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Hoth Republic Leveling Guide

Hoth, the frozen wasteland planet and the location of one of the most famous battles in Star Wars history. This is one of the largest planets in the game and many people quickly get annoyed by the time spent traveling around this planet. Don't let that discourage you though, this planet is extremely easy to do despite it's length and I found it to be quite fun. Another plus of Hoth is everyone gets a Companion on this planet, a few classes get their final companion here but others get the second to last Companion here. Anyway, enough talking about Hoth, let's get started!

The first quest you get for Hoth is from the Hoth Shuttle Pilot in the Orbital Station. He will give you the quest called "Cold Reception". After you have that take the shuttle to Aurek Base and grab all the quests here, including updating your class quest. There is only a single quest you'll want to grab on Hoth besides your updated Class Quest, this quest is "Power Vacuum".

Power Vacuum

Search for Survivors

Very easy quest, all the objectives are marked with exact locations on your map. Be sure to do the bonus (kill 25 Imperials) while you do this quest.

After you finish the Power Vacuum quest return to Aurek Base and turn it in. Back in base you will want to accept the next two quests, "Relay Race" and "Togruta Rescue". The first one we're going to be wanting to do is "Relay Race" so head up north for that.

Relay Race

Speak to the Talz Squad Leader

Easy quest, follow the quest objectives, the map shows you exact locations of where you need to go. When you're on the Fix the Communications Relay Power Generator part be sure to do the bonus quest "Sabotage" which requires you to kill 15 Imperials.

After you complete Relay Race you will get a new quest, "Freeing Crescent Canyon". But first we want to do "Togruta Rescue"

Togruta Rescue

Recover 6 Togruta Clearance Permits

You can find these all over the area that's marked on the map. Look at the crates in this area they're little blue computer pads sitting on top of them. They're also on the ground but much harder to see. While you're doing this quest also be sure to do the bonus quest which requires you to kill 20 Imperials.

Freeing Crescent Canyon

Find Supervisor Aldogh

Easy quest, the mission objective is marked clearly on the map. While you do this quest be sure to do the bonus which requires you to kill 25 Imperials. After you complete this quest use the terminal inside the facility to turn it in and accept the next quest.

Quick Travel back to town and turn in the one quest you have here. After you've done that you'll want to head far southeast and knock out "Exploding Mines" as well as your Class Quest.

Exploding Mines

Go to the Mines

Once you arrive at the mines you'll need to talk to Private Falk whom will shortly thereafter ambush you with Imperials. Defeat them, do whatever to Falk and then head to the lower mines. Do the bonus quest down here as well as the main objective, it's marked on your map so there is no real reason to go into a lot of detail explaining this. After you finish it's time to do your first of many class quests on Hoth.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way now before returning to town.

Once you're back in town turn in the quest you have here and accept the new one. As you'll notice you only have a single quest to do again, having only one quest to do at a time is something you'll get familiar with on Hoth. With the "Shades of Blue" quest in hand head east following the path until you get to around the central area of Whiterock Wastes. North of the path you'll find a building with an NPC in it named Nolan Pars whom has a quest for you. His coordinates are -2623, -1081. Accept the "Seismic Raiders" quest that he has before continuing east to Outpost Cresh.

Once you arrive at Outpost Cresh grab the Taxi path and the Quick Travel Terminal as well as turn in your quests and grab all new ones. You should now have the quests "Seismic Raiders", "Questionable Sources" and your Class Quest. The first one we're going to be doing is Seismic Raiders.

Seismic Raiders

Repair the Malfunctioning Droid Collector

Very straight forward quest, just follow the mission marker on your map. The bonus quest tied to this one requires you to kill 25 Imperials in the area. Do both of these quests before returning to Nolan Pars up north and turning in your quest.


Hoth Leveling Guide - Outpost Cresh

Every quest from here on out is done on the otherside of Outpost Cresh (once you go through the tunnel like thing) and come out to Highmount Ridge. On the Highmount Ridge side we'll be starting with the quest "Questionable Sources".

Questionable Sources

Locate the Chiss Defector

Right on the map where you see the mission objective for this quest you'll find a frozen body with an elite standing over it. Kill the elite and loot the body to complete the quest. While you're in the area be sure to kill 14 Imperials for the bonus as well.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way now before returning to town.

Once you're back in town turn in your quest as well as your Class Quest if it gets turned in here. Accept the followups for both and also accept the one new quest that pops up. That's all there is for this stop in town; make sure you have the following quests in hand before leaving. "One Thing or Another", "Scorched Earth" and your Class Quest (We'll be doing this later). Both these quests are done in the same place so it doesn't really matter which I say to start with as you will be doing them at the same time.

