Director Antayen and collect his badge. Once you're done that you can continue with the main objective. The only real advice I can give is before activating the Ancient Machine, be 100% sure you're ready. Be full health, and have medpacs ready. What's to come is not easy.

After you've completed these quests Quick Travel back to Outpost Thorazen and turn in your two quests here. Afterwords it's time to head west for...

Desert Raid

Release 3 Enslaved Ambassadors

Really easy quest, you can see all three of the cages the second you get here. Also the bonus quest only requires you to kill 6 of the Slaver Forces. Can you say easy quests ever?

Head north when you're done.

Pre-Emptive Strike

Defeat 10 Mandalorians

I seriously don't need to explain this quest.

<Class Quest>

This is the perfect time to get your class quest out of the way. After you get your class quest out of the way head back to Outpost Thorazen.

Any time while you're in The Sand Dunes you can stop and do the two Datacrons here. These Datacrons are the Tatooine Strength Datacron and the Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Datacron.

Turn in all of your quests in Outpost Thorazen and then fly to Outpost Salara to turn in your quest here. After you've turned in your quest at Outpost Salara all that's left is to turn in your class quest. Once you've turned that in you're officially done Tatooine... However I strongly recommend you do the bonus series here as it will get you to the level you should be before heading to Alderaan and it is possibly the easiest bonus series to ever do.

Also now that you're completely done all of the Tatooine quests there is a Datacron in Anchorhead that you can get. Check out my Tatooine Cunning Datacron Guide if you did not already get this Datacron earlier.

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