The Vai'kesh (Part 2) - Act 2 Broken World Side Quest

The Vaikesh Part 2 Quest Start

Location: Calennor Stronghold (Start) // Western Vai'kesh Forest
Closest Portal: Western Vai'lutra Forest (South)
Objective: Bring the blade to Rinerel in the Western Vai'kesh Forest then defeat all the Vai'kesh
Reward: No Reward

The Vai'kesh (Part 2) begins by inspecting the corpse (pictured above) in Calennor Stronghold and finding the Broken Vai'kesh Blade on the body. If you need help locating the body with the blade impaled in it check out my screenshot below for exact directions. Once you've retrieved the blade then return to Talain in Aman'lu and speak with him to update your quest.

Now you'll need to head on over to Rinerel, the "friendly" Vai'kesh found in the Western Vai'kesh Forest. Fastest way to get back to Rinerel's camp is to Teleport to Western Vai'lutra Forest (South) and run directly east from this location until you reach the Vai'kesh camp.

The Vaikesh Part 2 Map Location
Where to find the body that starts The Vai'kesh (Part 2).

When you speak with Rinerel he'll be having none of your sh*t and will immediately attack you. Defeating him will get him to drop a key which will grant you access to the back of the Vai'kesh Sanctuary. Go inside and take out all of Rinerel's friends until you find Argir the Vai'kesh Prophet in the back of the sanctuary.

Note: Make sure you grab Celeb'hel's simulacra that's dead in a prison cell in the Vai'kesh Sanctuary. It's part of the Celeb'hel the Elder Side Quest.

Defeat Argir the Vai'kesh Prophet to obtain the Vai'kesh Cell Key which you'll then want to use in order to free the elves held prisoner in this area. Once all of the elves are free all that's left is to return to Talain and speak with him to complete the quest.