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Arinth's Legendary Staff - Act 2 Side Quest

Arinths Legendary Staff Quest Start

Location: Multiple
Closest Portal: Multiple
Objective: Collect the 3 Staff Materials
Reward: Arinth's Staff & Gold/Loot

Arinth's Legendary Staff begins by speaking with Eolanda the Combat Mage in the town of Aman'lu and listening to her story. She asks you to collect 3 pieces of Arinth's Staff which are scattered throughout Acts 1 and 2 and return them to her. In order to collect any of the 3 pieces required you'll first need to complete the A Dark Ohm Side Quest which allows you to speak with the spirits in this game.

Prior to visiting each spirit below make sure you stop at a nearby Incantation Shrine first and use the Chant of the Dead so that you can actually speak with the spirit. After you obtain all 3 pieces of the staff you'll want to return to Eolanda the Combat Mage in Aman'lu and speak with her to complete the quest. She'll reward you with Arinth's Staff which is required for the next quest, Arinth the Mad. Completion of Arinth the Mad will get you 2 Skill Points so it's highly recommended you do both of these quests!

Below you will find detailed information about where each staff piece is as well as an included map location for each one.


Focusing Stone - The Cliffs of Azunai

Focusing Stone Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Western Cliffs of Azunai

You will find the Incantation Shrine as well as the elevator down directly south of the Western Cliffs of Azunai Teleporter. In order to activate the elevator in this room you'll need to click on the button which is found on the bottom step of the staircase that leads up to the Incantation Shrine. It blends in pretty well and is difficult to see.


Carved Rod - Northern Vai'lutra Forest

Carved Rod Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Elen'lu Isles

This is probably the hardest of the 3 pieces to find because the whole Vai'lutra Forest thing is confusing in this game. You'll find this piece in the actual Northern Vai'lutra Forest not in Southern Vai'lutra Forest (North). To reach the Northern Vai'lutra Forest you'll want to take the Elen'lu Isles Teleporter and then travel a little northwest to find the elevator down that we need.


Jeweled Shaft - Snowbrook Valley

Jeweled Shaft Map Location

Closest Teleporter: Snowbrook Valley

You'll find the Jeweled Shaft due west of the Snowbrook Valley Teleporter right next to the Incantation Shrine at the opposite end of the zone. I find that locating the Incantation Shrine on your map nearby is the easiest way to pinpoint this area; the elevator that goes down to the Ancient Elven Reliquary is a little to the east of the Incantation Shrine.