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Corellia Leveling Guide

Once you make it to Corellia you are on the homestretch to max level. Unless you come here extremely early it will be the last planet you visit while leveling. A lot of the time you will reach max level before you even finish Corellia! Corellia is a very story driven planet since this planet is building up to the climax of each Classes finale it has some pretty interesting story quests. Unless of course you're a Consular then everything is boring and lame here just like the rest of the game for you.

The first place you'll come out to on Corellia is the Shipwright Auxillary. Here you will want to grab the two quests in the immediate area before heading south out of the Airport and into Corellia. The first area you will come out to is the Blastfield Shipyards. You should have the two quests available to you, "Blockade Runner", "Bomb Disposal" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with the Bomb Disposal quest.

Bomb Disposal

Remove 3 Imperial Warheads

A rather easy quest, all around the mission area on the map you will find Undetonated Imperial Bombs. Once you find one the other two appear with exact locations on your map. After you collect all three of them head north to the Bomb Dispoal area and toss them into the trash can here so the kids on Corellia have something to play with.

Return to Sergeant Larus and turn in your quest.

Blockade Runner

Speak to General Aves

If you haven't already spoken with this fart face get it out of the way now. You have to take an elevator up to him. Speak with him and be sure you have the most updated version of this quest before leaving the spaceport (it's the version that requires you to destroy Stockpiles). Which we're actually going to do now!

Blockade Runner

Destroy the Eastern, Southern and Wester Imperial Camp Stockpiles

Each of the Stockpiles' locations are marked on your map. You're given the exact location of each one so there won't be any issue in finding them. However, there is a bonus quest tied to this one which is pretty long and worth doing. Get Stage 1 out of the way as soon as possible as Stage 2 is the more annoying stage and most time consuming. I finish stage 1 and about half of stage 2 before even leaving the first most northern Stockpile. Use that advice and the rest of the quest should be a breeze.

<Class Quest>

You'll want to get this out of the way, or at least update it for now so it's ready to be done later. It depends on your class what needs to be done.

The two quests we just did should get turned in at the same place you update your Class Quest, the Gilded Descent Casino. Here you will want to grab all the quests available and turn in what you have. There is no Taxi Path or Quick Travel Terminal here for you to grab so after you have all of the quests you're ready to start killing!


Corellia Leveling Guide - Gilded Descent Cantina

Before leaving the Casino you will want to make sure you have the following quests: "Even the Odds", "Travel Advisory" and your Class Quest. We'll be starting with "Travel Advisory".

Travel Advisory

Recover a Holding Cell Access Card

The main objective for this quest is easy, it's a straight shot to get it done. There are two bonus quests for this quest the first has you rescue the Republic Prisoners and the second has you defeat the Imperial Forces in the tower. The Imperials are every where, you'll kill plenty of them for this bonus as for the Republic Prisoners you will want to make sure you free all of them before you complete the main quest otherwise you can't free them anymore.

- - - After you complete this quest you will get a new one titled "Siege Warfare". - - -

Even the Odds

Reprogram 5 Hidden Cameras

You can find the Hidden Cameras in the quest area as well as kind of around the quest area. Once you find the first one you will know the type of light-post thing you are looking for which will make the other ones easier to find. I've only ever found 4 of these cameras (at least in non-hostile infested areas); the reason I am telling you this is because I get 3 of the cameras for my quest objective, go afk for 5min or switch characters and refresh my missions and log back on to complete the quest. Then I move on.

(The little blue terminal at the base of the street lamps is what you're looking for with this quest)

After you finish this quest if you're close to leveling I recommend returning to town and turning it in that way you ding as soon as possible and everything becomes easier to do. I personally went and turn it in now rather than waiting until later. Whichever you decide the next quest we'll be doing is...

- - - On your way down to the Siege Warfare quest you will come across a group of NPCs by the large ship looking thing on your map to the south. The Coords for this group of NPCs is X - 63, Y - 1812. These NPCs will have quests for you which you'll want to accept before continuing south. - - -

<Jedi Knight Class Quest>

Jedi Knights will want to do their Class quest now. I think there Class Quest is the only one up north here... But If I'm wrong then do yours too before heading down south to our next quests.

Next up we're going to be doing the two quests we got from the small town; "Hostage Negotiations", "Local Trouble" as well as our other quest, "Siege Warfare".

First up...

Siege Warfare

Free 4 Trapped Selonians

Each of the Selonians are marked on your map so you won't have any trouble with this quest. There is a bonus quest tied in with this one that requires you to kill the Imperial Forces in the area. Be sure to do both of them before you continue with your other quests.

Chest: South of the southeastern most Selonian that you have to free is a Security Chest. It contains goodies!

<Class Quest>

Wherever this quest fits in do it.

Hostage Negotiations

Locate the Crash Site & Locate the Escape Pod

Both locations are marked on your map so you won't have any difficulty finding them. The area of the escape pod you have to click on is the endcap, for those that got a little bit confused with this part. There is no bonus quest tied to this quest. (Do Local Trouble before you do the second half of this quest; the escape pod part).

