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Dire Wolf - Act 1 Side Quest

Dire Wolf Quest Start

Location: Southern Greilyn Jungle
Closest Portal: Southern Greilyn Jungle Teleporter
Objective: Protect Rokhar at the Rift Site
Reward: Random Loot & Dire Wolf Available at Pet Shop

Dire Wolf is a Side Quest in Act 1 which begins by speaking with Neda the Pet Merchant in the town of Eirulan. You'll need to tell her that you seek a pet with greater power to begin the dialogue for this quest. For the first part of this quest Neda will send you to speak with Rokhar in the Eirulan Great Hall, the same building you meet and recruit Taar from during the game's story.

Rokhar will agree to summon a Dire Wolf for you and will inform you to meet him at the Rift Site in Southern Greilyn Jungle when you are ready. You can find the Rift Site by traveling north from the Southern Greilyn Jungle Teleporter. Use my screenshots below if you need additional guidance in finding this location.

Dire Wolf Map Location

Rokhar the Mage at Rokhars Rift Site

After meeting Rokhar at the Rift Site he'll ask you to protect him from the Nawl Beasts which come out to attack him and also let him know when you're ready. Make sure you're prepared before telling him you're ready as the 10 Nawl Beasts you must fight will spawn instantly and attack you.

Once all the Nawl Beasts are defeated a Dire Wolf will exit the portal and you'll need to speak with Rokhar one more time to complete this task and be done with this area. Return to Neda after you've done all of this and speak with her to complete the quest for good.

Your reward, aside from the items you're given, is the ability to recruit a Dire Wolf for your party when speaking with Neda in the future. The Dire Wolf, much like many of the other pets you can recruit at Pet Merchants in this game, will be more powerful than most characters you can recruit to your party for all of Mercenary Difficulty. Until your characters make it to level 40+ and get a bunch of Skill Points and gear the pets are typically significantly more powerful than them (once the pet reaches Maturity).