Dungeon Siege 2 Side Quest Guides


This page contains links to every Side Quest guide that I have for Dungeon Siege 2 and the Broken World Expansion Pack. If you'd like to see a complete list of this game's quests including the primary ones check out my Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough.


Act 1 Side Quests

A Family Heirloom

Dire Wolf

Feldwyr The Blacksmith

Lelani's Sorrow

Lumilla's Salve

Secrets of the Elven Shrine

Secrets of Xeria's Temple

Taar's Investigation

The Armorer's Apprentice

The Hak'u

The Hak'u (Part 2)

The Half-Giant

The Kithraya Hive

The Missing Squadron


Act 2 Side Quests

A Dark Ohm

A Family Heirloom

Amren's Vision

Arinth's Legendary Staff

Arinth the Mad

A Servant's Haunt

A Servant's Haunt (Part 2)

Deru's Treasure Hunt

Evangeline's Folly

Finala's Contempt

Lothar's Innocence

Mark of the Assassin


Rahvan's Curse

Spirits of Aranna

The Aman'lu Arena

Tywlis' Broken Staff



Act 3 Side Quests

Dwarven Song of Ore

Sartan's Suspicion

The Kalrathian Nexus

The Legendary Mace of Agarrus

The Lore of Aranna

The Lost Jewels of Soranith

The Mage's Apprentice

The Morden Riders

Vix's Vengeance


Broken World (Part 1)


Greylok of the Kurgen

Hunt for the Lost Dwarves

Lumilla's Special Recipe


Morden Ravagers

Morden Redemption

Naturalist Ithara's Research

The Ancient Tome

The Human Refugees



Broken World (Part 2)

Celeb'hel the Elder

Minli the Faerie

Naturalist Ithara's Research (Part 2)

Questionable Methods

The Aman'lu Arena (Broken World)

The Vai'kesh

The Vai'kesh (Part 2)

Treasure Hunting



Broken World (Part 3)

Captured Miners

Naturalist Ithara's Research (Part 3)

The Explosives Tunnel