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Captured Miners - Act 3 Broken World Side Quest

Location: Hall of the Overseers
Closest Portal: Glorydeep Enclave
Objective: Free 3 miners being held captive
Reward: Random Item & Gold

Captured Miners is the first Side Quest that you will come across in Part 3 of the Broken World Expansion Pack. This quest begins by speaking with Strongspade in the Hall of the Overseers found east of town. When the path branches you'll want to take the northern branch, you'll find Strongspade standing along the path (pictured above).

All you need to do for this quest is to travel north of Strongspade and rescue the 3 miners which are being held behind bars. You'll have to fight a lot of enemies to free the miners but otherwise the quest will take you all of 5 minutes to complete. Your reward will typically be one good item and some gold.