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Naturalist Ithara's Research - Act 1 Broken World Side Quest

Location: Part 1/Act 1
Closest Portal: N/A
Objective: Defeat enemies and collect Samples
Reward: Corrupted Sentinel Armor as well as other Gold/Loot

Naturalist Ithara's Research is a reoccuring quest in the Broken World Expansion Pack. You'll be able to do a different version of this same quest in Parts 1, 2 and 3 - the only difference will be the sorts of enemies you defeat. Basically all you need to do for this quest is to make sure that you defeat lots of enemies throughout this part of the Expansion Pack.

Each quest will ask you to collect samples from the 'Bound' creatures that you fight in each of the Expansion's Parts. Since this quest began during Part 1, all of the enemies that you need to defeat for it will be found in Part 1 too. Below is a list of each material you're expected to collect as well as the location where you will find the creatures that drop it.

Note: All creatures drop the samples that you need, you only need to defeat a single 'Bound' creature of that type to get the sample you need.


Bound Terrak: Found in The Blighted Hills

Bound Human: Found in The Blasted Valley

Bound Fellspine: Found in the Blasted Valley

Bound Hak'u: Found in Arinth's Gorge

Bound Hyena: Found in The Passage to Aman'lu


Tip: You can find some of the enemies you need for this quest in The Aman'lu Arena


I strongly recommend that you turn this quest in shortly after completing it so that you can accept the follow up right away. Naturalist Ithara's Research (Part 2) will require two enemies which are only encountered very early on during Act 2 in the area around Aman'lu.