A Servant's Haunt (Part 2) - Act 2 Side Quest

A Servants Haunt 2 Quest Start

Location: Eirulan/Aman'lu
Closest Portal: Aman'lu
Objective: Speak with Lady Levrenth in Eirulan then Guardian Commander Wethril in Aman'lu
Reward: 1 Skill Point + Items and Gold

A Servant's Haunt (Part 2) begins by speaking with The Ghost of Threnith Wilwarin in the town of Aman'lu. Threnith will appear next to Eldoriath Wilwarin once you have completed the previous quest, A Servant's Haunt. For this quest you'll first need to visit Eirulan and speak with Lady Levrenth at the Eirulan Inn. From the Teleporter in town take the elevator to the east to find the Eirulan Inn.

Lady Levrenth will surrender to you without a fight and tell you about her brother, Guardian Commander Wethril in the town of Aman'lu whom we'll be visiting next. You can find Wethril in the Alt'orn Hall in the central portion of Aman'lu; he's standing right next to Celeb'hel the Elder (pictured below). Be prepared for a fight because after speaking with Guardian Commander Wethril he'll engage you and have to be defeated.

Speak with Celeb'hel the Elder after defeating Guardian Commander Wethril to turn in the quest. Your reward will be 1 Skill Point along with some items and Gold.

Guardian Commander Wethril in Amanlu