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The Ancient Tome - Act 1 Broken World Side Quest

The Ancient Tome Quest Start

Location: The Blasted Valley (Start)
Closest Portal: The Blasted Valley (North)
Objective: Collect 5 items from all different Parts of the Broken World Expansion
Reward: Water Spirit's Blessing and Arclight Boots Recipe

The Ancient Tome is a Side Quest available in the Broken World Expansion Pack for Dungeon Siege 2. You can begin this Side Quest by picking up the Ancient Tome inside of a cave in the Blasted Valley; you'll find this cave directly west of The Blasted Valley (North) Teleporter. Use my screenshot below if you need help finding this location.

Unless you have completed Kanred the Mage Story Quest then you will be unable to access the cave that leads to this tome. Once you complete Kanred the Mage you'll be able to remove the blue flames that block your entrance into this cave - as well as the blue flames that block your entrance to any other cave throughout this area.

The Ancient Tome Map Location

With the Ancient Tome in hand return to the Dryad Outpost and speak with Nari the Mage to update your quest again. Now you'll have to go on a scavenger hunt and collect 5 different items from areas around the Broken World Expansion Pack. Below I have included a list of these items as well as where they can be found. Additional information including map locations can be found further down the page.


1. Vial of Blessed Water: Found in Aman'lu just north of the Teleporter by speaking with Liranth

2. Mana-Infused Stone: Found at a destroyed Mana Shrine in Arinth's Gorge

3. A Suspended Soul: Found in The Calennor Wood just north of the southern Teleporter

4. A Lonely Voice: Found in Western Vai'kesh Forest or The Calennor Wood. They are called Elven Wind Chimes and pretty easy to find; map location is below.

5. A Memento of the Past: Found in Outer Cinbri City


Vial of Blessed Amanlu Water
Speak with Liranth in Aman'lu for the Vial of Blessed Aman'lu Water.


Mana Infused Stone Map Location
Click on the stone in the middle of the destroyed Mana Shrine for the Mana-Infused Stone.


The Ancient Tome Calennor Wood Map Locations
Triari the Bound Naldrun will give you the Suspended Soul; and a set of Wind Chimes can be found at the 'Lonely Voice' location.


Cinbri Gem for The Ancient Tome
Cinbri Gem for the final step, a memento from the past.



Spirit of Historian Arisu

Once you've acquired all of these items return to Nari the Mage in the Dryad Outpost and give her all of the reagents. She'll summon Nymphara who will turn into the Spirit of Historian Arisu (pictured above). To complete this quest all you need to do is speak with the Spirit of Historian Arisu, she'll drop a bunch of goodies for you along with a pattern.