One Thing or Another

Recover 10 Supplies

This quest itself is really easy but the bonus quest tied to it will be the thing that takes awhile to do. Luckily the bonus quest is just as straight forward as the main quest so there is no extra explanation needed for it, just finish all of the stages for it and be sure to loot the end guy for the item that gets turned in at the Dropbox.

Scorched Earth

Plant Explosive Charges 1 & 2

This is another really simple quest. All that is really required for you to do is follow the location of each quest objective to the letter. Each place you need to plant both charges is marked clearly on your map as well as the consecutive stages that you need to complete.

After you finish both of these quests and the bonuses tied to them return to Outpost Cresh and turn in your quests. Gather the followups and any new quests that appear before leaving town once again and heading east towards the "Allied Forces" quest that you have now. "Allied Forces" gets turned in far east at Lieutenant Kieral in Outpost Senth. Also from my experience most class quests get refreshed here as well. So turn in what you have and grab any new quests before getting ready to go back killing!


Hoth Republic Leveling Guide - Outpost Senth

Since I did some talking about this area above there is no real reason to go into great detail here. Just before you leave town you'll want to make sure you have the following quests available to you: "Unlikely Allies", "Out in the Cold" and of course your Class Quest. First let's get started with...

Unlikely Allies

Fire the Distress Flare Gun and Defeat Pirates

Head to any of the mission markers on your map for this quest and open up the Mission Items tab of your Inventory. Use the Distress Flare Gun to summon the pirates and then kill them! While you do this quest you'll also want to do the "Out in the Cold" quest.

Out In The Cold

Destroy 6 Hailstorm Food Stores

Very easy quest, you'll find the Hailstorm Food Stores all over the gorge area where "Unlikely Allies" and this quest take place. They're the glowing blue crates, you can't miss them. The bonus quest tied to this one requires you to kill 30 Hailstorm Pirates. Another very easy quest.

<Class Quest>

After you complete "Unlikely Allies" and "Out in the Cold" get this quest out of the way before returning to town.

Back in town you will want to turn in both of your quests and accept the single followup "Give Them An Inch". With that quest in hand you'll want to head back southeast but this time don't go down into the gorge. Instead you'll want to go around the top section of the gorge and over it to where the quest objective is.

Give Them An Inch

Speak with Sergeant Katcho

After you speak with Katcho start killing your way through the canyon towards the quest objective. Make sure to do the bonus quest as you go. The quest is extremely straightforward, and there is no real explanation needed. Once you're done return to Outpost Senth and turn in your quest and accept the next one called "Cold War".

Cold War has you travel far east across the Glacial Fissure into the Starship Graveyard which is the final area of Hoth for questing. Once you arrive at the Starship Graveyard area you will want to head to Outpost Zerek and turn in your "Cold War" quest and accept every other quest you see.


Republic Hoth Leveling Guide - Outpost Zerek

This is the final town we will be questing at on Hoth. A rather short planet despite it's size if you ask me. A lot of you will be happy to almost be done here but I quite enjoy this planet. Oh well, anyway make sure you grabbed the Quick Travel Terminal as well as the Taxi Path. Before leaving town you will want to make sure you have the following quests in hand: "Top Secret" and "Arms Race" as well as your Class Quest. Let's get started with the "Arms Race" Quest.

Arms Race

Acquire the First, Second and Third Null Cannon Part and Acquire a Pirate Datapad that contains base Coordinates

Each of these four things are marked clearly on your map so you won't have any difficulty finding each of the objectives. Make sure to do the bonus tied to this one that requires you to kill 30 White Maw Pirates. After you collect each of the four items required for this quest you'll need to use the Pirate's Computer which is by the southern most objective for this quest. Upon using the computer you'll be able to turn in your quest and accept the new one "The Null Cannon".

Top Secret

Disable 5 Computer Terminals

This quest is extremely easy, you can't miss the Computer Terminals that you're required to disable as they're big and glowing blue. The only semi difficult part of this quest will be the bonus and even that isn't difficult, it's just long. For the bonus all of the steps are marked clearly on your map so none of the quest should be hard. Once you complete the bonus series and the regular quest head south to "The Null Cannon".

While doing the final stages of this quests Bonus Series it is a perfect time to get the Hoth Cunning Datacron.

The Null Cannon

Investigate the Pirate Base

This is a really simple quest just like the two before it. Follow the quest objective marker on the map and you'll be done in no time. Also while you're here be sure to do the bonus which only requires you to kill the White Maw Pirates inside the Null Cannon Installation area.

<Class Quest>

It doesn't matter what order you do this quest in, just complete it before returning to town.

Turn in all of your quests everywhere that they need to be turned in and you will be officially done Hoth. There may be a class that still has a little bit of their class quest left to do so if you're one of those people get that out of the way before flying back to Aurek Base and hoping on your ship outta here!

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