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Greylok of the Kurgen - Act 1 Broken World Side Quest

Greylok of the Kurgen Quest Start

Location: The Kelvaran Waste West and East
Closest Portal: The Kelvaran Waste (East)
Objective: Place meat on trap to lure out Greylok and defeat him
Reward: Greylok Skin Gloevs as well as some random Loot and Gold

Greylok of the Kurgan is an available Side Quest in the Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World Expansion Pack. This quest begins by speaking with Watcher Jorena next to The Kelvaran Waste (West) Teleporter. For this quest you will need to travel to Greylok's Den which is found on the far eastern side of the Kelvaran Wastes; use my screenshot below if you need help locating the exact location.

Place the Chunk of Rotten Meat that Watcher Jorena gave to you on the ribs outside of Greylok's Den to summon him to battle. Greylok will spawn in front of the cave's entrance along with a pack of Kurgan enemies from behind, all of which will attack you. Defeat Greylok to obtain his skin and then return that item to Watcher Jorena to complete the quest. That's all there is to it!

Greylok of the Kurgan

Greylok of the Kurgan Map Locations