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Swtor Farming Guides

This page contains all of the best farming locations I have managed to come across while playing Swtor. Since there are two factions in Swtor I have split this page into three different parts, one will be strictly for Republic farming guides, another for Empire farming guides and the final will be farming guides that are available to both factions. Each of the farming locations will contain a map, showing you exactly where it is, a detailed description of the type of loot and mobs you will find while farming there as well some pictures of the location and a video.

Also I will create an hourly gold estimate for each location, allowing you to easily pick the best location without too much difficulty. If you have any farming locations you'd like to see added to my website, or even a location that you found particularly interesting and would like me to experiment there and see how much gold I can make an hour, please use the Submit A Guide link at the bottom of any page on my website.

List of all Swtor Datacron Locations

Since the game is not out yet you wont find much information on this page. I'll update it much more once the game comes out and I begin to discover the best farming locations

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Republic Farming Locations

"The Dig" On Balmorra

"Factory Grounds" On Balmorra

Belsavis Bioanalysis Farming

List of Belsavis Daily Quests

Ilum Farming

- Ilum Republic Chest Farming

- Ilum Archaeology Farming

- Ilum Scavenging Farming

- Ilum Bioanalysis Farming

- Ilum Slicing Farming

List of Republic Ilum Dailies


Empire Farming Locations

List of All Imperial Daily Quests

Ilum Archaeology Farming

Ilum Bioanalysis Farming

Ilum Scavenging Farming



Neutral Farming Locations

How To Make Over 1mil Credits A Day




"Other" Farming Locations

Lightside Points

Darkside Points


Tradeskill Farming Materials

Semi temporary section until I sort out what is good to farm and what isn't.

Scavenging Grade 1 Materials

SilicaSilica (Used for tons of different recipes for all three professions)

DeshDesh (Used to make many different types of armor for players around level 10)



Scavenging Grade 2 Materials





Scavenging Grade 3 Materials



Scavenging Grade 4 Materials





Scavenging Grade 5 Materials



Amorphous CarboniteAmorphous Carbonite


Scavenging Grade 6 Materials

Zal AlloyZal Alloy


Archaeology Grade 1 Items

Rubat CrystalRubat Crystal - Power Crystal

Blue Amorphous CrystalBlue Amorphous Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Amorphous CrystalGreen Amorphous Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Amorphous CrystalRed Amorphous Crystal - Color Crystal

Lost Artifact FragmentLost Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 2 Items

Eralam CrystalEralam Crystal - Power Crystal

Nextor CrystalNextor Crystal - Power Crystal

Blue Igeous CrystalBlue Igeous Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Igeous CrystalGreen Igeous Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Igeous CrystalRed Igeous Crystal - Color Crystal

Sacred Artifact FragmentSacred Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 3 Items

Bondar CrystalBondar Crystal - Power Crystal

Opila CrystalOpila Crystal - Power Crystal

Red Opaque CrystalRed Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Opaque CrystalBlue Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Opaque CrystalGreen Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Prehistoric Artifact FragmentPrehistoric Artifact Fragment

Ancient Artifact FragmentAncient Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 4 Items

Firkrann CrystalFirkrann Crystal - Power Crystal

Red Solid CrystalRed Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Solid CrystalBlue Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Solid CrystalGreen Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Galactic Artifact FragmentGalactic Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 5 Items

Phond CrystalPhond Crystal - Power Crystal

Damind CrystalDamind Crystal - Power Crystal

Green Lucent CrystalGreen Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Lucent CrystalBlue Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Lucent CrystalRed Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Hypertech Artifact Fragment Hypertech Artifact Fragment

Alien Artifact FragmentAlien Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 6 Items

Upari CrystalUpari Crystal - Power Crystal

Blue Polychromic CrystalBlue Polychromic Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Polychromic CrystalRed Polychromic Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Polychromic CrystalGreen Polychromic Crystal - Color Crystal

Primeval Artifact FragmentPrimeval Artifact Fragment

Bioanalysis Grade 1 Materials

Green GooGreen Goo (Used for many low to mid level Biochem recipes)

Dielectric Cell FiberDielectric Cell Fiber (Used for many low to mid level Biochem recipes)

Bacterial StrainBacterial Strain

Bioanalysis Grade 2 Materials

Microscopic SymbioteMicroscopic Symbiote

Luminescent Cell CultureLuminescent Cell Culture

Genetic AnomalyGenetic Anomaly

Toxic ExtractToxic Extract

Bioanalysis Grade 3 Materials

Hallucinogenic CompoundHallucinogenic Compound

Unknown MicroorganismUnknown Microorganism

Blue GooBlue Goo

Bio-Energy Cell SampleBio-Energy Cell Sample

Medicinal FluidMedicinal Fluid

Bioanalysis Grade 4 Materials

Cosmic Trace ParticleCosmic Trace Particle

Inert VirusInert Virus

Nerve-Damaging ChemicalNerve-Damaging Chemical

Alien BacteriaAlien Bacteria

Bioanalysis Grade 5 Materials

Psychoactive CompoundPsychoactive Compound

Parasitic MicroorganismParasitic Microorganism

Nutrient GelNutrient Gel

Quick-Growth AgentQuick-Growth Agent

Bioanalysis Grade 6 Materials

Immunity Cell CultureImmunity Cell Culture

Mutagenic PasteMutagenic Paste

Red GooRed Goo

Neurochemical Extract Neurochemical Extract