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Useful Links

This page is a giant source of links that I think you will find useful while playing swtor. I will be adding more and more links to this overtime, if you have any that you'd like to see submitted please email me by using the "Submit a Guide" button at the bottom of all the pages. As an example of how each of the links will be displayed on this page, I used my own website.

Almar's Guides - Great source of information for everything swtor. Includes, Farming Guides, Leveling Guides, Class Guides, Basic Star Wars knowledge explanations and more! As well as Star Wars guides this website has guides for tons of different mmorpgs as well as some console games. The website seems to be updated frequently. A must read for all new swtor players.

Anyway, now that you know how it works lets get started! - The main website for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This website includes the official forums as well as all the information you could ever want on the game. When big important announcements are made about the game, this website is where you will read them first.

Official Swtor Forums - The official forums of Swtor. The official forums are the place where you go to chat with everyone else about swtor and post any bugs you find, suggestions about the game, look for a guild and much more. - Ever play World of Warcraft? Then you probably know what is. Apparently Swtor was so highly anticipated that Wowhead decided they were going to release a database specifically for this game. Quite impressive. Anyway, Torhead is the main source of information about everything in game. All quests, monsters, drops, and more can be found on this website.

Swtor Allakhazam - This is another database for Swtor, similar to, which is above. If you've ever played another MMORPG then you've probably heard of Allakhazam. They have a little database and portal for pretty much every mmorpg out there. I'd only recommend this database if WoWhead's database is offline.

Swtor Wikia - Star Wars Wikipedia page. A great source of information for those who don't know a lot about Star Wars.

Starwars MMO - Their website is quite similar to mine in the type of information that they have up there. The only things I did not see on their website were strategies for post release.

KOTOR MMO - A fansite for swtor and apparently the other KoToR games in the series. This website is not that popular but it does look like it is updated somewhat regularly and has a moderately active forum.

Darth Hater - A large fansite owned by Curse it seems for Swtor. This website contains its own database, forums, wiki, talent calculator and... wel you get the point!

Swtor Strategies - Another fansite/database combined. Site is rather laggy though and is difficult to navigate due to all of the ads. (Still worth mentioning though. Keep it up! My website started extremely crappy at one time too!

Swtor Crew Skills - I'd say yet another fansite/database but this one is much different than the others. This website has skill leveling guides, things like gathering skills, crafting skills, mission skills etc etc.

Who's Darth Vader - Small Forum community currently, but chances are will grow as the game comes out.

Swtor Geeks - Another small forum community. This one much smaller than the last, email me to delete this if it doesn't grow after launch please.

Swtor-Life - A blog that is updated what seems to be daily about Swtor.

Swtor Spy - Yet another database. This one is much more like Torhead than Allakhazam or any other databases on this page. I was unable to test it out but just from its looks, it looks legit.

Skill Calculator - This will come in handy whenever you want to experiment with builds or you can use it for figuring out a talent build.

Star Wars MMO Leveling Guide - Another very helpful website that has many guides for Swtor. A good read for any new players looking for some information on the game and experienced players alike.