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The Aman'lu Arena - Act 2 Broken World Side Quest

The Amanlu Arena BW Quest Start

Location: Aman'lu
Closest Portal: Aman'lu
Objective: Clear all 10 rounds of The Aman'lu Arena
Reward: Ancient Agallan Tablet, Marksman's Ring as well as a lot of Gold and Loot

The Aman'lu Arena is a Side Quest available to you in the town of Aman'lu during Part 2 of the Broken World Expansion Pack. If you did The Aman'lu Arena Side Quest during Act 2 of the original game then you'll already understand exactly how this quest works.

In the Broken World version of Aman'lu there will only be a single building in the town, behind the Armorer/Weapon Merchant in this building you'll find an elevator which you can ride down into the basement. Head down the multiple flights of stairs until you find Daesthai (pictured above), speak with him to begin this quest.

Much like for the original Aman'lu Arena Side Quest, each round you want to fight in the arena you'll need to buy a token for from the NPC near the ring. Place the token on the pedestal in the middle of the ring and you'll ride the elevator down to where the match begins.

The Amanlu Arena BW Round 2

During each round of the Aman'lu Arena you'll be fighting enemies that you encountered throughout the Broken World Expansion Pack. Much like with the arena in the original game you'll start with facing lower level enemies from Part 1 of the Expansion Pack and as the rounds go on it'll slowly start to scale up to the same enemies you fought at the end of Part 3.

Something worth mentioning is you'll be able to collect the Bound Samples for the Naturalist Ithara's Research Side Quests (Part 1), (Part 2) and (Part 3) from the enemies in the Aman'lu Arena.

Tip: Clear each round of the Aman'lu Arena but do not open up any of the treasure chests until the very end. Prior to opening the chests save your game - if you don't get loot that you like then reload your game and open them all again.


Round 1: One elite Fellspine Enthraller and 6 Volatile Bogroths

Round 2: One elite Bound Husk and 6 Bound Human Grievers

Round 3: One elite Ganth and 6 Morden-sin Crossbowmen

Round 4: One elite Bound Hak'u Hunter and 8 Bound Hak'u Bleeders

Round 5: One elite Bound Dryad Cyclone and 6 Bound Dryad Incinerators

Round 6: One elite Bound Taclak Spearmaster and 8 Decaying Bound Taclaks

Round 7: One elite Tormented Stitched Horror and 6 Incinerating Bound Elves

Round 8: One elite Bound Half-giant Devastator and 6 Bound Dwarf Ballistas

Round 9: One elite Bound Half-giant Convoker and 6 Bound Half-giant Shamblers

Round 10: Two elite Lastyk Familiars and 10 Bound Dwarf Ballistas and Sunderers


Warning: The chest in the final room is a mimic and you'll definitely want to be prepared before fighting it.