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Morden Redemption - Act 1 Broken World Side Quest

Morden Redemption Quest Start

Location: Kelvaran Wastes
Closest Portal: Kelvaran Waste (Central)
Objective: Go to the Dryad Outpost & obtain the bread then collect the Overmage's Blood
Reward: Random Berserker Shield, Bone Helm Recipe and other Gold/Loot

Morden Redemption is a Side Quest in Part 1 of the Broken World Expansion Pack for Dungeon Siege 2. It begins by speaking with Lorksul in the Morden Refugee Camp found in the Kelvaran Waste. You can find the Morden Refugee Camp by taking the Teleporter to Kelvaran Waste (Central) then traveling northwest to reach the camp. If you still need help finding it, use my screenshot below.

For the first part of this quest Lorksul will ask you to go to the Dryad Outpost for him and get food from Quartermaster Olara. She will poison half the bread and you will be given the option of warning Lorksul about this or only giving him the unpoisoned half of the bread but no matter what options you pick the quest will play out the same.

After returning to Lorksul and giving him the bread he'll ask you to obtain the Vial of the Overmage's Blood which is found in the Morden Ravager Camp to the south of the Kelvaran Waste (Central) Teleporter. This camp is marked on my map below too.

Morden Camps Map Location

When you enter the Morden Ravager Camp you'll automatically begin the Morden Ravagers Side Quest. The objective of this Side Quest is the same as our current one, once you go to the southern most point in the Morden Camp and pick up the Vial of the Overmage's Blood you'll complete the Morden Ravagers Side Quest and update our current one.

Return to Lorksul with the Vial of the Overmage's Blood and he'll use it to summon the Overmage. There will be a short scene after which the quest will end and Lorksul will drop some items for you and your group.