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Datacron Locations

Datacrons are unique collectible items that you can find in less frequently traveled places on the planets located in Swtor. The places Bioware hid the Datacrons are seldomly visited and are sometimes very difficult to get to. Datacrons serve a much greater purpose than just a simple Codex Entry. Upon clicking on a Datacron you will be granted a permanent bonus to one of your stats or be rewarded with a colored matrix shard. The matrix shards are used for constructing the highest quality item modifications.

Below is a list of all the datacrons available in the game with coordinates of how to reach them and the rewards they grant.

Alderaan DatacronsAlderaan Datacron Locations

Balmorra DatacronsBalmorra (Empire) Datacron Locations

Balmorra DatacronsBalmorra (Republic) Datacron Locations

Belsavis DatacronsBelsavis Datacron Locations

Corellia DatacronsCorellia Datacron Locations

Coruscant DatacronsCoruscant Datacron Locations

Dromund Kaas DatacronsDromund Kaas Datacron Locations

Hutta DatacronsHutta Datacron Locations

Hoth DatacronsHoth Datacron Locations

Korriban DatacronsKorriban Datacron Locations

Nar Shaddaa DatacronsNar Shaddaa Datacron Locations

Ord Mantell DatacronsOrd Mantell Datacron Locations

Taris DatacronsTaris Datacron Locations

Tatooine DatacronsTatooine Datacron Locations

Tython DatacronsTython Datacron Locations

Ilum DatacronsIlum Datacron Locations

Voss DatacronsVoss Datacron Locations

Endurance DatacronQuesh Datacron Locations

Working on versions of these guides that will be less laggy on crappy computers... Aka Screenshots on a different page than the text. Expect me to get done them within the next few days.

Datacron Compatability Guides

This page here was added as per request of a few people that wanted a more user friendly Datacron guide for weaker internet connections or one that they can print out. This guide here accomplishes both! I may go back and take each part of the guide apart and seperate the pictures from the guides themselves to make it even easier for people to view the individual pages if you are running on a really bad internet.

As for now this is what you get for the compatibility guide! All of the Datacrons are listed on this page in alphabetical order so it should be pretty easy to find what you're looking for.

Datacron Locations Printer Friendly Guide