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Minli the Faerie - Act 2 Broken World Side Quest

Minli the Faerie Quest Start

Location: Aman'lu
Closest Portal: Aman'lu
Objective: Drop the Scraps of Metal on the bridge outside Aman'lu and defeat Minli the Faerie
Reward: Beastmaster Staff Recipe, Random Loot & Gold

Minli the Faerie is a Side Quest which you can pick up from Kylis in Aman'lu during Part 2 of the Broken World Expansion Pack. After accepting the quest Kylis will drop Scraps of Metal on the ground which you'll need to pick up as they're required for the next part.

All you really need to do for this quest is to take the Scraps of Metal south to the bridge you crossed on your way into Aman'lu. If you check your map there should already be a silver star at this location, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find. When crossing this bridge you'll get a notification in chat if you have the quest that this is the correct location too.

Drop the Scraps of Metal ontop of the bridge to summon a wave of Faeries from both sides. Once you defeat the first wave a second will spawn and Minli the Faerie will be a part of it - defeat her and then return to Kylis and speak with him to turn in your quest.

Note: There is no reason for you to pick up the Scraps of Metal again. They serve no purpose in the game anymore once you've completed this Side Quest despite being able to pick them up after you're done.

Fighting Faeries on the Bridge