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The Hak'u (Part 2) - Act 1 Side Quest

The Haku Part 2 Quest Start

Location: Eastern Greilyn Jungle
Closest Portal: Eastern & Western Greilyn Jungle
Objective: Speak with Hrawn then kill the usurper
Reward: 1 Skill Point + Loot/Gold

The Hak'u (Part 2) begins after completing The Hak'u Side Quest by speaking with Hesla in the Eirulan Infirmary. This Side Quest is one of a few in the game which will grant you a permanent Skill Point for completing it. In order to receive this Skill Point as a reward you'll need to help Hrawn (the Hak'u) and defeat the usurper for him.

Only the characters in your party will receive the Skill Point for completing this quest and you will receive a Skill Point for completing this quest on each new difficulty. For the first part of this quest you will need to find Hrawn the talking Hak'u that we saw during the previous quest. You can find Hrawn in a Small Cave due west of the Eastern Greilyn Jungle Teleporter (pictured below).

Hrawn Small Cave Map Location
Hrawn is found due west of the Eastern Greilyn Jungle Teleporter.

When you find and speak with Hrawn you'll be given two options to complete the quest. You can attack Hrawn which will spawn about a dozen hostile Hak'u enemies in the cave or you can help Hrawn which will require you to find the usurper and defeat him. Do not pick this option!

If you decide to attack Hrawn then you'll want to defeat him and the High Priest with him who drops the Hak'u Headdress. Return the Hak'u Headdress to Hesla in Eirulan to complete the quest.

Helping Hrawn requires you to travel to the Western Greilyn Jungle and defeat the usurper. Take the Teleporter to Western Greilyn Jungle and travel to the southwest; there will be a star on your map that marks the destination that you need to go. If you need help finding this location use the map screenshot below.

When you click on the door in Western Greilyn Jungle you will be greeted by a Hak'u - if you don't have this quest he will not let you in. Inside of this room you will find the usurper that you need to defeat as well as a little over a dozen Hak'u enemies. Focus on the little guys first then turn your attention to the usurper.

The Haku Part 2 Usurper Map Location

Once the usurper is dead your quest will update again. All that is left now is to return to Hesla in the Eirulan Infirmary to turn in and complete the quest.

Note: Return to the Hak'u High Priest standing next to Hrawn and speak with him a second time after you've defeated the usurper and you'll receive items and gold from him too.