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The Missing Squadron - Act 1 Side Quest

The Missing Squadron Quest Start

Location: Windstone Fortress
Closest Portal: Windstone Fortress
Objective: Find the 3 missing soldiers and return them to Squadron Leader Taarth
Reward: Random Loot & Gold

The Missing Squadron is an Act 1 Side Quest that takes place in the Windstone Fortress and begins by speaking with Squadron Leader Taarth or any of the 3 missing soldiers. How this quest works is there are 3 soldiers around Windstone Fortress that you need to speak with and then escort to Squadron Leader Taarth.

While these soldiers are in your care they will be invulnerable to the enemies attacking you. Additionally, they will follow you anywhere you take them inside of the Windstone Fortress. If you leave this area then the soldiers will wait for you wherever it is you left them. For this reason, if you make a Town Portal then log out or something like that - try to remember where!

Below I have a map screenshot of each soldier's location; keep in mind that in order to locate two of these soldiers you will need to find secret areas in the Windstone Fortress.

The Missing Squadron Soldier Map Locations

Note: On my map above, the soldier in the upper right hand corner (right above where it says Almars Guides) will have a nearby book which is required for The Lore of Aranna Side Quest in Act 3. It will be sitting on a table just a tad bit north of where the soldier is hiding.

If you're not good at finding the secret areas in this game let me offer you some advice. First is to mouse over just about everything when you are looking for a secret. Levers, Statues, Buttons and Candlesticks are most often the locations that you click on to uncover the secret passage. Any object that you can click on to unveil a hidden passage will highlight when you mouse over it.

My second tip is if you have good eyesight squint at your map and look for the small blue dots on it. Blue dots mean one of two things, either you left behind some loot that's still on the ground or there is a hidden passage/door in that location for you to uncover.

Once you've located all 3 soldiers what you'll need to do next is to return to Squadron Leader Taarth (right next to the Windstone Fortress Teleporter) and speak with him to complete the quest.