Local Trouble

Destroy 3 of the Corona Gang's Blaster Cannons

Very easy quest, the Blaster Cannons that you need to destroy are the turrets with a Corona enemy on them. Once you kill 3 of them you'll have completed the quest. There is a bonus quest connected with this quest that has you kill the Corona Gang Members in the area, do both of these before returning to the small Republic Outpost.

<Class Quest>

Some classes have a Class Quest to do over here, if you're one of them do this before returning to that small Republic Outpost.

Back at the small Republic Outpost turn in both of your quests before returning to the Gilded Descent Casino. At the Casino you will want to refresh your quests (Class Quest and Planet's Main Story Line Quest). Accept the followups and get ready to do the only quest available at the current point in time...

Underground Invasion

Confront Captain Granta

For this quest you will want to go west of the Casino to the tunnels where Captain Granta is at. Just before you enter the tunnels you will find Lachei whom is one of those rat people sitting up on a ledge. Talk to her and accept the quest "Hunting the Hunter" before you continue into the tunnels.

As for the actual Underground Invasion quest, be sure to do the bonus quests on your way to where it shows Captain Granta on your map. Aside from that finding Captain Granta is as easy as pie.

Note: Before going into the "Group Area" where Captain Granta is be sure you have completed the defeat Imperial Forces bonus.

After you defeat Captain Granta use the computer to complete your quest.

Hunting the Hunter

Recover 5 Anti-wildlife Droid Memory Cores

The Anti-wildlife Droid Memory Cores drop from the droids throughout the tunnels you travel through for to do the Underground Invasion Quest. It's a really easy quest just kill everything that you see. After you collect all 5 Anti-wildlife Droid Memory cores your quest will update and have you Defeat the Imperial Control Droid whom we will be getting to later.

After you finish Underground Invasion...

Hunting the Hunter

Defeat the Imperial Control Droid

Before you return to the Casino get this quest out of the way. All you need to do is take out the Imperial Control Droid.

After you've completed these quests you will want to return to Lachei and turn in Hunting the Hunter and then return to the Casino and turn in Underground Invasion. At the Casino you will want to also accept the quest "Factory Recall" which will send you to a new area of Corellia, Labor Valley. To reach Labor Valley head back north towards the Spaceport and take the tram there. There will be a large blinking arrow on your map where you have to go, you should be able to figure out how to find a flightpath by now.

- - - Before taking the tram to Labor Valley grab the Quick Travel Terminal - - -


Corellia Leveling Guide - Labor Valley

Once you arrive in Labor Valley grab the Quick Travel Terminal here and both quests just south of the Tram Station before being ready to start questing again. Now you should have the following quests available to you: "Factory Recall", "Supply Cache", "Volatile Chemicals" and of course your Class Quest. We will be starting with the quest "Supply Cache".

Supply Cache

Recover Medical Supplies, Emergency Barricades and Shield Emitters

Each of the items you're tasked with recovering can be found inside the Captured Supply Cache area. These items are extremely easy to find so there shouldn't be any trouble when it comes to gathering each of them for your quest.

Factory Recall

Speak with Deena Behar

In the same area you go to talk with Deena Behar there will be another NPC, Doctor Misar with a quest for you called "Boiling Point". Accept the quest from him

Volatile Chemicals

Get to Corellia Chemical

Disable the Factory Fail-safe & Refinery Drives

This quest is a timed quest but it isn't that difficult even with the timed element. It can be difficult if you're radically undergeared and below the level you're supposed to be (which you should be almost 49 by now if you are not already level 49). Just don't push yourself to get the main quest done as well as the bonus in time if you don't have too. You probably could have guessed by now there is a bonus, I kind of gave that away. All you have to do for it is kill Droids which you'll probably kill enough of the damn things that are in your way by the time you finish the quest anyway.

<Class Quest>

Get this out of the way whenever you get near the objective that needs to be completed.

Factory Recall

Reactivate 3 Beharen Generators

Activate Assembly Line 1, 2 and 3

Each of the Beharen Generator's locations are marked for you on your map. Go to each one and right click them to reactivate them. After you activate all 3 of the Generators you will need to activate 3 Assembly lines. You'll need to go inside the Beharen Droid Factory for this which is where you will also want to do the bonus quest which requires you to kill 35 Beharen Droids.

After you complete the final step of this quest you will be able to select a reward and also accept the followup "Research and Development".

Boiling Point

Recover 4 Repair Components

You will need to go to the far northwestern end of Labor Valley for this quest. The boxes that contain the Repair Components are glowing blue so you shouldn't have a hard time finding what you're looking for. The Repair Components that you need are attached to the computer terminal things with the "broken pipe" sticking out of it and the complete pipe entering the complete end.

After you complete the "Boiling Point" quest you will want to head northeast towards the "Research and Development" quest. After you travel through the tunnel filled with Imperials you will come across two NPCs with available quests Lieutenant Kallum who has the quest "Dousing the Flames " and Captain Ranneth who has the quest "Medic!". If you are having a hard time finding these NPCs they are at the coords X -3491, Y -3054. After you get those two quests you'll want to do "Dousing the Flames" first.

