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Naturalist Ithara's Research - Act 2 Broken World Expansion Pack

Itharas Research Quest Start

Location: Part 2 of Broken World
Closest Portal: N/A
Objective: Collect Samples from enemies through Part 2 of Broken World
Reward: Corrupted Watcher Suit along with other Loot/Gold

This page is for Part 2 of Naturalist Ithara's Research Side Quest. You can only pick up this quest after completing Naturalist Ithara's Research (Part 1). It starts from the same NPC and you can pick up the quest immediately after completing the first.

Naturalist Ithara's Research is a reoccuring quest in the Broken World Expansion Pack. You'll be able to do a different version of this same quest in Parts 1, 2 and 3 - the only difference will be the sorts of enemies you defeat. Basically all you need to do for this quest is to make sure that you defeat lots of enemies throughout this part of the Expansion Pack.

For this version of Naturalist Ithara's Research you'll need to defeat 'Bound' enemies in Part 2 of the Expansion Pack.


Bound Fettershin Sample: Found in Western Vai'lutra Forest

Bound Taclak Sample: Found in Old Aman'lu, Western Vai'kesh Forest and An Abandoned Elven Ruin (Part of The Familiars)

Bound Taugrim Sample: Found in Western Vai'lutra Forest

Bound Naldrun Sample: Found in The Passage to Aman'lu

Bound Elf Sample: Found in Western Vai'lutra Forest


Tip: You can find some of the enemies you need for this quest in The Aman'lu Arena


If you missed the Bound Taclak Sample from the enemies around Old Aman'lu then you'll want to collect it from the Bound Taclaks in Western Vai'kesh Forest later in the Act. I've personally checked around Old Aman'lu multiple times and never seen the Taclaks respawn here.

Much like with Naturalist Ithara's Research (Part 1) I recommend you turn this quest in before completing Part 2 of the Expansion Pack. This will allow you to pick up samples for Naturalist Ithara's Research (Part 3) at the start of the next Act.