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The Imprisoned Half-Giant - Act 1 Side Quest

The Half-Giant Quest Start

Location: Windstone Fortress
Closest Portal: Windstone Fortress
Objective: Complete the Windstone Fortress Story Quest then free Sartan
Reward: Sartan joins your party

The Imprisoned Half-Giant is an Act 1 Side Quest which begins by speaking with Sartan in the Windstone Fortress. All you need to do for this quest is to wait until you've completed the Windstone Fortress Primary Quest and then speak with Soldier Orayne right next to Sartan. He will then free Sartan for you and Sartan will offer to join your party.

Sartan is a Fighter and will always come with a high melee skill as well as a few Skill Points already spent into 2h weapon specialization. Even though a few points are already spent into this specialization you can easily respect Sartan in the Broken World Expansion Pack and use him for whatever purpose you'd like. I think he makes a good tank, much like Lothar.


The Imprisoned Half-Giant Completed