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Vix's Vengeance - Act 3 Companion Side Quest

Vixs Vengeance Quest Start

Location: Lower Mines of Kaderak
Closest Portal: Lower Mines of Kaderak
Objective: Destroy the smaller remaining Soul Shards
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

Vix's Vengeance is a Side Quest which starts in the Lower Mines of Kaderak by having Vix in your party and inspecting a locked door (pictured above). This quest is Vix's Companion Quest in Dungeon Siege 2, every character gets one and it requires you to have Vix in your party to start this quest, finish tasks throughout the quest and complete it.

For this quest what you need to do is destroy all of the Soul Shards in this area of the Lower Mines of Kaderak. You will destroy these shards the same way you destroyed the other Soul Shards during The Mines of Kaderak (Part 2) Story Quest. There will be mine carts filled with explosives around this entire area which you can send into the Soul Shards by clicking on the nearby levers.

Each of the mine carts throughout the area will require you to pull two levers; the first will be to align it with the Soul Shard and the second will be to send the mine cart into the Soul Shard. The quest will automatically complete once the final Soul Shard is destroyed. In order to claim your reward run into the room that opened up after destroying the final Soul Shard and open the Big Chest with Vix.

Vixs Vengeance Lever to Soul Shard