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The Explosives Tunnel - Act 3 Broken World Side Quest

Location: Halls of the Overseers
Closest Portal: Glorydeep Enclave
Objective: Plant the fuses at the pile of bombs in the tunnel then press the Dwarven Detonator
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

The Explosives Tunnel is the final Side Quest in the Broken World Expansion Pack. You'll be able to pick up this Side Quest by speaking with Pitforger who is found in the Halls of the Overseers directly east of the Glorydeep Enclave. If you Teleport to Glorydeep Enclave and travel east following the path the entire way you'll run right into Pitforger.

For this quest you will need to go to the back of the cave that Pitforger is in front of and place the fuses in the pile of bombs and explosive barrels (pictured below). Return to Pitforger and speak with him to update the quest - now it's time to make everything go boom! At the final camp of Overseers you'll find a Dwarven Detonator (marked with a silver star on your map) press it to make all of the explosives blow up around this camp.

Each tower that you blew up will drop some sort of loot for you to collect and the quest will complete here.