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A Family Heirloom - Act 1 Side Quest

A Family Heirloom Quest Start

Location: Azunite Desert
Closest Portal: Azunite Desert Teleporter
Objective: Obtain the Heirloom Sword & Return to Master Thestrin
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

A Family Heirloom begins by speaking with Master Thestrin inside of an underground chamber in the Azunite Desert. If you need help locating where his underground chamber is - or the family crypt for the next part - use my map screenshot below. After speaking with Thestrin, for this quest you'll need to go to Thestrin's family crypt in the Azunite Desert and retrieve an Heirloom Sword for him.

Note: This quest has enemies which are significantly higher level than other enemies in the area!

A Family Heirloom map Locations

You will find the family crypt to the southeast of the Azunite Desert Teleporter. It'll be marked on your map with a silver star the first time you visit here. As aforementioned, inside of this crypt you'll find enemies much higher level than the enemies outside. I'd recommend you only do this part once you've reached Act 2 and are high enough level.

Inside of the crypt you'll have to correctly answer a riddle that the Statue gives you to access the room we need. The riddle is a four part question and you will have to select the answers in the proper order to proceed; use my cheat sheet below for the answers.

Prior to giving the statue the correct answers, I recommend you answer wrong 5 (or 6) times in a row. Each time you answer wrong an elite shail will appear which is a good source of rare equipment since elites always drop a blue or better. This shail will only appear for the first few wrong answers after which he'll stop spawning entirely.

Correct Riddle Answer: Azunai, Xeria, Elandir, Zaramoth

A Family Heirloom Statue Guardian

Once you've acquired the Heirloom Sword you'll want to return to Master Thestrin and either give him the sword or refuse to give him the sword. I strongly recommend you give him the sword because otherwise you have to hold onto it for awhile for Part 2 of this quest.... And who wants this junk weapon to take up their inventory space?

Below are the rewards you should expect to receive depending on your decision. If you give him the sword you'll get two chants, refusing only gets you one chant and the sword.

Rewards for giving Sword to Master Thestrin: Mysterious Chant (Chant 15); Mysterious Chant (Chant 16)

Rewards for refusing to give Sword to Master Thestrin: Mysterious Chant (Chant 15) & Heirloom Sword

Regardless of your choice, returning to Master Thestrin with the sword will complete the quest.