Dousing the Flames

Collect 4 Torpedo Explosives

Easy quest, what you need to do is right click the Torpedo to put it out and then once it's out right click the little blinking blue box on the Torpedo to loot the explosives. If you're having trouble finding the Torpedos just look for the areas that are on fire, the Torpedos are sitting in the fire.


Aid 3 Wounded Soldiers

The Wounded Soldiers are all around the area marked on your map for this quest. They're surrounded by at least 3 Imperial Soldiers whom you'll have to kill before you are able to heal the Wounded Soldiers. To heal the Wounded Soldiers you'll need to use the Field Medic Kit in the Mission Items tab of your Inventory.

After you complete both of these quests return to the two NPCs and turn them in. Sell what items you have to sell if your inventory is getting full and Repair if needed. Whatever you decide to do after you're done you will want to head almost directly north to the Research and Development quest.

Research and Development

Open the Vault Door, Find Danison Varik and Destroy the Prototype Droids

Each of the objectives for this quest are marked on your map and are extremely easy to find. Just follow it through killing all of the Imperial Forces along the way which count towards the Bonus Quest tied in with this quest. Note: When I did this quest a second time the Find Danison Varik objective wasn't visible on the far northern end of my map inside the Prototype Lab. Just kill your way through the factory doing each objective as you continue north and you will complete all of them in order.

Final Fight: The Final Fight may be a bit difficult, try and burn down one of the droids before they both activate. If you don't have at least one down pop your 20 minute cooldown ability that heals you and your companion for a minute even if you don't think you will need it.

<Class Quest>

I don't know how it is for every class but for my Trooper at the time of writing this guide I had a Class Quest up in this area. You'll want to get this out of the way before returning to anyone and turning in your quests.

After you finish all of these quests you will want to return to Doctor Misar and turn in your quest here before returning to the main quest hub at Labor Valley and turning in your quests here. At this point in time most are reaching level 50 but there is always that slim chance you're behind in experience, maybe you didn't do space missions, flashpoints or a single Warzone while leveling up (I specifically didn't do any on the character I am writing this guide with and I am level 50). So, just incase you are one of those people I am going to continue writing this guide for a few more quests. We'll call it a "grace period" for people that aren't already level 50.

Take the tram to Axial Park if you need to continue.


Corellia Leveling Guide - Axial Park

Once you arrive in Axial Park you will want to accept the quest from Sia Norrin "Rocket Tram Support" and grab the Quick Travel Terminal. To the east you will see Republic Safe House on your map, it's where "Green Battleground" gets turned in at. You'll want to head in this direction. On your way there you will come across a Broken Droid which has a quest available for you. Accept this quest before you continue east to the safe house. Once at the Republic Safe House you will want to turn in the quests that you have for here and accept all the new ones.

You should have the following quests now: "Green Battleground", "Rocket Tram Support", "Manual Override", "Morale Boost" and your Class Quest. Doing all of these quests will put you at level 50 unless you seriously did something wrong while leveling and didn't follow this guide enough. So, these will be the last quests I document. We'll be starting with

Manual Override

Upload the Advanced Targeting Program

This is an extremely easy quest, just look for the glowing blue computer panel on any one of the turrets, use it and you complete the quest.

Morale Boost

Defeat 10 Mandalorian Troopers

Kill 10 Mandalorian Troopers in the area marked on your map for this quest. Also there is a bonus quest tied in with this quest. What you have to do is repair the Holostatues which can be found in the same area you have to kill the Mandalorian Troopers. The Holostatues are the large pillars with glowing blue computer consoles on them. Once you repair one all the other Holostatues become marked on your map so they're easy to find.

Green Battleground

Defeat 10 Imperials at the Republic Trenches

Kill 10 Imperials at the area marked on your map for this quest. After you kill all 10 Imperials your quest will update and you'll have to go someplace else to finish it. But first you will want to go a tad west of where we did this quest to grab the quest from the CorSec Communications Relay marker on your map. The Coordinates for this are 209, -2995.


Deactivate 3 Security Cameras

Each of the 3 Security Cameras are marked for you on your map. Disable each of them whenever you have more quest objectives near them.

Rocket Tram Support

Meet with the Repair Team

The location of the Repair Team is marked on your map, head down there and make sure you're ready before right clicking any of the Repair Team members. This will initiate an attack which you'll need to defend them from. Successfully defending them from the attack completes the quest.

Green Battleground

Defeat 10 Imperials at the Long-range Artillery

Reactivate 3 Long Range Artillery

Each of the 3 Artillery Cannons you need to reactivate are marked for you on your map. As for the Imperials, well you'll find them all over the place so just kill them as you do this quest and once you're done the quest will update yet again. Save the next part for a little bit later


Deactivate the other 2 Security Cameras down here and then find Officer Silas.

After completing all of these quests you will be level 50! Congrats on accomplishing the extremely long grind to level 50! Now you can go do some Flashpoints or Warzones, whatever suits your fancy!

...Green Battleground ... This quest continues on but since we are already level 50 and I am entirely too lazy to continue documenting it you can figure it out on your own!